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Found 20 results

  1. So I flew off to tundra to try and get the tundra outfit. All ready to go. I experienced some small bugs along the way such as medium batteries havng their yellow bar outside of the actual battery itself but nothing mayor until I noticed the gateways I had activated 6-7 weren't activated. Only 2 gateways ever showed up, always the origin point gateway (the one I was at) and the one I had activated before that (I think).
  2. Since I first became an Astroneer, (back when the Medium Printer was a big ugly mess) I had plans for and started work on an Ultimate Tundra Base. I have never deleted the savegame yet and have made great progress on it. As the updates came, I thought I would have several years before 1.0 but I was wrong. The upcoming debut has rushed me to make it sooner than expected but I have thankfully been able to create it in time. Now, I can share it with the forum. Here is a compilation of screenshots taken during its construction. As always, please let me know what you think.
  3. Just wanted to suggest a change to the atmosphere color of tundra. The planet used to be my favorite planet because it was so pretty. Now with the red atmosphere it seems less friendly. I hope one of the planets in the Final game has a green atmosphere.
  4. On my trip home from Exotic, I noticed that Tundra was Quartered like an Orange
  5. Summary: - Steam - Glitched above Tundra Description: I'm sorry to say that I cannot recall precisely what I was doing at the time the glitch happened, so I'm unsure of how to re-create it. I do know that I was just running around my base, and my player model must have hit something in a strange way which caused my character to glitch, or "teleport" above the planet I was on at the time (Tundra.) Similar instances have happened to me before, but not this extreme. (Just running around terrain, when collision detection with the ground causes my character to instantaneousl
  6. Small solar panels don't appear to be working properly on Tundra. I like to build bases at the north pole of Terran and Exotic (only two planets I've spent time at so far) for endless solar power. I decided to visit Tundra and do the same, but the solar panels aren't working right. New save after the release of 0.9.0 on steam on Windows 10.
  7. The Terrain Tools flattening function seems to be very jumpy on Tundra, both above and underground. I'm unsure if this constitutes a or not. Controls: Mouse/Keyboard Platform: Steam What I was doing: Landscaping area on Tundra
  8. I was playing in Astroneer and I saw the Tundra planet's texture messed up. Please fix this problem. Thank You!
  9. Upon landing on the tundra we found that we couldn't build our base with resin. We tried multiple landing sites and save games with no avail.
  10. Summary: EXPERIMENTAL - Steam - Stuck in habitat Description: I traveled to the Tundra planet, placed a habitat on the ground, but did not "plant" it. I saved and exited the game. Later, I loaded up the game file, pressed tab, and entered the habitat. It is still not planted and now I cannot leave the habitat. When I load the game, I am always stuck inside of the habitat. In the picture you can also see that I can pick up and move items. They do not fall, they just float in the air. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 0.3.10158.0 Speci
  11. I can still see all of the orbs around landing sites and the selection circle, which in it of itself wouldnt cause too much of an issue. But i also cant put any hydrazine into my spaceship to fly off again. all i did was land here, and it was my last little bit of fuel so im stuck at this point.
  12. So my sister and I are playing a two player game, with my sister hosting. We head off to Tundra with a Spaceship full of supplies and a Habitat (which I rode in) and land. We find a nice spot with good-if-not-great wind and my sister plants the Habitat down. She starts building building platforms from the Habitat, but they are invisible to me. Plus, anything that is then put on these platforms is also turned invisible to me. My sister can see everything just fine, but no matter how much she builds, none of it appears to me. I then tried to start laying down some Tethers but they also disappear
  13. Not noticed this issue on the release build, only on experimental, 2.123, pc steam. After taking off from Tundra, the wind sound effects continue, even though you're in orbit. Sound should cut out.
  14. My friends and I have been experiencing a bug recently where we cannot see the nodes extended from the habitat on any planet other than Terran. No matter who builds these, only the host can see them. This happened before and after the recent 119 patch. Anyone else experienced this?
  15. I am not able to find any compound at all on this planet. I found resin and lots of fuel, but I need the compound to build a new habitat so I can fly off this icy rock ":-) I did not realize my habitat once placed was there forever. Any advice ?
  16. Major issue when i was travelling with friend from Terran to Tundra in shuttle (2 persons in shuttle). While i was in 'multi-planets view' she was landing craft (i had a pushed that button to switch to planets view , even though she was flying). However when we got there on Tundra mine was still partially in multi-planets view, giving halo-circle around the planet after landing that persisted and changed with the orbit. Also her vehicles (rover and truck) all did not have wheels, and her entire base was invisible to me. Her truck kept flying erratically mostly up in to the air. So we fl
  17. Feedback whilst shamelessly advertising my youtube channel.
  18. I can't seem to start a home on any planet other than my home world or the moon. is there a reason why? I can't get the little thing to pop out of my shuttle. thank you for any help.
  19. So I was returning to the terrain planet, and the tundra planet was very close. It was split into four identical pieces that faced away from eachother; with a ghost outline of the planet in the middle. The weirdest part is that when i returned to my base, i could see this monstrosity from the sky. Thought you would like to see this. thanks.
  20. So I decided to go to the frontier! Takeoff! Barren Tundra planet discovered. Base installed. It is pretty stormy! Igloo! Whats this? Zebra Aliens confirmed!