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  1. While playing Astroneer's new Automation Update, I had a couple of ideas for easy additions that could make gameplay even better. The first idea is to have a toggle for the resource containers that allows the containers to enable output, but only provide one resource at a time until a player grabs it. The reason being is because once I have all my resources in storage containers and I need one or two resources I have to enable the output and it just starts emptying the entire container at once. This would make it easier for those wanting to manually grab a few resources from the containers.
  2. Using mouse/keyboard On Steam What were you doing leading up to this bug? Drove to base where I had the extra large shredder shredding batteries and a robot arm grabbing scrap from the Extra Large Shredder to a Trade Platform. I exchange scrap for Aluminium (Laterite) on the Trade Platform and another arm grabs the Laterite when it arrives and places it onto a Furnace. The Furnace sits on a Extra Large Platform C where a Medium Resource Container automatically stores Aluminium and a EXO Request Platform sits as well ready to exchange Aluminium for rewards. The game crashes shortly
  3. Some times i get the trade platform to bug out and I don't know how it keeps happening but i get times were i put 2 scrap for one titanite and when i put the scrap in it makes it some how were i only put 6 scrap in but get four titanite its goes from 4 to 6 scrap for how much I put in the Trade Platformw
  4. Today I ordered some hematite on the trade platform and I then logged off the game, I came back on an hour and a half later and the trade platform had taken four of my scrap, giving me the other two (from the six) back, but only gave me six out of the eight compound, and compound wasnt even the correct resource I wanted. This could probably be fixed by giving a non-volatile memory variable to the item request of the trade platforms. Awesome game! Thanks for reading this! Good luck in future updates! Thanks! Jamie - A Passionate supporter.
  5. From what I have seen of 1.0, I absolutely LOVE it. You have made everything fit together so well, System Era. Terrain 2.0 is not as harsh as I expected and there are so many other new awesome features. There are some things that I was hoping for that still did not come. I know there are many more updates that will improve on the game so I have created this thread. 1. Trade Platform I must admit, the Trade Platform is still one of the ugliest modules to ever make it into the game (second to the old Medium Printer). That black and white part on the top looks extremely w
  6. Summary: - Steam - Trade Platform resin and organic old text word in korean and mismatch icon Description: Language setting Korean Trade Platform mismatch icon : all of them missing icon: graphite need to change word: rinsin "수지" to "레진" i'm not sure what is final call for organic "유기" or "유기물"? make sure use only one for uniformity Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | v. 1803| Build 17134.523 CPU: Intel i7 6700k GPU: Gtx1080ti RAM: Gskill 4
  7. I have noticed that the Trade Platform module needs to be upgraded to be more compatible with the new update. First of all, it should have an examinable control panel like all the other modules in the game. I also suggest that the one-slot on the trade platform that currently has no use should be used for Hydrazine, which depletes itself as the trading shuttle encircles the planet, and that all resouces should be tradable.
  8. I am wondering if the shredder will eventually generate scrap metal if it is fed smelted ores. Right now it is not possible to trade resources since the shredder does not accept metal ingots from the smelter. I assume that more of the wreckage we encounter in the game will eventually be able to be shredded.
  9. Summary: If you have more scrap on the trade platform for a resource than it is allowed, it does count the resources yielded wrong, since it would go over the maximal of 8. Description: You can put up to maximum 8x Scrap if you select a rare resource like Lithium or similar. However, if you start changing the resource, the number of scrap items on the platform don't get ejected if you change to a lower "priced" item, they stay, resulting in only yielding 3/5 items for example resin. As soon you start removing the items it also changes, an as soon you removed as many t
  10. It would be great if you could use bytes to purchase resources. Perhaps it could be enabled when a player has researched everything. Gives incentive to keep farming it.
  11. Can the trade platform be used to obtain lithium, coal, or titanium? I filled it with 8 compound but the yield says 0. I can't seem to add any more compound. Do I use something else other than compound? Is there a wiki page I can refer to?
  12. the generic item ghosts (such as on the trade platform) are to generic grabbing everything when clicked including canisters and augments my suggestion is: add 2 bool to item class bool sell-able = False; bool smelt-able = False; trade platform: checks for bool sell-able and only allows placement of these items when clicked empty handed if you can trade it sell-able = True smelter: this could be applied to the new smelter code too where it has ghost inputs for the ore slots that check for bool smelt-able and pull that from the back pack when
  13. I was playing w/ a friend on astroneer via steam. We just got the trade platform and were scrolling through the stuff we could get from some ammonium and on my friends screen, it said 3 lithium but on my screen it said 3 laterite. My friend made it launch and we got 3 laterite. Please see screenshots.
