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Found 5 results

  1. I have built a tunnel that goes through various caves where I want to bring up a commodity with a vehicle. Unfortunately, this is not correct, since in the tunnel occasionally spur small pieces of rock and thus the vehicle hangs fast. Also, if I sometimes mine rock for the tunnel, it'll just come back on the road. But only I see it then, no other player. In the added picture are some small pieces of red mackiert and behind the vehicle which I can not get through And the last one. When I walk through the tunnel, I've had it a few times before, the stone disappears around me and everything is empty. When I empty up in front of me and I go on, I fly through the mountain and when I land I am usually in some cave where I land immediately.
  2. Unrealxs

    Drill working light

    Hi Astroneers, I've been hitting my head against one 'minor' annoyance I've seen... Currently I'm drilling myself a highway through an incredibly large mountain, why? why not? The only problem that there is is that I can't mount a working light to my drill, which pretty much leaves me in the dark to what and where I'm actually drilling. The drill itself does appear to have some sort of mounting point, but does not accept anything attached to it. Kind Regards, Unrealxs
  3. Jasksie

    Mine shaft tool

    I thought it would be cool if you could build a mineshaft that would excavate down an then create a open room to branch out from. It would make it easier to go deeper straight down without having to worry about falling to your death. Might be cool if you had to use a winch on it to go down and up. Would also need a power source attachment.
  4. while exploreing with the truck i noticed a nice idea: i like driveing into caves and into mountains why not make a tunnel boreing module for the front truck slot... build with 2 drillheads as recipe and or drill with titanium gives the option to steer and destroy terrain from inside the vehicle in a big enough radius to fit the truck with extensions like storage+storage or research crates while giveing it a up to 15° "cone of fire" to create slopes and passageways for truck if not overpowered i would like to see it collect resources from the 15° freedom of motion cone and add it to the attatched storage
  5. Alex2810

    Annoying building bug

    So I am trying to build my base in a cave somehow but whenever I try to expand my modules into a rather small tunnel they build upwards to the seiling and I cant do anything about it. Its not even like the seiling is closer to it than the floor I want it to expand on. Then I tried to build the floor more downwards but this only made it worse. Did somebody solve this problem or is it something you just can't do right now?