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Found 10 results

  1. Chinese translate look like machine translation, ( translating score: 3/10) especially in tutorial, it hard to understand what to do until I switch language to default English, please request your 3rd party company more correct about Chinese translation.
  2. The Automation Arm's Korean translate is incorrect. Look at this. I'm Korean so I know what is problem. The Automation Arm is a Robotic Arm right? Robotic Arm's Korean translate is: 로봇 팔 "팔" is meaning "Arm". So Automation Arm's Korean translate is: 자동화 팔 or 자동 팔 Please fix it. This "Arm" is Robotic Arm. Not a weapon "Arm". ("무장" is translate to "Arm" too. But "무장" is meaning "(Weapon) Armed". So this translate is wrong.)
  3. In Chinese, the word Trailer should be translated into 拖车 instead of 预告片.
  4. I mention a Japanese translation of a worrisome word. #1: Trade Platform > [プラットフォームを交換する] Trade = 貿易(ぼうえき Bou-eki). This is strange translations clearly. It's as follows as a candidate. [トレードプラットフォーム], [貿易プラットフォーム], etc... #2: Habitat > [生息地] ...What?? Habitat is base facilities by this game. And it's also a launch pod. The one as a "Habitat" is used in meaning as "the place where many creatures are collected" in Japan. The meaning is ambiguous by literal translation by this game. It's as follows as a candidate. [ポッド](Pod), [ラン
  5. I think... I or Russia Comunity can help to System Era Softworks translate game, ( Good translate ) because u do crooked translating :c Like: "Тележка" "Продать Платформу" and so on
  6. Russian localisation for "Trade platform" not correct. Must be "Торговая платформа" not "Продать платформу".
  7. on xbox there the translate error. ebglish to Dutch. Compount isnt verbindings verbindings is Connections. so please fix those grammar isues. if you need some one to help translate to Dutch email me with the request
  8. Hello I want to translate game into Polish. Where I need to contact? Thanks for all support
  9. dev's can i make translation of ingame texts to russian ? it's in terrible terrible condition if you give me at least *.txt with texts - i will make it