  14. Summary: 0.6.5 - XB1 - Constancy needed in platform utilization Description: The game is very non-uniform in the utilization of platform slots. Any production base module should be consistent as to where it deposits output materials. I don't care whether its the left side or the right side that is the primary output but pick one and make it the same on every base module. Platform: XBox One Version / Build Number: 0.6.5 SMELTER: Not positive when it started but it was in one of the more recent patches. The smelter has changed where it deposits output meta
  15. @SES_joe @SES_Adam The Trade Platform is a very useful tool for gathering materials you need. Especially when you can't find what you're looking for. However... Wouldn't it be nice if we could use Bytes to purchase needed materials, & not just swap out materials for others? (Not to mention that the trade-in values for rare materials are a total rip-off, but that's a totally different topic) At some point YOU WILL research every blueprint available. Even after the game has reached version 1.0, this is inevitable. Then all the Bytes you can gather after that point becom
  16. If I want to send some materials to a buddy on arid for example I'd load it up and then select his platform. We could name our platforms or choose a color, have them have two platform spots, one for incoming and one for outgoing. You would need to fill them up with hydrazine depending on how far it needs to go.
  17. My trade platform is stuck on Malachite and it would not let me choose anything else. It does not show the arrows.
  18. Summary: 201 - Steam - Trade platform doesn't trade Description: I put some resources in my trade platform but it doesn't trade with anything Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 201 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home x64 | v. 1703 | Build 15063.608 CPU: Intel Core i5-4460, 3200 MHz GPU: 1060 AMP 6GB RAM: Samsung 2x8GB DDR3 1600Hz Drive: Toshiba P300 1TB Youtube Video
  19. I am completely surprised that the ratios for trading weren't just changed, instead of removing Hydrazine from the Trade Platform entirely. I have accumulated quite a bit of Hydrazine just from mining and opening research chests, with nothing to do with it except plop it in a waste dump. The costs should be changed like this to make the Fuel Condenser unproductive for trade (yet available if you are in a pinch and have nothing but time to spare)... Hydrazine (cost 2, sell 1) Compound, Resin, Organic (cost 8, sell 4) Laterite, Malachite (cost 16, sell 8) Aluminum, C
  20. I have ability to build and access the trade platform and it acts normally up until the point where I send resources off to trade. The platform prompts me it's loading icon and then when it is time for it to arrive back to me it isn't visible and I can't access the recourses I put on it, but it still prompts me to change the recourse I want to trade for and send it off. This is corrected currently by logging out and logging back in and it seems to only affect the users who join the host, the host is unaffected. By the way thank you for making this game I'm so glad to see a development team tha
  21. Hello everyone! Decided to write here about Trade Platform. The problem is - I don't have one! I don't know what I am doing wrong, but new items for Research don't unveil anything. I tried 2 or 3 of them and after Research finished nothing appears. So it looks like I opened every tech update there is. But I still don't have Trade Platform. I attached some video where you can see that I place new item on Research and nothing appears. It's in Russian, but it is doesn't matter - you clearly can see that nothing appears after Research and as I going through possible buildings - no
  22. A way of using the trade platform would be to exchange items between players on a server. Example: player A, located on the home planet, needs 2 copper and can pay 3 aluminum for it. Player B, who is on the moon, needs aluminum an can pay with copper. Player A/B would then load the trade platform with resources and send them to the other player, who would pick up those resources and send their payment back to the sender. Players would be able to scroll through the available trades with the arrows, which already exist on the trade platform (the ones to select the resources). This way of tr
  23. So my boyfriend and I have been playing Astroneer together in an attempt to find some different bugs in the game... First of all we believe our biggest issue is lag. The lag is most likely caused by too much being loaded into the game. There seems to be a point when co-op gameplay is no longer achievable. Lag causes: Chunks (minecraft term, sorry): Too many chunks loaded in the game... to much stuff and the game just becomes laggy and unplayable Tethers: Too many tethers may causes the initial lag issue.... we stopped using tethers all together and that lengthened the gamepl
  24. I haven't made this mistake yet, but... Currently, a trade platform will happily let you trade 2 titanium for 1 titanium, or any other similar trades. This could happen by accident if -- upon the platform's return -- a player inadvertently activates it without changing its loadout (since it will still be requesting the resource you previously requested and thus now have on the platform). This could be averted by ignoring those resources, such that: If you're requesting X, and all that's on the trade platform is X: don't allow the platform to be launched. If you're reque
  25. I noticed that the Trade Platform would not give me any compound (probably the most common resource offered by the trade platform) for solar dishes or wind thingys (the small ones.) I expected some loss of material, like maybe only getting one compound back per two(2) solar dishes, but even when there were 6 or 7 solar dishes offered, I couldn't get even a single compound. The reason this is a problem is that now that I have a Printer, I'm replacing all my backpack-made energy sources with more efficient ones like the Solar Panel and the Wind Turbine. Without a trade-in available for thes