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Found 3 results

  1. So, me and my buddy were playing, and we have started to build automated harvester stations on a few planets, and started to think, "it would be cool if we could automate the transfer of resources between planets", and i thought it would be a good idea to have a platform like a Exo Trade Platform, and to be able to automate it, and then it would be able to transfer some resources across worlds. and of course it could require some sort of fuel, or maybe energy to be able to transfer items further or faster. Another idea we had was a tier two auto arm, one with the ability to carry more items or maybe bigger items, such as the medium resource canister.
  2. I have a lot of friends in steam that plays astroneer, but i can't play with them because i use the windows 10 version (i bought the game when i only had an Xbox) also i love the crosshair on steam that doesn't exist on WIndows 10
  3. Scenario: I have a surface station well powered with wind and solar panels. I also have a sub-terranian station on the same planet (same sector) not far from the surface station, but far enough that running or roving back and forth takes too much time. The subterranean base is underpowered, despite coal generators (which require constant attention to refuel) and batteries. I would really like to see some kind of power cable that I can run between my surface wind/solar station, which pretty much has constant self-renewing energy, and my subterranean station. There are countless applications for this kind of power would be a super cool feature!!