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Found 6 results

  1. Love using the new Medium Storage Silo, so got to thinking "why not have a large version?" It would take up the same sized slot at the existing Large Storage, be made of either four Titanium or possibly two Titanium plus two Steel, and would provide three times the medium storage slots that the Large Storage does. after all, we can never have too much storage...
  2. Resources Sperrylite Smelter processing into Platinum Trade resource Sale value of 16 Gas Hydrate Fuel Condenser processing fills Canisters with Liquid Propane Liquid Propane produces doubled energy output in Small Generator; triple energy output in Medium Generator Isotope Smelter processing fills Canisters with Tritium (hydrogen-3) Fuel Condenser processing fills Canisters with Helion (helium-3) Modules & Equipment Atomic Battery = Tritium Canister + Copper Roughly size of canister Provides 100.0 Bars at 2.0A
  3. Can the trade platform be used to obtain lithium, coal, or titanium? I filled it with 8 compound but the yield says 0. I can't seem to add any more compound. Do I use something else other than compound? Is there a wiki page I can refer to?
  4. So I believe I am on a regular Terran world. Brown and blue are the main surface colours, with some purple if you go a bit higher. Resin and Compound are pretty well distributed. Malachite and Laterite are just below the surface in every cave, as is Ammonium. Go deep enough and I have some coal too. But for the life of me, I haven't found any veins of Lithium or Titanium. Anywhere. I've been playing this world long enough that I have researched everything. Everything. I have a 3-seat Enclosed Large Shuttle with Large Storage, big Solar and Battery. My Truck Train has a Drill/Crane an
  5. I having trouble finding the "tank" research in the game. While I have fond the tank itself (while exploring) and was able to use it it would be nice to be able to make my own if needed. To the best of my knowledge I have already finished the "Tutorial" section and have found or unlocked every over available research with the exception of filters. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong or it's a bug. (BTW, on a side note before I found that thank that I am currently using I had found another, but instead of displaying it's item name it just had "ITEM NAME" with "ITEM DESCRIPTION" under that. I
  6. So, I was thinking, these storms are pretty annoying, but I can manage against them, but like why not make the storms also blow away your stuff on the ground? Like, you have Titanium on the floor instead of building a storage to hold more things, then it should be blown away when a storm comes, lol. I think that would make the game a little more fun and careful, and more grateful when you get lithium or titanium.