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Found 35 results

  1. Fauna is the existance of life other than our own, life of bystanding creatures that cooperate with the world and it's environment, they could have homes, procreation, age, death, decomposition. Livestock is Fauna being harnessed and claimed for their resources they can produce. Ranches, Farms, proccessing plants would be places considered for Livestock activities. It would be the players job to sustain livestock using _Bio-Tags_. Fauna Types: Beetle-Beast: medium large scaled ground fauna that roams in herds from 3 to 7 individuals. They feed on organic and proccess it into _bio dye_ including _fertilizer_ for waste. Alternate versions of Beetle Beasts can be found on each planet. Marsh-Moth: medium small scaled air fauna that flutters in groups of 3 to 6 individuals in dense forests and rarely in caves. They are attracted to active light sources(not the sun). They feed on _organic_ and _nectar_ and proccess it into _Silk_ and including _ fertilizer_ for waste. Alternate Marsh-Moths can be found on each planet. Hunter-Ant: Medium scaled ground fauna that marches in groups of 3 to 4 individuals in valleys. Omnivorous. Hunter ants are hostile and attack if in range. _Stun Bombs_are advised. Alternate versions can be found on each planet. Worker-Ant: Medium small scaled ground fauna that marches in groups of 4 to 8 individuals. Vegetarian. Worker-ants collect resources and stashes them at the nest to attempt to feed the queen. Queen-Ant: XL Scaled stationary fauna that feeds off resources that the hunter and worker ants bring in. There is 2 queens on every planet, queen ant is hostile and attacks if players are close, defense weaponry is advised. ______________(Tools)__________________ Bio-tags: Cost: 1 Plastic Printed in bundles of 9. In order to place a tag on a fauna, they must first be stunned. The Bio-tags are used to add fauna to a player's livestock collection. The tag allows the player to track and monitor the livestock. Also including behavior conditioning to prevent any attacks. Stun-Bombs: Cost: 1 carbon Printed in bundles of 7. The base of the bundle will include a launcher crosshair, the player can position it on an action slot to launch a bomb forward, stuns a player or a fauna in blast radius for 10 seconds. It is able to stun the player who launched it (practice is advised). Bug bomb: Cost: 1 acid gas
  2. Alc

    Companion Bots

    There would be 2 kinds of companion bots; Dog bot(ground roamer), Dragonfly bot(air roamer). Dog Bot: is ground based, it has 1 tier 2 slot and 2 tier 1 slots when it is deployed. The Dog Bot will have 3 compatable mods available: Retriever mod: ocasionally fetches nearby scrap and rarely; resources. Terrier mod: tracks and points out nearby resource nodes. K9 mod: bot is faster, strains less with more cargo, consumes less energy. Dragonfly Bot: is an air based, it has 3 tier 1 slots when it is deployed. Map mod: Dragonfly bot flies high overhead, providing UAV support. Seeker mod: Dragonfly bot automatically researches T1 research within range. Alert mod: Dragonfly bot detects and marks dangerous plants, including name and plant type. Both bots will have their own reserve slot when they are deployed. They will drop the resource tabs but not the mod being currently equipped when you collapse them to put it away in its slot. Both bots requires 1 Steel to print from the back pack. When the bot is printed, it will come with a station. When the bot is deployed, there will be a power line connected to the player's pack.
  3. Gold Axle

    New Ideas

    I know this is a low priority suggestion and I didnt expect to see most of these. but I would really like to see this added someday even if its in a dlc or something 1. ocean underwater sort of biome or environments 2. Jet packs (cause who doesn't like jetpacks) 3. drones (for exploration, surveillance, protection, as pets or, just for plain fun) 4. Alien animals 5. More suits and characters 6. exo suits 7. underwater exploration: vehicles, tool, characters, lifeforms, and tools (if we do ever get underwater environments) 8. satelites 9. NPC's (alien, animal or, human) 10. rooms, buildings or space stations you could enter and customize again I know this is a low priority suggestion and I didnt expect to see most of these. but I would really like to see this added someday even if its in a dlc or something
  4. My idea for Astroneer is to add more traveling tools, such as grapple hooks, oxygen tanks, and possibly jetpacks. These items would work in many ways, and would make traversing through uneven terrain less tedious, as well as making the game easier and letting you accomplish more without wasting time using tethers or building. Idea 1: Grapple Hook Fires a limited distance Two modes, Reel and Swing Can be used to pick up dropped items Reel and Swing are switched with a hotkey Idea 2: Jetpacks If spacewalking were ever implemented along with space stations, jetpacks would probably be a necessity when you are doing repairs. Works in zero-G Runs on Hydrazine Also has two modes; Directional and Hover Directional would allow you to fly in the direction you chose faster, and Hover would just let you fly vertically by holding down a hotkey. Idea 3: Oxygen Tanks Portable Crafted quite expensively, but refillable by mining Oxygen or by using Tethers. Carries quite more oxygen than the base player normally holds. Reduces movement speed slightly
  5. Damon Bolenbaugh

