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Found 13 results

  1. In Chinese, the word Trailer should be translated into 拖车 instead of 预告片.
  2. Summary: - Steam - Wrong italian translation for Inhibitor Mod Description: I found an error with the italian translation of Inhibitor Mod. The translation is correct from the Reseach Catalogue but is wrong both in the inventory print and on the object. The correct translation is Mod Inibitore. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home x64 | v. 1803 | Build 17134.648 CPU: Intel i7-7700HQ 2.81GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 4GB RAM: 16GB Drive: HHD 1T ❤️
  3. I've been rushing to portable oxygenator, and I was stuck in NanoCarbon Alloy. Placing "Iron"(blood-red square ingot) on Chemistry Lab did not work, so I looked up at the wiki, and it turned out I needed "Steel"(pinkish grey hexagon ingot) instead of "Iron". The problem is, "Steel"(that needs iron, carbon, and argon) is translated in a same word as "Iron" in Korean language: "철". "철" is usually referred to the elemental iron, and the specific mixture of iron and carbon that makes it both flexible and strong, steel, is called "강철". It's basically "steel iron"(just like wrought iron or cast iron in English), because it combines 鋼 and 鐵(steel and iron in Japanese, in that order) in Korean pronunciation. For Steel, Chemistry Lab in Korean should ask for "철(a normal tie fighter), 탄소(carbon-a hexagon around a circle), and 아르곤(argon-gas with a heptagon) 연료(fuel)" to create "강철(a Darth Vader's tie fighter)". Other than that, It was great to play this game in my native language. Great work! P.S. small tip: when in doubt, use Google Translator to change English word to Japanese, then change that Japanese translation into Korean. It works magic.(try it on Tungsten Carbide.)
  4. SomeGermanDude

    German version of the game

    As a german chemist, I must say, there is one serious (yet inconsequential) error in the translation that is bugging me a lot. In the german version you don't collect "Compound", you collect "Gemisch". Compund (ger. Verbindung) describes a substance that is comprised of two or more chemical elements that are in any sort of chemical bond with each other, whereas Gemisch (eng. mixture) describes a substance that is comprised of two or more chemical elements (and/or compunds) that do NOT share any kind of chemical bond. These two are therefor (from a chemist's point of view) fundamentally different. The other minor thing is, that the german translation for Sphalerite is the laymen's term Zinkblende, though technically correct, I'd expect an astronaut (astroneer) to use the more technical term Sphalerit (no e at the end). But I could mark that one down to personal preference. I know it's very german of me to complain about such a minute mistake, but I can't help it, as a German and as a science Educator, it is duty. Other than that it's a mighty fine game.
  5. Hello. Can i help you with translation into Russian??
  6. Hello all, I've encountered some inconsistency in the naming convention of different items. It's not something that broke the game, but the catalog is not very usable because items are spread in a manner that is quite illogical. There is medium plateform in group 3, but other medium platform in group 2. Thank you for you game, it's great anyway.
  7. Hi, one 'real' error is in the F1 help screen: 'Veresuche' should be 'Versuche' in the research section. Then there is OR between the keys, it should be ODER. The mineral extractor should be replaced (probably in all languages ;)) I'd suggest to rename sphalerite in German. It is 'Zinkblende' right now, which is correct but the trivial name. If we have Malachit and Laterit in German, we should have Sphalerit too. It makes more sense.
  8. - In the tutorial there's a few off beat translations to dutch present: if you hover over the astroneer in english it says "print items", in dutch this is translated to "items worden geprint". It's an absurd translation because that doesn't match the command to print items. This translation would literally translates back in english to "items are being printed". The correct translationIt should simply be "items printen". - After you print a generator you're being asked to restore power, but again that card has the same translation mistake. It's not "stroom wordt hersteld" (that literally means "power being restored") , it has to be "stroomtoevoer herstellen". (note the word toevoer that I added, because this will make much more sense to dutch talking people as to simply say "stroom herstellen" That would sound pretty confusing... what, do we have to go fix a river???? no.. "stroomtoevoer" has a specific meaning applicable to this situation of using the generator to repair power.
  9. I have two questions for the future development of Astroneer. Does System Era have plans to add a text interface for multiplay? The second question regards translation interfaces. Will mod support for translation either voice or text be available somewhere down the road. Given the international interest in this game I think these are starting to be relevant questions.
  10. Rickson

    Translation Problems

    Hi there! I was wondering if there is a possibility for me to "improve" your translation. I specifically mean polish translation, cause' it's very "google translaty" and it doesn't make any sense. For example "Compound" is translated as "Złożony" which basically is an adjective form of that word. I would be glad if I could help you develop this wonderful game. Best regards, Rickson!
  11. So... it's clear that game was translated to russian using machine translation, but surprisingly there is not many mistakes, but mistakes were made and they are jarring for native speaker. So here a little help: Одноместный ( odnomestnyy). This is adjective. In this context means "Single seater", Single seated what? There is no noun. I'm not sure what it is, my guess is capsule. It should say Одноместная капсула ( Odnomestnaya kapsula ) Органические (organicheskie). Again, adjective without noun. Means organic (plural) , organic what? My suggestion is to call it organic matter "Органическое вещество" (Organicheskoye veshchestvo) Исследование (Issledovanie). Noun. Means "study". Nobody talks like that, you can't "build" a study. It should be called research platform "Исследовательская платформа" ( Issledovatel'skaya platforma ) or even better - science station "Научная станция" ( Nauchnaya stantsiya ) Also Соединение (Soedinenye), it's technically correct and means "compound", but it's looks kind of weird because nobody uses this word like that. It would be better to use Состав (Sostav) instead. This one is kinda amusing, it reminds me of bootleg PC games in 90's. Продать платформу (Prodat' platformu) means "to sell a platform". Its should be called trading station "Торговая станция" (Torgovaya stantsiya) I hope that this post was useful.
  12. I rarely play games in anything but English (because quality of Russian localization tends to be abysmal), but since Astroneer decided to launch in Russian the first time around that poor excuse of a machine translation has been nagging me, begging to be fixed. So, community-sourced translation. Usually it's done as such: developers create a project on github, upload original strings file and an example of a translated strings file, list languages they're interested in (via folder structure or creating blank files) and assign a couple volunteer moderators per language. After that things pretty much happen on their own - from a developer's side anyway. Naturally, some statements must be made about intellectual property and other licensing gunk, just to make it clear that this is unpaid volunteer work: most people should expect in return is an informal "thank you everyone who contributed to community translation project" in patch notes. For what it's worth, I'm volunteering (although reluctantly) as a moderator for Russian translation. Qualifications: native Russian speaker, over 15 years written English practice, vast experience with science fiction media in both languages.
  13. Storage = Склад - Слоты Trade Platform = Продать платформа - Торговый Модуль Wind Turbine = Ветротурбина - Ветрогенератор Winch = Подъемник - Лебёдка 1-Seat = Одноместный - 1-местная Кабина 3-Seat = Трехместный - 3-местная Кабина Research = Исследование - Сканер Truck = Тележка - Внедорожник Thruster = Двигатель - Турбина