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Found 14 results

  1. I think you should be able to order gases on the trade platform, but a different kind of trade platform that requires a lot of bytes to unlock in order to build. I'm talking like 15k bytes. I'm saying this because if it was too cheap to unlock or if you spawn in with it unlocked, then it would defeat the purpose of going to the other planets in order to get gases/materials. Hows it sound?
  2. Autonomous cargo rockets: an exchange platform, but flying between the same modules carrying loads that the player will put on the rocket . A round-trip flight will cost 1 hydrazine, which is attached to the cargo rocket module. The choice of destination will look like this: each module in the saved world will have its own code (for example: 134,213,450) when you specify the location, you can enter the code of the module to be delivered. After collecting the incoming resource, you can put there a resource that will fly back and press the button, and the cargo rocket will fly back Cost: 7000 bytes. Creation on the average printer: 1 steel and 2 ceramics
  3. Today I ordered some hematite on the trade platform and I then logged off the game, I came back on an hour and a half later and the trade platform had taken four of my scrap, giving me the other two (from the six) back, but only gave me six out of the eight compound, and compound wasnt even the correct resource I wanted. This could probably be fixed by giving a non-volatile memory variable to the item request of the trade platforms. Awesome game! Thanks for reading this! Good luck in future updates! Thanks! Jamie - A Passionate supporter.
  4. So to amalgamate and elaborate on two ideas already posted (Trading Currency and Another Use for Bytes), I got geeky and came up with a visual representation of the idea. Seeing it can hopefully generate some excitement about it. The name "ByteKoin" and the graphical representation were created as a quick placeholder, but I thought it was fun. They can be done in many other ways if anyone has issue with currency in Astroneer. One could use Bytes on Data Chips or Data Drives and trade those instead, but you get the idea...
  5. I have included a video of what this is about. But basically you are able to grind batteries in the shredder which goes for two scrap each. They can be regained easily for a trade of minimal usage.
  6. As the title suggests I would like to suggest that we be allowed to use gas from the atmospheric condenser to trade for soil. Main reason being is that it is entirely possible to destroy soil in the game and never have it return. Since players are unlikely to make soil cansiters to keep saving soil and are likely to burn through soil without a second thought, this leads to "Soil Entropy" meaning that it is possible to completely erase all the soil of a planet and have it be gone forever without starting a new save. Therefore I would like to suggest that we be allowed to use the atmospheric condenser and the trade platform to trade gas for soil so that soil entropy is less of an issue for those of us with "mega projects" now realistically is someone going to erase all the soil of a particular planet? No. But the ability to get lost soil back I think would be a subtle feature. Additionaly: this soil should not be allowed to be used in the soil centrifuge for game play balance purposes.
  7. i know it's probably been stated before. but i just feel very little reason to do much other then collect funky space lumps when there is a cloner and trade center. it feels like creative mode almost. my crew just mines dirt all day and clones anything they want. we don't use the trade center, but i hear it's pretty over powered too. we don't even need to explore for funky space lumps once we get one unit of astronium and or hematite to research.
  8. Trade platform on xbox one not showing activate button. (In the picture it's night and there is no power but even in day the trade platform won't work.) Version
  9. I would like to see long term economic goals. A market system in which you could buy, sell & trade items using research points as currency. The trade platform connects to a database outside of game that everyone playing Astroneer in the world could interact with. Any other avenues that would allow long term goals on a multiplayer level I am eager to hear.
