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Found 3 results

  1. Ok. I've logged 6+ hours today given it's the launch day and I wanted to share my feedback of 1.0 so far. I'm currently on my third new game, reason being, the previous two started to get wonky with the quicksand bug, both player and tractor falling through the floor. Overall progression forces you off world, which I like, as certain resources aren't available on the starting planet. The tractors are great for mining in caves, but clear the floor, flatten things out, and close holes or else you'll fall through and face a severely difficult task of getting the thing out. Power management is insanely important, especially when you leave the home planet. Currently on the moon and put my base somewhere where I only get 30 seconds or so of sunlight, have no batteries, so it's challenging to keep anything running without generators or wind. That's it for now, my fingers are achy, good night!
  2. Not sure if it's intended or not, but if you put filters on your tool slots you can carry them without them getting used. This allows you carry them with you in case you are about to run out of oxygen and use them more efficiently. With a full tank of oxygen normally you can survive for 70s. With a full tank of oxygen and a filter just on your backpack the filter starts working right away so you can go 80s(20s per filter) + 70s = 150s. When a filter is filling up your oxygen tank you are essentially doubling its effectiveness. Each pack has 4 filters that last for 20 seconds. If you only put the filter on your backpack when you are extremely low on oxygen, this means that you can fill your tank 4 times all the way. This means that with perfect timing you could refill 70s of oxygen and then get another 10s free from the filter consumed. So by swapping filters to and from your deform tool and backup slots you can effectively get 70 + 320 (90s per filter) = 390s. This more than doubles the effectiveness of filters. This is further enhanced if you have a second oxygen tank because the filter consumed can fill both tanks 140 + 640 (160s per filter) = 780s. Since there are 3 slots on your deform tool, you can do this 3 times. tldr; Filters on your deform tool don't activate. Swap them to your pack when you are suffocating, then back to your deform tool slot after it fills your tank to maximize oxygen given.
  3. Ep.5 Farming Talking about farming hyrdrazine and trading it through the trade platform Tell me any thoughts you have