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  1. If there was a way to travel between solar systems I think it could be really cool. I just tought about it but I think U need complex resources and materials to build a space station orbiting the star of the current system and when the preps are done u can jump in to an other system and after your arrival your base could act like a temporary Base flying around the orbit.(or u could have add a sotry bit like u need to repoair your starting ship etc. etc.) and lets say you are generating random start system using an algorithm it could have been a lot of fun. ( and even the starting map coul
  2. I was playing with 3 friends in a multiplayer session and I wanted to show them the Fast Travel Node (which looks awesome btw). When they walked over to it however, their characters died before they could gaze at the odd stone. There appears to be a glitch where if the character walks over the slits in the floor, they repeatedly hurt themselves on the ground. Is there any chance this could be patched in the latest update?
  3. Hi Team!! Although beacons are the number 1 way not to get lost I would like to suggest another concept for explorers, landmarks. This is a low priority request but I feel from a design point of view would make the game look far more amazing and also allow players to explore with less chance of getting lost (which is damn easy to do!). I thought the new alien artifacts would do this but they're all the same. Even if you don't go by my idea you could change the look or colours of the various alien buildings instead. I found seeing multiple alien buildings while exploring actually disorientat
  4. Hi, I was playing with some friends, they travel to the first planet but when i try to go i get stucked on the space, flying arround the earth, and i cant choose any place to drop. I try to log out and come in again, but i´m in the space running, out of ship, and i need to wait until i die to respawn again. i only go to the first planet whit a bug. if there is a way to fix it i will be grateful.
  5. Adding some sort of drones that can mine for you would be awesome, or some sort of railway system with automated trains that can bring materials to and from a mine to home base and automatically put them in a smelter or something. Having to EVERYTHING manually gets kind of annoying after a while so maybe adding some sort of automation.
  6. Adding some sort of way to track how the planets orbit and when you can get to them, I think, would make the game a lot more fun. Also a way of making a map for land travel so you know where you are instead of beacons.
  7. So unlike some I'm actually a fan of the oxygen / power system, however one thing I'm not as big a fan of is carrying around platforms to use to refill oxygen while I'm cave diving. I know I can run tethers or drive vehicles, but both of those have their own problems as well. (running out energy, space vs view, lag from lots of tethers, abundant basic resource use, etc.) I would like to see a personal generator of sorts, late game specific item, that uses a small constant trickle of energy (but wasn't that a problem with the other ways to go cave diving?) and allows travel anywhere without rea
  8. Right now you are confined to the five planets(and moon) except for the shuttles. Shuttles can be made and fueled easily and have great range. Instead the small shuttle can only go to Barren and back and the large shuttle can go to Arid and Tundra(I believe they are next closest two planets. There should be the ability to build a space station this sould take a lot of resources and a long time. Also the space station would be the next leg in exploration. To build the station you could wear a jetpack (IMU) or a crane. Once the space station is large enough a spaceship and eventua
  9. I can't remember if I or someone else has suggested this, but what about An attachment for the front of the rovers that would turn them into a subterranean mining vehicle. The idea is you'd have to build the attachment and then build the drill heads to place on it, similar to the crane but could use up to 4 heads depending on rover. The medium rover could use one attachment but the large would require 2, or a larger one (then the smaller couldn't be built onto it) to create a big enough hole for it to drive through. This could be useful for driving through rougher terrain because it destroys e
  10. This is a picture of the range i can go to. It would be nice if there was an bigger outer circle, so i could go to- lets say for example- exotic in the back. This would require double the fuel to travel though
  11. So I build the spaceship with 2 storages like you're supposed to do, shove 7 small storages on the nodes and one habitat, and I can't enter the habitat. So I put a seat there instead and enter it, and I can't launch the spaceship. This wasn't mentioned in the patch notes. For the love of God, please revert it back to the way it was in 0.5. What do I do?
  12. Can you add a kind of silo to store items? Can you add placable messages? Can you make some sort of teloport pad for long distance movement?
  13. The teleporter would be a base module that must be built at each base. It could be made with 2 astronium(which has no use so far but is in game) and would require 4 whole rows of power to use from both ends and maybe use 4000-5000 bytes.
