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Found 10 results

  1. Ok, we can already plant seeds from dangerous trees. Can we now please have the ability to plant seeds from non-dangerous/benign trees and shrubs like the types that appear on Sylva and other planets.
  2. It is a little annoying how trees stay there when you take them down. Could they possibly despawn, or maybe be used to make a fuel resource?
  3. I recently created a new base on a flat landscape which had a lot of tall trees/plants. These ended up getting in the way of how I wanted to lay my modules out, so I dug them out of the ground and tried to move them. I had to use rovers to bump and push them until they rolled out of the area, but it took a long time as they would get stuck on top of my base structures. I had to dig more holes, prop them up, move push them around, etc.; until they were finally gone. I'd love to be able to use the winch to attach to the trees so I could easily drag them away.
  4. After reloading into a save game on Terra all the trees and grass were White/Gray with no other color, however the research pods attached to the trees were rendered in full color. Mouse and Keyboard Steam Early Access I've seen it a few times on different saves it seems to occur, for me, after saving a game with 30 minutes or more playtime.
  5. Hi, Cool game! Could you look at adding the ability to pic up and move objects like trees once they have been dug up. So they can bee moved away from bases or dig sites, Cheers Billy The Budgie
  6. I want to be able to do something about these indestructible rocks other objects that you just can't do anything about, that Also happen cause frame rate issues on XB1 once disconnected from the planet surface.
  7. Water -> Rivers -> Lakes -> Underwater Mining -> Flowing Rivers (from mountains) -> Changing throughout seasons -> affecting the Nature (like trees and animals around it) -> (hunting seasons?) Well see how many of those steps are actually doable (in order.?). Thanks for the amazing game!
  8. You guys should create a system that you can plant some trees to create "fruits" to research, this could come as an expansion in base or ou can plant mannualy. PS: sry for my bad english
  9. After cutting down some big trees around my base, the stalks would tip over and spin all around my base with no easy way of getting them to go away, other than running into them and desperately trying to roll them away. If it was possible to pick up some of the larger, unbreakable rocks to move them away from settled areas, and if it were possible to either pick up or break down the giant tree stalks into organic material, it would greatly reduce base/ground clutter, as well as free up rendered resources.
  10. I'm on Xbox one. The tall trees with pods tend to pop out of the ground if you try and bury them for base building. They also don't despawn and roll all over the place when dug up (not sure if that's intended or not).