    New items to build

    The items i find to purchase with Bytes are found in grey build some for the Medium Fabricator arent available on the machines control panel. Please that items so i can proceed.
  6. Dootdoot201


    There should defiantly be magnets, so you can stick it on a crane and get you rover out of a deep hole, or a bigger one to rip a crash site out of the ground! And to make it less op, make it use all of 4 large rovers battery life to take a rover out of a deep hole, and you have to maintain the power to hold the rover / crash site above the ground. Also, while adding this, add a larger crane, and a larger rover with the power of 8 large rovers.
  7. Hello, You can build a perfect dome around your base because there's an invisible shape around your habitat that protects it from being digged under. I was thinking: this "feature" could be turned into a gameplay element. For example you would have a "shape emiter" that you could turn on and off, place somewhere and then dig the shape around it that you want because it would repell the terrain modifier like the habitat does. What if you could configure the size and shape ? So you could maybe build mos eisly base by just building domes and then replacing the item, put it down and activate it on another place and then build another perfect dome. And if you want a pyramid, or a cube, you could configure the item to emit that shape as well. (whethere it would also create hardrock remains to be seen, I would advice against it because then you could end up turning your whole planet into hardrock).
  8. Josh's Sister ? Sister ?

    Terrain tool not fully working

    The terrain tool only allows me to dig. When I select other options it shows a red X. Any way to fix?
  9. Construction in its current state is dispersed over many features and continuously enabled. I think the following ideas have the potential to unify the whole process and create a cleaner user experience. 1. Construction tool. Information: The idea is a tool that, for the duration it is in active use, displays construction holograms near the user and enables printing standard structures/ modules. Adding a recycler augment enables the tool to deconstruct existing structures into refinable scrap materials. Intended effect: - cleaner overall base (structure) impression due to fewer holograms, moving extension ducts etc. - establish construction as a separate activity - allow recycling structures/ modules - performance improvements especially while tool is inactive. 2. Assembly tool. Information: The idea is a 2-slot module that enables the construction of 4-, as well as possibly 8-slot modules, and other larger-scale structures (like vehicles) when placed onto a crane. The module can be modified by several augments in order to, for example, allow colouring modules. Intended effect: - establish tool-based progression of capabilities. - emphasize industrial aspect __________ ____________ Artistic vision: - the construction tool could be a robotic arm attached to the user’s backpack featuring a module resembling a module printer. It could be designed to also serve as the backpack printer when not in active use. - the assembly tool could be designed as a medium-sized crane featuring some sort of printer. The tool can print modules onto adjacent slots, but cannot reach over its own platform unless placed onto a crane.
  10. As we progress to base building and structure constructions i have noticed that the terrain tool has three slots , what if :- you add three wide mode or 2 for that matter to the terrain tool the wide mode becomes wider ! you add power to the terrain tool in the form of a small battery pack u supercharge the tool ! there are a few more combinations but i hope the community can elaborate on them . Some things for the devs to think about .
  11. ThePixelTyphoon

    Astroneer Update and Ideas Board

    The purpose of this board is to make a clear list of suggestions for Astroneer®, you are to only post game ideas and add on to other ideas, no harassing others ideas or posting unrelated content. Doing so will remove you from the discussion.
  12. Frank Carlos

