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Found 1 result

  1. Jcgeek2000


    I've recently been thinking about the backpack in Astroneer. Overall, I think the systems and layout of the backpack are great, but I think an upgrade system could fit in Astroneer. Of course, any extension to the backpack should be tremendously expensive, or almost exclusively late-game. I think the way it could work would be rather simple. At the small printer, you'd use expensivve resources to print a chunk of the backpack. It would be like 2 bars of the battery, and two slots for additional items.essentially, they'd just be extra rows of two added onto the bottom. Two or three would be more than enough, and anything past that would be too much. On the upgrade topic, this idea gave me another as well. Using titanum (like the old days) and glass, you should be able to permenentlu increase your oxygen capacity. Even if only by about 10 seconds, any upgrade to the backpack tank would be awesome. The last thing I thought that pertains to this is the strangest, and has the smallest chance of being implemented in any way. I think it would be quite interesting in the late game to be able to hold ONE tier 2 item. The way this would work would be a tier 2 item slot on the top of the backpack, above the oxygen, and made in a similar way to the other backpack extensions. OR, two item slots on the backpack could be melded together in some way, creating the large slot. A good way of making this NOT overpowered would be a decrease in speed for the player. I don't wanna say removing the ability to run, as that'd be very similar to how carrying tier 2 items works anyway, but maybe.