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Found 1 result

  1. OwenLopez

    Top 5 Community Creations

    Astroneer Top 5 Community Creations Hey you guys I created this video to show off some of the community's creations that I found interesting. I would love to make these videos maybe every 2 weeks. Finding something amazing on YouTube within the Astro community is insainly hard, almost all the videos are let's plays. I don't have time to look over 1 hour plus video's for over hundreds of thousands of videos haha! So if you guys could help me by posting your own creation our a creation you found amazing within this Topic I can show it in the next video! You can also post the creation within the comments section on the youtube video it self, you know to get the ball rolling. Creations need to be in video forum, I know pictures are awesome but they also don't do as much justice! Do you guys find this a good idea showing off other people's creations? Would you like to see more? Also would you want me to do commentary on the creations? All idea's for the next video and how I can make it better and more entertaining for your viewing pleasure are greatly appreciated. I'm doing my best within the video's to give credit to the original creators by showing there youtube banner within the video and making each video clip clickable to go too the original video link. If there is anything you think I could do better about giving them credit please tell me! I did not include my own creations because I found that would be weird haha.