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Found 4 results

  1. Hi. I want to share an interesting story. Today I was testing winch and towing for the first time. It works really bad and I think it needs to be improved. It is not really towing... it is like stretching a bungee and waitinh what happens. Usually it is the load that jumps on top of the rover, but when I leave the rover it is usually rover flying away... Anyway, I was towing a field research unit and at some point the unit hit the rover and the rover flipped upside down on top of the research unit. I tried to flip it back, but instead, my astronaut left the rover and found himself inside the research unit... I could not get back outside, I was locked inside! Luckily, The rover had a trailer with batteries, so being inside the research unit, I managed to disconnect the trailer cable plug and connect it directly to the research unit. After some time the unit opened and I could leave. I think the easiest way to fix the bug is to make towing more predictable and stable, so it is actually towing, not playing with bungees
  2. I spent a lot of time trying to tow the solar array to my base, mainly because the panel kept sinking underground and when that happened the winch let the array go. Sometimes the array even stopped mid air and didn't fall until I came close enough. Steam, Keyboard and Mouse
  3. I connected 2 trucks together and boy does it I was able to crash the game when noticing i could attach a reseach item to the front of the rear truck(currently in tow). Instant crash lol. Second time i was able to make it back to my base then i got out and the truck spazzed out. Game crashed. Next time i was making my way hack and had to get out to deal with rocky terrain. Truck spazzed out and teleported 200m away...floating in mid air...separated..with the other another 100m out. Lolz On that note: the flacid cable is a joke are far as practical hauling. I meen...we dont haul trailers with chains do we...need to either impliment a braking system...or a solid connection so both vehicles move at a constant speed together or stop without the rear vehicle pushing you forward..
  4. I am playing on a Windows PC, through Steam So I was playing on Astroneer yesterday, when I finally researched the winch. I made one, slapped it on my truck, and went to go get one of the giant crashed solar panels. I towed it back to my base and started trying to get it into the right position. Eventually it flipped over, and when I tried to flip it back with the winch it refused to move. I tried for a while to get it unstuck, but nothing work. I spent a further 30 minutes this morning trying, but nothing is helping. Also, my winch itself has thrown out multiple cables, neither of which disappear, even when I put in on a shuttle and fly into space. No clue what happened there. Please help me devs.