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Found 13 results

  1. Summary: Rover behavior when three or four are connected Description: When connecting 3 of the large or medium rovers together only the front two show signs of movement. The back one looks like its is acting as an anchor. if I drive backwards they try and pivot around the read wheels of the third. I have tried making it a train of 4 rovers and still get the same results. Moving the seat between the two end rovers produces the same results. The tractor is pulling 3 small rovers with no issues. I am also seeing the same issue from testing where sometimes when you get into t
  2. I cannot emphasize enough how much it sucks to be limited to 4-rovers connected together. If not Unlimited, at least push the Limit to 8-Rovers. Usually, when I'm off mining, I may not even come to base for 2-3 days and it doesn't help not being able to carry everything (like it was possible earlier). Many Thanks.
  3. I like many other people would like a rail system of some sort added to the game. The idea of a rail like system would to be transportation from either a far base or from your mining operation deep below the surface. I know some have pointed out that the rovers should travel along a rail, but I think that just takes the freedom away from the rover. So to expand upon this idea I made a " moc-up ". My idea of the " Space Rail " system is have the platform being attached to your base and being able to attach multiple items/tools to the moving platform. The movement would be re
  4. Xbox one Patch: 197 3 rover train rover -rover-large rover found thruster not made just attached to side of large storage. (no hydrazine on storage) First the game crashed while getting in rover for the millionth time. Then at login when I exited rover it immediately flew away/clipped out. It however left the 3rd rover the only large in the 3 rover train.
  5. the best part about astroneer.... is definitely not the hours you spend walking from one end of the map, to the other.... and then back. if we could have a railed vehicle that we could use to move down into the miles of caves that are inside of the planets, it could make movement much easier. it can be done of two ways: 1. a brand new module, that produces tracks, and railed vehicles, which can hold your large storage, crains, etc. (module examples are vehicle bay, medium printer, etc.) 2. have it build off the vehicle bay and be devoted to railed vehicles and their attachments.
  6. Which is better for linking multiple vehicles together into a train? Using multiple trucks or rovers? Which is more efficient? I know that trucks have twice as much power and storage but they are slower than rovers. Is it worth it to use trucks over multiple rovers?
  7. Since it takes a while to drive from one major outpost to another, it would be useful to have a slightly faster method to get there. The trade off would be faster travel but only from point A to point B. It could feed off of either outpost power supply and be unaffected by storms to make it more efficient. Perhaps 2 aluminum and 1 copper per segment of rail? Also titanium for the train pod?
  8. Something like a monorail or Musk's Hyperloop would be excellent for fast travel. Not the instantaneous fast travel we're used to, but a rail system that is really fast. It makes for a great in-game project (rails all over the planet) and would allow for super fast travel without the (what I consider) kookiness of instant fast travel.
  9. I like Trains! I imagine that frames can be atached to conector modules like solar panels ør bateries, but should not be functional when carried by ex. Vehicles. Then a vehicles printer, or a specific Trains station printer thing, could ADD Trains into these frames. Idea from ild article i once read; The rails are atatched to the Trains, and the motors are in the frames. Then the Trains dørs not store energy like a truck, and the player van still get energy/oxygen from the conectors. Add a max degree for turning om the modules so the Trains doesnt look glitchy n stuff, but
  10. so i got some idea, how about we can create track for train and also the train itself, imagine we got another habitat, and make the way with train track, after that we dont need truck or rover anymore to transport to another habitat, thats gonna be awesome, its just my idea that i got right now, System Era and team make it happen btw i love this game, and how its work, from first i buy the game, sometimes i can't stop playin the game, if i am not tired enough sure i will play all day
  11. Had fun today basically driving through dark caves grabbing all the polyps from the cavern beasts, then picking my way out somehow to the surface with a full load. Brought it back for processing, got tons of titanium and other goodies. Sometimes exploration beats mining everything. Go on a big trip and bring back the booty. Can this train be even longer? The truck seems pretty powerful and did pretty well considering the load, only a few spots where it hesitated. The weight of carried objects doesn't seem to be at play here; though adding such tedium wouldn't make the game any
  12. Would be nice if it has a train vehicle that follow rails through down the mining caves instead deal with stuck cars/trucks or waste a lot of time doing this by foot. To be more fun, trains can only be powered by cord line, so we need to put the rail along the cord.
  13. So I made a three-long rover train, and it's going really slowly. Is there a way to increase speed?