    Mining laser

    I don't know if anyone else has suggested this or something similar, honestly I am bit new to this stuff. I would like to suggest a mining laser tool for gathering resources without making a huge hole in the ground and I think it could also be useful tool for cutting and shaping with precision. I think it would be nice if it could aslo be used as a sort of minor defensive weapon/tool for dealing with mobs whenever they are implemented into the game. Thanks for listening and keep up the great work.
  13. A tool for space research may be used as for travel planning, as for seeking of resources on other planets. It might be used to find planets with players and for space stations in deep space if there will be stations in outer space. This tool might be used at the satellites or space stations to make maps on the planets and scan them with X-ray, to find resources in it or even Wreckage with interesting artifacts. some planets might have endless storms, or be too close to its stars(like in Riddick chronicles), and before anyone will get there they need to make a general research on it. After one player has made a basic research he may invite his friends to see this planet and help him with colonization, or Mining. An example of such telescope you may see in film "Prometheus" and "Alien", and also in an artwork of H.R.Giger.
  14. First of all i'm going to start by saying i love the game so far its beautiful and fun but i have some gripes. The camera first of all is almost impossible to control i find myself fighting with it constantly, when not holding anything like the mining tool or researchable things, the camera is fine it does what a camera should do in a game which is look where you point it but when holding anything it has a habbit of flying round in the direction the cursor is placed, i.e if its on the side of the screen it will spin without input. Now i dont know anything about game development so i dont know how easy or hard this is to do but simply making it so the camera moves only when you move the cursor would be perfect as opposed to having the camera chase the cursor. My second point is a short one just a toggle sprint because when playing on a console trying to sprint while holding down the left thumb stick is unbearable and genuinely hurts, please change. Lastly i would like to say about the mining tool when trying to rebuild terrain or flatten is incredibly hard to do (admittedly this is partly down to camera problems) it just doesnt do what i want it to for instance the flatten tool shouldn't raise the ground when just on one spot it should stay at the same hight it started at and bring the terrain around it to the same level and i find that raising the ground is far too quick and uncontrollable. Thank you for reading and if any others have similiar gripes or ideas for annoying little problems please post and hopefully we can be heard.
  15. Old Guy

    New tools

    It would be fun to have a bulldozer or some attachments for an excavator. Large crane with a gabber to lift large objects Something to clear those pesky rocks out of my work space More control over the unwieldy drill. (Pull the left trigger to focus the drill head?) Hover board or better yet a land cuiser like in Star Wars. A remote solar array with a hard line to areas underground Hard lines in addition to tethers A function for the tethers that automatically places them at the farthest distance they can extend from the last tether. Then instead of taking extra time manipulating the tether, I can just swing it in a circle from the last tether. You could also set it less than the full distance by some button function.
  16. ItsFaded

    Grappling hook

    I feel like a grappling hook would be more appropriate then adding dirt under to get out of an area
  17. rainbowrose02

    Terrain Tools

    It would be really awesome if the game could introduce terrain shaping tools, Nothing to fancy... maybe just blocks for building houses and being able to size the terrain tool.
  18. Been playing for about 72 hours now, and have watched Twitch streams while I work n' lurk. I was in a cave, and I discovered a space station component, but not a random piece of satellite but something with orange nodules in it indicating I can add it to my Space lab. I brought it back to my space lab and it looks like an orange propane tank laying on its side, and there is a firehose spout out of a pipe on it. I couldn't figure what it was(a fuel tank? a weapon? oxygen tank?). After clicking all over the item, I accidentally clicked on the firehose part and it stretched out. I could drag it out pretty far. It was then I figured it was a storage tank of some kind. I still am not sure of what it is or how it works. Which brought me here. If it's a space tool, then the Astroneer would be able to identify it[so it stays within story context], and it should have some sort of inventory log/legend to identify parts we find that are not raw materials. Maybe even a catalog of recipes to create items that we have successfully duplicated. This way when we are out exploring we can reference our inventory when we find broken parts and be like, "Hey, I can use one of these at back at the Lab". OR as I'm running around I can decide that I want to make an item and I review the recipe to see what i'd need while i'm out in the field. It just kind of doesn't make sense that an Astroneer wouldn't be able to identify tools or parts he's been trained to use before he deployed into space.
  19. travin

