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Found 10 results

  1. I don't know if this is supposed to happen in the game, but if you find a tree, rock, and those cacti-like plants in caves with a research pod on it, you can then take it off and put any one slot or two slot objects on there. I have tested this with resources and a medium storage.
  2. So I was just building a nice base on a exotic planet right? But then the trees started spreading to my base. I tried to get rid of them but it didn't do anything and now there is about 5 trees lying in my base
  3. Hi! I got a problem like you see in photos. How can I fix it? Please give me a solution. Thanks! ?
  4. I pulled the earth out from under trees near my base area without thinking and they fell across my base, laying evenly across. I can't move them, and cant make them fall, and it's a bit annoying. Any ideas? Thanks.
  5. As the title says the tree texture disappears when I return a saved game. Not only that the trees stick around forever and are really annoying. An option to destroy them or replant them or despawn them would be great.
  6. I just found a funny glitch in the game. Astro-Win64-Shipping 2017-01-20 01-00-13-689.mp4
  7. I think, we need NEW resource which we can get from a trees! So give us scissors (tool for a front rover/truck socket) and vehicle expansion for processing trees. Or it can be a tool for a crane like a real-existing wood cutting machine "BEAR C6". Trees must grow up from this moment.
  8. So for whatever reason... this game makes me want to be able to upgrade my buildings (make them bigger/cooler looking) kind of like Starcraft. And maybe have options on upgrades that allow you to build one thing or another based on your upgrade/tech decision. I'd also love xp/tech tree so that we can "level up" our Astroneer. Things like last longer without oxygen. Burn less energy. Jump higher. Walk/Run faster. Scouting/Tracking. Etc
  9. Have some space trees in the game to make area look better.