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Found 276 results

  1. Alpha - Steam - Truck Glitched through terrain all the way to the core Large rover fell through surface terrain on starting planet and has fallen all the way to the core of the world with me in it. the rover is now stuck in the gravity of the planet at the center while nothing is loaded. Screenshots of view after i had fallen through are provided. Platform: Steam Version: Alpha Laptop Specs: OS : Windows 10 Home 10.0.12134 CPU: Intel i7-6500 @ 2.50 GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 940MX RAM: 12 Gb Drive: 1 TB HDD
  2. The control of the vehicles have stayed the same ever since the game went into public test... and it's still horrible! Because the relation in which way the vehicles will move correlate to which way your camera is facing, not which way the vehicle is faced (which how it should be from the start...) and it's confusing and frustrating to drive the thing around... driving it feels like those people who struggle way too when it comes to parking... I've you seen those vids? It's rage inducing! Also, it would be nice to have some sort of handbrake or any braking mechanic. As of now the only way to make the vehicles stop is either wait for it to slow down to a halt or literally jumps out in front of the thing... Which isn't much of an issue... just really inconvenience when it comes to accurate maneuvering! The space button is freed up when you hops in a seat, so that could be use for braking. So all and all... just another quality of life fix. :^]
  3. Whenever I exit a truck, the entire thing flies a few feet away. Normally it doesn't go very far, but it still makes it nearly impossible to charge it or use the crane. The last time this happened, I ended up underneath the truck. I decided the best solution was to just enter and exit since I was stuck. However, upon entering, the truck clipped through the ground and now we're stuck in the ceiling of a very, very deep cave. Either or introduced the bug.
  4. Version Steam Keyboard + Mouse Windows 10 v1803 build 17133.1 i7-7700, 3.60 GHz, 16 GB, nvidia GeForce GTX 1050Ti I was using a crane/drill on a truck to pick up a deposit of resin. I parked further away than I had realized so I attempted to exit the crane in order to move the truck. As I hit the E to exit the crane, the truck fell through the world with me still in the crane seat. Fun! I toppled for about 20 seconds until I hit escape to get to the game menu and exited the game, in hopes that re-starting would resolve the issue. Unfortunately when I logged back in the truck was still tumbling through the world with me still in the crane seat. I hit E again to exit the crane and this time I did exit. However, the truck continued to tumble away through the world while I rocketed back up through the world in the direction from which I had fallen. I launched high up above the ground, then fell to the world and finally splatted and died. The truck was never seen from again. Welcome to early access! Jeff
  5. I am using my rover and truck each with a 1-seat at the front node, because I want as most storage capacity (aka. medium storages) on the top of the vehicle as possible. It works almost perfectly fine, just the alignment of the 1-seat itself is wrong when put at the front node of a vehicle.
  6. Some funny things, but its not good for the game.
  7. Priority: Low Category: Visual When the truck is recharging it's top row battery packs, the graphic is positioned 1/3 below the bottom row. It just needs to be moved up a bit to look correct. =)
  8. c1derly

    Vanishing Windmill

    Summary: - Truck ate my windmill Description: I attach a small windmill to the back of a large rover (not on top but on the back). I also had a research material attached at the time. When I went to grab it I accidentally grabbed the power connector and brought it out far enough that it closed the slots on the back of the truck. The research material staid still but the windmill disappeared. Afterwards I was unable to place anything in that spot on the vehicle. I was still able to couple it with another vehicle. I also believe the windmill was still working even though it was not visible and not possible to interact with it. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | v. 1709 CPU: Intel i7 6700-HQ 2.59GHz GPU: Nvidia GTX1070 8 GB RAM: Corsair 2x16GB DDR4 2200Hz Drive: Crucial_CT500MX200SSD1 500 GB
  9. Summary: 119 - Steam - Truck becomes undrivable Description: If you add the square podka dot ball to the "front" of the truck, you can no longer enter the truck... Holding E doesn't do anything, not even the circle-timer around the E visually. Weirdness level 2 - you cannot add the balls to the right attachment points in front of the truck, only the left side. Platform: Steam / XBox One / Windows 10 Store Version / Build Number: 119
  10. theastonmartin


    What if there was a type of massive drill you could put on the front of a large rover that could dig tunnels that it could get through? The crane is hard to use and I think a drill module could make life easier for the average astroneer.
  11. pedro123p2p2

