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Found 7 results

  1. I saw many people already reporting it, but i'm making a topic to address all the issues with the land rovers so far. Rover won't work: On entering the rover and attempting to move, the vehicle won't work what so ever, regardless of energy. Bellow are some possible reason/fix but none of them are 100% consistent. Some times, removing batteries or external power sources or any items on the driving rover work. Some times detaching the driver rover, entering the driving rover and making sure it works, getting out and re attaching works. Some times alt-tabbing works. So
  2. So like the title says, my tractor got whipped into orbit by the power connector I was trying to hook from a trailer to the tractor. Happened on fairly even ground too.
  3. Make it so there is a buggy trailer so you can hook your buggy to your truck when moving base. just a and wheels (no battery on the side). you could also make it so this is the way you could charge the buggy as well. (not sure the technical terms for this but it will need a lock down button to just lock it and charge it). You should make it so it only has the 1 connection port so it'll have to be at the end of the "train".
  4. Will you guys at System Era make a new trailer? The new update has a new look and the trailer is still the old look.
  5. Running Astroneer under Windows 10 Creator build (v 1703). Two truck chassis, one driver, one as trailer linked together. Driver configured with single seat, solar panel, large storage. Trailer configured with 2 large storage. Gathered research items on surface near areas with subsurface tunnels (sorry, no details on location). Had issues with truck driver chassis and trailer chassis merging into each other. Attempted to disconnect them but couldn't confirm success. Went below surface to gather research items, left trucks on surface. When i returned, the trailer chassis had disappeared
  6. Puxian

    Trailer Music

    <----------EN------------> Hello everybody, So here I am allowed to create my post here because i am looking for the title played in the first video trailer of Astroneer available on Steam (the one with the Chorus) I buy the early access with the original tape but i do not find it. Cordially CMD Puxian <----------FR------------> Bonjour tout le monde, Donc voila je me permets de crée mon Poste ici car je suis a la recherche du titre joué dans la premier video trailer de Astroneer disponible sur Steam ( celle avec les Choeur ) J'ai acheter l'early acces ave
  7. Have you ever seen the astroneer render trailer? You could have seen there mutiple times that the astroneer calls a base like ship to the planets surface you could also see that the base building worked different not like it is now it was more "free". When you play Astroneer now you may mention that you choose spot-like building places in the trailer the astroneer crafts a solar panel places it on the ground and attached it with a wire to a base part. You can also see a really cool base landing on the planet. May question is: Is this feature still in development? The old cover of As