    Idea: Nets

    With all the falling down, crossing rough terrain, and runaway resources, I'm thinking that a harpoon-able netting could be useful and wouldn't require a lot of overhead to produce. They could be used to cross hills, gullies and ravines, secure supplies and equipment, aid in climbing steep terrain and perhaps even protect you during storms. You'd plop down a spike like a tether. After two points, a connection appears, adding a third point unfurls a net connecting them all. Physics dictates they'd behave like any other net: they'd blow in the wind, would be cumbersome to walk across and can be used to aid climbing and could, perhaps, be damaged by storms. They could come in more than one flavor, cargo net or something more heavy duty for walking on or supporting items. What do ya think?
  20. Different Size Terrain Tool being able to use resources to craft different size for the terrain tool, One 2X Bigger and one Half a size smaller then the original Armor / Gear Armor and gear to be used to help venture should always come with a negative effect to balance out, The Hazmat suit would prevent the Pumpkin gas effecting you, but uses 30% more oxygen, The armored suit doubles your health against spikes and fall damage, but slows you down by 30% Alternative backpack / crafting options Alternative backpacks to use from with perks and side effects included (Left one is the original) One example could be a demolition backpack, that holds a lot less modules, but has the ability of crafting Dynamites, and hand held drill, I understand all of this is probably unnecessary at the moment because the game is pretty easy as it is, but I think these would be useful if future difficulty arises in different planets. but Let me know what you guys think. Thanks
  21. Sir Tubs

    The Flat Tool

    I would love to have a tool that works like the mining tool but it would allow you to pick a height on the ground then able to flatten everything around as long as you have power
  22. DEVS I am currently playing build and I love where you guys are going with exploration on the planet. Furthermore, the planet generation, whether it be caves mountains or hills, it is exciting and entrancing. There are, however, some problems I have with how we, as the player, shape the landscape. The deformation tool has a lot of potential to be not just a powerful tool, but a game altering one. There are a few ways that this tool could be more useful, not just for mining, but for base creation. A few examples: Selection-multiple options (circle, square, poly, element) Grids- Preferably this would be a toggle for both planetary and selected geometry. Extrude-Be able to build an organic platform and raise or inset into the environment. Alternate Sizes- Larger or smaller 'Brush' sizes for the Deformation tool. Alternate Shapes- some standard geometric shapes for the Deformation tool. (square,star, hexagon, etc.) Deformation Speed-Ability to alter the rate that the deformation tool smooths, flattens, or raises geometry. Blueprints-Ability to save a certain amount of geometry to be placed over and over. (reasonable limits expected) It is unfair to expect this much and not offer some thoughts for how this could be controlled or implemented. Already you have "E" bound to the tool by default, so reasonably, you could make it generate a menu by holding "E" for selecting the current mode or deformation you want (free up some of those easy to reach keybinds! \o/) and/or toggling the grids, changing "brush" shape/size, etc. Plunging deeper into that rabbit hole, holding a button and scrolling to increase/decrease the brush size (this will need some balancing for mining resources). For blueprint integration, creating a copy/paste mode that functions with the selection tool might be good. To say that I enjoy your game so far is an understatement and I like where a lot of the game is heading. You can expect to see more posts from me about some more aspects of Astroneer. Until then, I have only to say, keep up the great work, and hopefully continue to enjoy working on it. PLAYERS For others reading this post, please feel free to voice your opinion on whether this interest you or not. If it does, be sure to let the devs know. If not, leave why, I am interested to see what your misgivings about it.
  23. Forums aren't the place for managing bug reports. You can use a forum to promote collaboration and idea generation by getting idea topics flowing but managing bugs and taking an "idea" and formalising it using forums just doesn't make sense to me. Switch over to something open source with a custom theme? BugZilla? Mantis? From another friendly software engineer .
  24. Astroman1

    Flattening tool

    It would be cool to have tool that makes ground flat.
  25. Had a thought on a couple of ideas for terrain manipulation and can think of 2 tools that would be useful. 1. Smooth - Just as it sounds, soften the angles between the terrain surfaces to allow for more even manipulation 2. Level - Flatten is great in some cases, but a tool to get the current 'height' value from center of the planet and then bring the surrounding terrain to that height would be a huge help in base layout and other terrain modification