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  1. If you are on a big adventure collecting either soil, scraps or resources it can be difficult to return all those items into your base, especially if you have multiple rooms, each dedicated to a certain machine or storage area. Now it would be great if there would be a conveyor belt or a pipe waiting for you at the entrance which would automatically transport resources to a certain room. Of course there could also be some kind of a filter which would determine what item can go through it and in certain direction and drop the item into the platform or storage. The item would be considered as an
  2. My idea is for a way to transport items to and from two planets or from one place on the planet to another. Yes I know there are rockets and vehicles along with massive storage silos that can be used but maybe this can be a use for Astronium so that way it has another use besides being research, looking pretty, cool and awesome. Also maybe this item transporter will take a tier 4 space on a large platform so that the extra large platform can used a lot more often. For power and building it could be built at the large printer for two Astronium a aluminum alloy with a nanocarbon alloy order to u
  3. This is a really rare item you can make using rare items such as astronium, or a new anti-gravity ore. When placed down you can select up to a certain range with a slider to collect and it will pick up all the items (that the player has made, such as platforms, machines, etc.. but not research items, dirt, etc...) and shrink them down to a "package" size (small amounts would be carried on your backpack, medium amounts in your hand, and large on a vehicle) to carry to another place, such as a new base, and if its something that cant be packaged or moved (like a habitat) then it won't pick it up
  4. Im thinking of More futuristic transport on planets. Currently we have rovers in all sizes, a tractor and a buggy. But i think it would be fun to have a flying *car/plane/Craft/vehicle* . Mabye having flying cars.. or rather hovercrafts in the game will make it to futuristic, but mabye just a car looking thing that flyes only like 1-3m over the ground that is'nt affected by the terrain under it. mabye it seems useless or rather unnecesserry*** but many times have i had 2 bases on other sides of the planet and would either have to rocket there… or rover there, and both are inconvenient. since t
  5. Currently, if you want to do something in Astroneer, you usually have multiple ways of doing it. For example, if you want to get hematite, you can go to Glacio, Novus, or just stay at Sylva and use trade platform. Or, when you are building a base, you have 3 variations of each platform tier. But when you want to explore the depths of planets, build multiple-floor bases or build a reusable tower, there is just one viable option: Ramps. Ramps take long to build, require tons of soil and can often get very annoying to construct. This is why i think Astroneer needs an alternative. M
  6. Has anyone considered how there's no good method of moving items around beside your own character? Me and my friend are often on different planets to each other but we haven't exactly completed the fast travel network yet. sometimes, of course, we run out of a certain type of item that you can't get on whichever planet and so we end up having to give each other items. How? The shuttle... Yay? While sure, the shuttles now work brilliantly for interplanetary travel, it's not exactly efficient if you're just dropping something off for another player. I think a great solution for th
  7. I have been trying to get scrap on astroneer and havent found away of transporting multiple amounts of scrap and debris to shred.i was thinking of a bucket that could be attached to the medium and large rovers that could hold and carry debris with out falling out or glitching the rover.
  8. I couldn't find this suggestion, but a way to move about the planet with a balloon of gas and some propulsion. This may help with some of the dis-satisfaction of losing stuff, dying and then only being able to get back 'close' to it with a shuttle, which isn't always useful. Balloons may have other uses like antennas for radar, reconnaissance, etc.
  9. So we all know that tethers are used to mark where we have been, as a way back and also for oxygen, but what about using the top of it and different colours to have like the small to large rover or storage to transport research or resources. so using the modals of the rover or platforms and maybe have a hovering affect above that follows the tethers blue line. So we could use it to transport cargo to and from bases in caves to bases above the surface and vis versa.
  10. Hi all, Had a few thoughts watching Vlog #23 and seeing/hearing the Dev's thoughts on larger vehicles. The concepts they demonstrated looked really nice, but they seemed dubious about the largest of the mock ups. Personally I think a huge, lumbering truck, akin to the Caterpillar trucks used in quarries and mines, could be a great addition, offering the ability to transport large amounts of resources, or even construct a small, mobile base on top. Make it a slower vehicle, maybe powered by coal or hydrazine, so that electing to use it as a hauler or mobile base means planning your jo