    Bug in Power Cells

    Summary: - Steam - Power Cells bug, not ever discharging Description: Energy cells connected to the truck give it infinite energy, never unloading the cells, you can go miles and never run out of energy. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | v. 1703 | Build 15063.0 CPU: Intel i5 4440 @ 3.10GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 1GB RAM: Corsair 2X4GB CORSAIR Drive: Western Digital 160gb
  12. Summary: 0.6.2 - Steam - Truck w/ Crane Camera keeps snapping under terrain Description: When entering one particular truck the camera snaps underneath the truck. Zooming out and re-positioning doesn't fix. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 0.6.2 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | v. 1709| Build 16299.248 CPU: Intel i7 6820HQ 2.70GHz GPU: AMD FirePro W7170M RAM: 2x4GB DDR3 2133MHz Drive: Samsung 850 Evo 500GB Video Below:
  13. My rover thinks its constantly connected to the base, even if its miles away. This means the thing is also used as a battery for the base, meaning sometimes your battery drains pretty much instantly if something in your base is taking up a lot of power. This also means it is charged pretty much instantly when there is a lot of power available. All this while its not connected. Especially the first instance is annoying. The batteries also are sometimes charged and depleted at the same time, causing it to spam the 'battery charging' and 'battery depleting' sound, which is really annoying. Reconnecting it at different spots doesnt fix this, neither do restarts. Specs: FX-8350 @ 4.0ghz, 8GB DDR3 Ram @ 1333mhz, HD 6570 2gb Sapphire @ stock
  14. astroneer explorer

    truck in space

    xbox one, I was traveling in my shuttle to my barren base but accidentally landed in my vercale bay (which had a large rover with seat and crane on) I then latched again but the truck was dragged with me and then got dislodged and stuck in mid air not shore of a way to get it back. any ideas.
  15. Summary: - Steam - Thruster Generating Thrust When No-one in Truck Description: According to the article here a Thruster will only generate thrust if; Hydrazine is attached bottom slots, and a driver is seated in the vehicle. "If no driver is seated, the thruster will not move the vehicle." However when tested this out on a Large Truck with a 1-seat and a fully loaded Medium storage my Truck was pushed off into the distance regardless whether I was in it or not. This occurred with only one container, and I dear not try more. Platform: Steam / XBox One / Windows 10 Store Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: HP Pavilion 13 13 x360 PC CPU: AMD A6-6310 GPU: AMD Radeon R4 Graphics 1.80 GHz RAM: [unknowen] Drive: [unnkowen]
  16. Summary: 0.500 - Windows 10 Store - Truck glitched out of orbit Description: What happened was: A storm came in the direction of my base and turned my truck with 2 rovers attached to it upside down (nothing unusual here), so I naturally go and turn them around again. The glitch happened when I tried to drive it, the camera glitched like I was in the ground and then it glitched again but this time both my character and the truck (with the rovers still attached to it) got into orbit and spining around like crazy (I coundn't take a print because it was too fast). I was able to get out of the truck but then I got stuck in orbit (image below), this glitch is kind of annoying because I lost my truck, the rovers and the resources that were with them. Platform: Windows 10 Store Version / Build Number: 0.500 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home x64 CPU: Intel i7 7700HQ 2.80GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 4GB RAM: Smart Modular 2x8GB DDR4 Drive: Local Disk C: 1TB
  17. Cameron Shackelford