  10. Alignment mod for horizontal terrain Power should visually go through tethers to you, instead it stops at the posts. save and exit button in menu View distance meter and current should be "medium" or "normal" back pack upgrades to hold 1-2 more slots or to hold more oxygen and power in the actual back pack you should heal much slower, and longer before you start to heal, but you can build some sort of Health station "Large" battery, that maybe takes 4-5 lithium or you upgrade a medium battery to hold not only hold more but it is over all cheaper to build 1 large than 2 mediums yet same capacity "Large" storage for the base as in maybe a cube, or flat and double decked, Large storage on vehicles with more slots but no room for research items More things to hurt you such as another plant or if you go without power for a while hurt you if stuff drops on your head, such as research some sort of level type of device to measure habitat only has limited oxygen(in rate or capacity) and you must make a machine which pulls it from air, or through electrolysis or something food creation so you must eat like say once a day and once a night trees need diversity in research as it seems all the trees of one area will have the same two or three research pods. trees should de-spawn after they are up rooted. fuel should have a trade value, obviously not like it was, but maybe the same as coumpound. make titanium and lithium more expensive to duplicate potentially? organic shouldn't be able to trade for ammonium. that's extremely broken, a few organic and you get infinite fuel. large platform without building so you can just have a platform to put storage
  11. I don't seem to be alone in feeling that the trade platform ruins the exploration in this game. Once you have most of the research covered, there's little incentive in continuing to pick up compound and resin, or even find a new planet if you're short on these (Of course the game is in a very early stage, but mechanically I don't except it to change massively. Rarity of research and materials is the name of the game). I have a feeling that (if it'll stay in the game) it'll eventually be a very late-game item to, exactly, replace having to scout for early resources. However, this is not the case yet, and as such I suggest the following: The function and looks sorta stay the same for the building itself; two rockets and 2 x 2 pads (for storage modules), but instead of connecting with an unknown entity in space, they connect to one another, ie. useless alone. You travel to a new planet, put down another one, and now have the ability to send 8 nodes worth of resources back and forth. This could simply be done by redoing the current trade ratio <- [ ] -> indicator to choose which relay receives the material. Upon receiving materials, they'd simply be put onto an available space, such as one of the storage modules. This both makes settling on a new planet easier and more engaging, but also promote co-op, such as managing a new planet each, assisting each other, sending back to the main base without needing to fly a lot. I'm a sucker for many smaller bases over one huge, and the more ways I'd be able to connect and 'improve' on them with such a network, I think it'd be a lot more engaging than basically starting a new save game on a new planet, albeit with a bit of a handicap in terms of resources, every single time.
  12. This Topic is for those who wants to make Astroneer ALIVE! If you have any questions to a post just write it down. The main focus of this Topic is how to make Astroneer a bit more ALIVE so my main ideas are NPC´s which can trade or more planets or generated structures like a planet is allready captured by another Species. What ever i hope that you are going to support my Topic. HAVE FUN
  13. As the currently stated objective of the game is to get rich, it brings up the question "how do we define rich?" Currency does not currently exist in the game and has been suggested numerous times, but should it be included? As the game gets more content it appears we may get a multiplayer trade market and determining value for each resource will be very important. I think there are good arguments for both cases and have outlined some below, I'm interested to see where people want the game to go. Arguments for a space currency: Comparison between players is simplified, easy to see who is the richest Currency would make it easy buy items that you currently can't. Ex: you could purchase a rover and it would be delivered to your planet May be less frustrating to simply buy items at some point than collecting a plethora of different resources every time Currency may streamline a live trade market. Ex: You could sell 100 compound and buy titanium as it is available, instead of looking for an exact trade partner for 100 compound Would allow for any objectives/goals (exploring, research, science expeditions etc) introduced to have an easy payout system Arguments against a space currency: A currency may remove some of the "magic" from the game, making it kinda vanilla Trading resources is irrelevant since you will simply sell resources for cash Determining resource cash values would be critical as players could simply hunt for large quantities of the easiest to find resources, sell them and skip much of the game Balancing value of fuel cost will be very important for gameplay, if its too cheap there is no reason to make your own, if its too expensive (and you can still make it) it will break the game economics. (A live trade market would determine the value for fuel and probably keep it in the medium range.)
  14. I thought it would be a really cool idea if you could send recources with the trade post to other trade posts, for your buddies that may have a base on the other side of the planet or on another planet entirely