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Found 12 results

  1. Trading is not good anymore. You used to be able to trade anything for anything, and I liked that. I also like scrap though. I think that you should sell your scrap for a certain amount of AstroCoins, and you can buy things for AstroCoins. Scrap could be worth 100, compound 25, resin 25, ammonium 50, astronium 300... Basically, you could sell things you can buy for a net loss, but it lets you buy resources without having to find debris or abuse the battery infinite scrap glitch.
  2. so my idea is that you use the cargo platform to access the trading hall where you can trade with other players. you can trade rescources, research items, or cosmetics! cosmetics would be an uncommon find in crashed satellites, or when you finish research on an item with (lets say) 500 bytes (the more bytes, the rarer the cosmetic) and you would keep your cosmetics when switching between saves. they could be things like headphones, a cool particle digger, or a beanie with a particle effect! you could have an unlock thing where there is a multi-dimensional transmitter that's quite ha
  3. I think it would be nice to be able to get rid of crafted items that you don't need after your research progresses. For example, you might craft a ton of small batteries in the beginning of the game, but once you unlock and acquire bigger ones, it would be nice to salvage those small batteries for a fraction of resources that can then be used to craft bigger batteries. Alternatively, you could make it possible to sell any crafted item using the trade platform, and not just raw resources.
  4. I am completely surprised that the ratios for trading weren't just changed, instead of removing Hydrazine from the Trade Platform entirely. I have accumulated quite a bit of Hydrazine just from mining and opening research chests, with nothing to do with it except plop it in a waste dump. The costs should be changed like this to make the Fuel Condenser unproductive for trade (yet available if you are in a pinch and have nothing but time to spare)... Hydrazine (cost 2, sell 1) Compound, Resin, Organic (cost 8, sell 4) Laterite, Malachite (cost 16, sell 8) Aluminum, C
  5. How about creating just one planet where lots of players could come and trade objects they have discovered or made? Imagine shooting into space to join the market of creative ideas. Also perhaps there could be a way to buy property and sell things every time you come back to your shop. You could take to people and what not.
  6. I've been playing some multiplayer with my son and we've been having a great time. There are some obvious places where I'm sure improvement is planned but I'm going to mention them here anyway. Every time my son quits all of his items are left behind. We've established a procedure where he has a couple of storage modules to empty his pack onto whenever he's quitting and that works OK but it would be nicer if his inventory would persist between connections. This got me thinking that it could be approached in a different way. Your inventory could persist for a particular astroneer independ
  7. PC, Keyboard, Steam, 1080, I7 Batteries, when placed on a trading station, don't provide power back to the main power grid. Other nodes work fine.
  8. So i thought that traiding is cool and stuf but it would be much better with changing values and more ores, now we have 1 ore for aluminium what about there would be 5 ores and everyone would have different values and productivity (what i meant here is that with one ore you would produce 1 aluminium and with other one like 4 aluminium). What do you think of that idea?
  9. NPC - I believe that the only way this game will last is if it becomes more lively. There needs to be more things to interact with, I was thinking along the lines of NPC aliens to trade with, villages (hostile or not), raiders and bandits! Very simple but very effective (e.g MINECRAFT, SKYRIM) MOBS- .To put it simply, weird creatures that can be hostile or friendly, suited for the specific environments. I know that I'm not alone when I say this - RED PLANTS ARE GETTING BORING... STRUCTURES- Finally, structures to build enclosures for our habitats and towns. This goes along with NPC's
  10. I was thinking that you could add NPC bases and maybe add fighting and trading along with them this could give the opportunity to add weapon and raiding.Another idea i have is to add multiple bases if a friend joins so we can compete,trade,or do whatever we choose to do.
  11. so i took 4 condensers and a trading post, what i got is an infinite amount of every resource, so I think the post should only be usable if you have 2 trading posts each on different planets.
  12. Trading is great! Especially if you're setting up colony and need lots of resin and a some lithium. But then there's the Fuel condenser -> Trading abuse... Here my idea for balancing it without outright nerfing anything. (No one likes nerfs D:) Upkeep: Small amount of fuel, perhaps 1/8 tank per launch Supply and Demand: Renewable resource devalued if a lot is sold in a short amount of time. Value increases back to normal levels over time. Limited amount of Rarer resources that can be bought over a short period of time. Selling them restores