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Found 1 result

  1. This is my first post on here. Please be kind. Hello fellow Astroneers! I have been thinking about automation for a while now. It is pretty tedious to not have a simple way of transporting items in the game, either its on a vehicle on your backpack. I am mostly focusing on underground use for the conveyors, but they are needed above ground too for short distances, i.e if you have a small table for a furnace/soil centrifuge and want to move the resources to a separate storage area. Picture this: You are far underground, searching for a rare material. You only have 8 slots on your backpack, and you need a lot of it. Instead of having to go up and down that steep pathway several times, you can craft a conveyor belt that will transport the items back up that hill for you, saving you a lot of time. They wont supply oxygen They should require power, either from the connecting table up top or from small batteries (Last conveyor should have 2 slots for small batteries, preferably on the sides) They require Bytes to unlock They should cost 1000 Bytes (Not a typo) They are the same length as a regular cable/Extender Requires "Backpack Printer" They should cost 1 Copper, giving it a brown-ish/red look. Now you might be thinking that this is way too OP and it should cost about 2000 instead of 1000. Well I had a thought mid-typing. Introducing.. Conveyor Belt Mk. 2 Still no oxygen Still require power, now have space for 1 medium battery (front of last conveyor preferably) Same length Can now fit 2 items side by side. Slightly faster than Mk.1 Should cost 2500 Bytes Requires Small Printer They should cost 1 Copper, and 1 Alumin(i)um, giving it a reddish look with white accents And lastly, Conveyor Belt Mk. 3 No oxygen Still requires power Slightly longer connector between them Slightly faster than Mk.2 Can fit 2 medium batteries, 1 on each side of last conveyor Should cost 3750 Bytes Requires Small Printer They should cost 1 Copper, and 1 Titanium, giving it a reddish look with "Titanium-like" accents. All 3 should look similar to the Extender or Floodlight, Example: All 3 should also have the feet that makes it steady, as opposed to it flying around upon slightest touch. I do not know what the actual belt should look like, maybe the belt can just be the power connector. Please reply if I missed something, though I think I covered everything. Thanks for reading, have a good day!