  11. Booster boots would be a cool way of getting around faster.
  12. i have a wonderful idea for travel inside of tunnels moving items in and out of them (almost like a mag train that can be built at a vehicle station) and this is a picture of a mag train (a train that hovers above the tracks) this type of thing can be used for easily getting from base to base or even underground in the tunnels (you can try to make a new add-on for the rover (maybe called a magnet crane or industrial crane) it can be used to pick up large items such as a train segment and place it on the track) here is a video of a n64 game that has a hover train or mag train (im
  13. sry if it has been posted or suggested already. Base protection: the storm is still something. yes the astroneer can hide inside the habitat, but what if you are able to build some sort of shield emitter, which keeps the storm from hitting the base or at least you. this could be for example a requirement, when you explore the radiated world to have. a storm is currently the only thing that can kick you out of your suit or the debris he is throwing at you. Railroad: the more you explore, the greater the distances become. even when you build a 2nd, 3rd etc. base. sometimes some so
  14. Hello this my first Idea for a transport system. lil explain: Thats like a gravity tube in style from astroneer you can put the items in the near to the tube and its soak in your warehouse or what ever and could be printet ... transport with a rover und with the crane you can place it on the ground so at least thats my thoughts what you think? maybe an extra research point to transport yourself ^.^ like in man in black ... I created a lil picture to visualize my idea. I like the physics in Astroneer and we should use that. Greetings from Germany
  15. A lot of us are having fun with the sliding glitch. Would be great to have that in a way we can control ^.^ So... hoverboards!
  16. Hello there~! I think railways would be a very fast and nice way of transporting stuff, constructing roads with the terrain tool is fun but sometimes it can be tedious at large distances, and the roads have to be perfectly flat to avoid doing air flips while driving, however, railways could attach the vehicles to the ground and allow a faster and smoother ride! it'd be very fun to be able to construct a railway connecting certain places like player bases or specific landmarks, or a whole network of underground railway paths heading into deep mines! I've tried with roads and trucks but it
  17. Summary: 119 - Steam - Vehicles Landing at The Same Place Description: During the landing procedure, the spaceship and the shuttle glitched themselves and the physics just gone wild. This is the screenshot I could capture to get a clear picture. Platform: Steam / XBox One / Windows 10 Store OBS: I'm playing on a Notebook. Version / Build Number: 119 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home x64 | v. 1607 | Build 14393.693 CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 4500U CPU @ 1.80GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M RAM: 2xSmart Modula
  18. Since it takes a while to drive from one major outpost to another, it would be useful to have a slightly faster method to get there. The trade off would be faster travel but only from point A to point B. It could feed off of either outpost power supply and be unaffected by storms to make it more efficient. Perhaps 2 aluminum and 1 copper per segment of rail? Also titanium for the train pod?
  19. I like Trains! I imagine that frames can be atached to conector modules like solar panels ør bateries, but should not be functional when carried by ex. Vehicles. Then a vehicles printer, or a specific Trains station printer thing, could ADD Trains into these frames. Idea from ild article i once read; The rails are atatched to the Trains, and the motors are in the frames. Then the Trains dørs not store energy like a truck, and the player van still get energy/oxygen from the conectors. Add a max degree for turning om the modules so the Trains doesnt look glitchy n stuff, but
  20. It would be great if there was some sort of conveyor belts to transport items or an item elevator to transport materials or items from the caves.. would be a lot easier than just take 16items (backpack + storage module) everytime i go to the cave.
  21. Idea for two additional vehicles: Low flying 'hover' vehicle, slower with more transport. High flying vehicle/aircraft, faster with less transport. Why is this needed? Currently the vehicle tier is as follow's: Ground T1: Rover Ground T2: Truck Space T1: Lander Space T2: Spaceship I suggest this as a more appropriate vehicle tier: Ground T1: Rover Ground T2: Truck Air T1: Hover/ground effect vehicle Air T2: Aircraft/atmospheric flyer Space T1: Lander Space T2: Spaceship However we have skipped the natural
  22. And how do you transport your stuff? )
  23. i find myself wanting a small vehicle like a hovercraft og moped to tak into the caves and to explore. gameplay would be somehing like, land on new planet, unload "scout" from spaceship, drive around on planet and drop out beacons that you can pick up with the rover or truck later. OR modify it to have a bigger air tank and small storage area, and take it into caves etc
  24. I just made my truck and attached the seat i found at the crash site, however as soon as I enter it starts to spasmodically flip out and flips me out of the vehicle. I can't drive it, steer or push it along, and since the seat cannot be re-used, everytime I try again to sit in the vehicle it would immediately start flipping around until it kicks me out again. Any fixes? or will i need to start over again...
  25. So the idea here is to take away the notion of older style "minecarts" and not doing something too silly with the current tether system. to taking longer time to create, a pain in the ass (this could be the same?) and make you stuck at one place (it does a bit but not as much the others would be like) So it makes you explore more rather then focusing on where to mine and KEEP mining there because of what you build to it? (this could do the same) Here it is, having 2 belts to transport things on which uses advanced tech (forces to move them either it being power or "m