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Found 4 results

  1. I see that the true flat tool says 'creative item' in the description. Honestly, i don't know why this has to be the case. Everyone loves it so why not put it in the actual game? Maybe as a terrain tool modifier that sucks soil off your backpack just like the terrain tool. PLEASE.
  2. Those who know me know i have a thing for True Flat and I'm so jazzed to see it make its comeback. I know tools are being developed to make it easier for peeps to accomplish. Thinking about that, what if there was way to allow temporary visibility of the grid? Then peeps could find the areas of the planet True Flat will work on properly, in order that it snaps and can be built with. You can smooth a surface pretty much anywhere, but building has to be lined up to the grid. My idea comes from Terraria building tools that allow the grid to be shown so you can measure and build accordingly. I realize that is a very different style of game, but I wondered if something similar could be developed or revealed if it is possible, to make it easier to find a "flat" location to build from. The first step in allowing people to do this more easily, is to help find a location it will work with. I think something along these lines solves that problem. Thanks as always for listening SES! Hugs to all!
  3. I mentioned this to Marc when Creative first came out to us. The slider controls in the "R" menu are difficult to adjust to a specific number or setting. Please allow control of the sliders to be accomplished using arrow keys, much like the sliders for Audio, etc. Marc told me that was something that had not been mentioned yet at the time. Hugs SES!
  4. Simple request, Give as a "true flat" mod for Terrain Tool so we can easily make mega structures as seen here: This tool should be in constrast from the "alighnment mod" which only flatens relative to the core and not relative to a true flat plane