  14. Hi, I recently created my second base on the starting planet and have a huge research pod in a chamber there. I was wondering if I could head back to my main base and still have it research the pod.
  15. Hello, I have been playing the game for a while now, I have established a well made base on Terran and have gotten the chance to explore all of the planets with the new Mineral extractor. I have researched many science topics one of which included anti-matter, and warp travel. of course these are still in the making. I was thinking it would be cool to add inter galactic travel to the game, I know the coding behind that would be super massive and the maps would take a while so this is in no way a "please do now." This new feature would include at least a new solar system, a new type of travel,
  16. So my boyfriend and I have been playing Astroneer together in an attempt to find some different bugs in the game... First of all we believe our biggest issue is lag. The lag is most likely caused by too much being loaded into the game. There seems to be a point when co-op gameplay is no longer achievable. Lag causes: Chunks (minecraft term, sorry): Too many chunks loaded in the game... to much stuff and the game just becomes laggy and unplayable Tethers: Too many tethers may causes the initial lag issue.... we stopped using tethers all together and that lengthened the gamepl
  17. I like Trains! I imagine that frames can be atached to conector modules like solar panels ør bateries, but should not be functional when carried by ex. Vehicles. Then a vehicles printer, or a specific Trains station printer thing, could ADD Trains into these frames. Idea from ild article i once read; The rails are atatched to the Trains, and the motors are in the frames. Then the Trains dørs not store energy like a truck, and the player van still get energy/oxygen from the conectors. Add a max degree for turning om the modules so the Trains doesnt look glitchy n stuff, but
  18. Ladder or climbing rope. Or a rope ladder! What if we could build something to help us climb up and down big holes. Im thinking it could be a atachment to the theader system. Looking like a ladder. Or maybe a track with a chair on it, that worked like a elevator. The base building would be more fun if i could make walls, roofs and floors. I could do so with the shaping tool but its hard to get smooth surfeases. And sculpting details is super hard. I am a sucker for personalisation. Paint. I would like to paint my base. And car. And everyting really. Im shure its been said
  19. Major issue when i was travelling with friend from Terran to Tundra in shuttle (2 persons in shuttle). While i was in 'multi-planets view' she was landing craft (i had a pushed that button to switch to planets view , even though she was flying). However when we got there on Tundra mine was still partially in multi-planets view, giving halo-circle around the planet after landing that persisted and changed with the orbit. Also her vehicles (rover and truck) all did not have wheels, and her entire base was invisible to me. Her truck kept flying erratically mostly up in to the air. So we fl
  20. you can see that in the upper section of the photo are floating peaces, dunno how it got there but it wasn't me. just letting you know
  21. I think it would be great if there was a GUI like you are using on onboard computer to select either the planet or landing zone. The current method is confusing and I often land in the wrong spot, and then lose the vehicle that was in that vehicle bay. Also what help, would be the ability to name your habitats and beacons.
  22. When traveling between planets the markers that identify home and beacons are misplaced in the solar system. See image. Take a shuttle up into the space and attempt to travel to another planet.
  23. maybe i'm getting a caught up in fantasy, but can anyone else here imagine just zooming from place to place on a JETPACK? but there would have to be sacrifices like decrease storage space in backpack or something like that
  24. I think it would be very useful when researching to have a bucket on your rover or truck that you can put the research items you find in . like the nuts from the trees or the stuff you dig out of caves . so its easier to take back to your base and research instead of having to carry them all the way there or keep stacking them on your truck only for them to fall off again
  25. hi, traveling is fun, but finding your base is a problem, so they can implement 4 things that can make it easier but you need 4 things to make it work 1. a satellite 2. satellite dish 3. GPS 4. the HOLO map 1. the satellite making this is a the hard part, you need fuel, access to space and allot of materials to launch the satellite you need a shuttle with a satellite mod on it, the SAT mod needs 4 titanium to build it, launching it takes allot of fuel, cause it's heavy, there are 8 slots on the SAT, you can fill it in how you want