    New truck and crane things

    A bigger rover that can carry a crane and with a claw attachment can pick up some of the satellite debris that can also easily move around the large solar panels from the crash debris the wench is a pain to use for this moving of stuff but it can serve another purpose with the storms can blow trees and large rocks around and other junk that only a claw can efficiently move just a idea
  18. So I maned to get my rover stuck. 3 Rover train. tire wouldn't move. Got out. Fell into a pit. As in, I appeared below the hole, in the cavern. Worked my way back up (already explored area, followed tethers...) Tried to fill hole up. The rover got buried. Unburryed it. The hole got bigger, whole front rover was dangling in. Moved my chair to the opposite side. Couldn't get enough force. Turned out, new back rover fell fully into the hole and the connector was phazing through the edge of the hole. Tried to move around to the other side. Lost traction. Now I have two rovers in the hole, dangling down....... So yea... Be careful around holes. My next plan is to try and get them all down here and try and drive out. Hopefully I won't run out of power doing so...
  19. I've acquired every other piece of research available with exception of the truck, I even went to the barren moon to find research I know I haven't found in this save. But all I get out of them are filters and power cells. Is this a new bug, if so is there a work around. This is my first save since the 221 update, I would hate to start over already. Please save me
  20. Alright. I'm testing the new update to give feedback. I live on a Radiated planet. I am playing with one of my friends. There were two main glitches that we noticed. The first one, discovered purely by accident and absolutely hilarious, was that when we drove very deep underground into our core-base, that the truck we had driven was completely zero-G. It had flipped, landed on the ceiling, almost drove itself down, and stopped on the wall. The tethers also were floating. The second glitch was far less funny to see. My friend told me I was completely invisible. He could not see me, I could see him. As a note, I was the game host. He also mentioned he was unable to pick things up from anywhere, and when he randomly could, it was shaky. When he used a trade station, the values (1 coal = 4 compound, etc.) were completely wrong, and didn't even return the correct amount or type of item he sent for. He put coal in, wanting resin, and got 4 organic from 4 coal. The only thing he could easily do was use his deform tool, and even then on any world but Terran, the smooth tool doesn't work correctly, jumping around your cursor. A final note or two: We exploited the game forcing you to rise through ground if you're stuck by using the deform tool on a car and getting in/out to force ourselves into the ground, thus creating a sky elevator. Not intended to work that way. Also, the trucks and rover's steering changes still need work. Rovers flip upside down from moving too fast (the front wheels float up and then the back ones flip the vehicle) on flat ground, they tend to try and drive backward toward the direction you face, and they have too low of a gravity to easily move. I love this game, but get these bugs fixed!
  21. oldgreg95

    Ground hooks for rovers

    I suggest a mechanic for the rovers that allows the player to hook it to the ground somehow maybe a drill or something on the bottom so the rover doesn't get blown away by a storm setting the player way off track.
  22. oldgreg95

    Large Rover

    I haven't played this game since late April but I recently decided to get back in and something is just different about truck it is extremely difficult to drive for me and gets stuck standing straight up over and over until it gets blown away. Is there anyway to make my trucks stronger and whats the best way to keep it from standing up and not being able to move.
  23. bobafett2000

    Flying trucks

    Sometimes when I park my trucks and I go away, I see the trucks flying in the air. When I go closer to them they fall down and turn on the back. Pleas fix it Thx (sry for the bad english)
  24. Why is this game still a complete fail after months? The team has had literal months to work on things and it feels like the game has regressed. Rover Handling I still cannot drive a rover without having it fly into the atmosphere and the time that I do get with the rover on the troposphere is spent trying to flip the rover over because its handling was implemented by a four year old. Crafting & Research Why can I no longer craft a tank or small battery on my backpack? Why was there no on screen notification saying that the way small batteries and tanks can be crafted has been changed? Does System Era know anything about game design? I can understand a lack of tutorials for pre alpha games but the communication of the games mechanics to the player is nonexistent. There at a minimum should be a visual menu that accompanies the tiers of research and what has and has not been researched in each tier. I have researched countless parts/rocks/plants and still cannot build a small tank or small battery. There was even a time on my current save (7/10/2017) that I could build small batteries and the ability has since been removed. The research system is disgustingly broken. The fact that I can get anything from a single compound to the research behind a habitat from research components is just flat out terrible game design. Spending half an hour excavating and bringing back a research part only for it to yield compound is nothing short of insulting. How come when I scroll through the vehicle bay options sometimes a large rover will show up even though I have not researched it? What can I do to actually get the large rover researched so it will show up in the vehicle bay every time and not just when the game bugs in my favor? Still cannot build a large rover/truck after hours of researching. Co-op How come when I join another host I can only see structures built on Terran? Structures built on literally every other terrestrial object (moons and other planets) can only be seen by the host. The cooperative tag should be removed from this game on the steam store because co-op in this game is disgraceful and simply cannot work if what is being built is invisible to me…how lame Review Maybe this game is a huge mess of physics and making changes is harder than I could ever imagine so not fixing things like the rover handling or seems in the map can be understood but structure visibility is another story. I do not know what could be so complex about making all structures visible for all players across the whole solar system. Is this something as simple as changing a visibility Boolean? What complex unsolvable algorithms could be behind something as simple as making a skin/texture visible to all the players? I know people are working on the game and it looks like System Era is a growing company but this game feels unchanged from its December release? Are the people working on the game too busy to finish it? What a pathetic display for game development industry as a hole. I apologize for my terrible attitude but my friends and I feel like we wasted our money on a half-baked game that will not see completion within any relevant time frame.