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Found 4 results

  1. On PC Steam version I was trying to remove or blow up the Cargo Drop pad as I figure it was no longer needed and taking up space in minimal design. Once TNT is placed on Drop Pad it is no longer possible to interact with the TNT.
  2. Hi, I bought this game recently but I've watched a lot of YouTube video about this game (My favorites are Z1 and Draegast) and it makes me really want to play this game. Then I bought it while it on sale. And the I also like the devs vlogs because I'm interested with game studios ,so watching your vlog is like a... you know... Make me even more interested into game development. So just straight to my idea. First I have to say that Dynamite/TNT and space junk is a relatively common things in game, especially now we can found space junk with TNT attached to it! Then I thought of something what if it could be a little bit valuable thing not just a trash... And my idea is to add a new resource lets call it "Scrap". What is "Scrap"?? Well basically it's a thing that we can get by blowing up Crashes with TNT. Because it's make sense right?? Blowing metal then you got scrap not just disappear. And from the "Scrap" you can maybe convert or smelt or craft that to something else. Ex. Aluminium, Copper, Titanium, or maybe a new metal resource like "Iron" that you can only get by blowing junk. I'd like to make some illustration but I'm to busy with my job and I cant even make this thread look more nice cause I don't have time to make this thread I think just it for this idea if anybody can improve my idea I would appreciate it so much. Thank you guys so much for reading this messy and bad english thread to the and. Its my first thread soo... Yeah, hope you like my idea... Have a nice day!!
  3. Dynamite. Currently incorporated, dynamite blows a hole in the ground which is about the radius of two terraformer marks. While this is useful, dynamite in the real world is actually disappointing in destroying ground (unless of course it is being used in REALLY high dosages). Dynamite in game, is also disappointing, as the hole is quite small for such an expensive resource requirement. Unless you are positively ROLLING in aluminum, dynamite is not really a good way of spending your resources. Thus, I have a solution. A new module on the base used for crafting explosives (Queue 1: Everyone gets really exited at this prospect, acts really jittery. Sound Queue 1: big explosion in background) Narrarator: Are you ready for.... THE EXPLOSIVE MODULEEEE!!!!! (Pyrotechnics queue 1: fireworks go off at UL of stage) Back to the problem. Dynamite needs a larger destructive radius. And we need more explosives. Things like black powder and ANFO Before you say "oh, ASTRONEER is futuristic and they don't need black powder" Why I chose black powder is because it is a low explosive. Low explosives are meant for tossing things and not destruction. We need to use these to move things and to toss things. I also chose ANFO because it can be poured in a packing-peanut type way, and is a high explosive like dynamite. Barrels of ANFO could be made, and used to equally and violently expand something, like laying a layer of ANFO on the bottom of a mine to move it down, or filling a hole to expand it and smooth it. If you want to say NO or YES, feel free Also, more explosives (other than nuclear, just look up the process of making that) or ideas are always welcome //sidegamer
  4. LeNUTRIE Metanolo


    I've found explosive but I am not able to craft it yet. Does anyone of you guys have earned the project or is it just not available? Did you try out explosive effectiveness?