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Found 4 results

  1. Using Keyboard/mouse via steam Terrain Test on the spawn planet I decided to strap two hydrazine thrusters onto the large rover in order to help me get around the new terrain because, though it all looks very nice, you kind of need to fly in order to get anywhere with how aggressive the hills are. This was the first time I had ever used the thrusters on a land vehicle since the original thruster was introduced back when the power cords were still tubular, so I wanted to see if I could exit the atmosphere of the planet using the large rover. Using one of the hills as a ramp, I successfully achieved a vertical momentum which would have definitely gotten me off the planet if not further. but my rover froze at what must have been the maximum altitude and it stayed there. (Again, I had never tried this before, so I thought perhaps it was just a 0 gravity atmosphere) I exited the rover to try and put more hydrazine in the thrusters and fell to my death.
  2. PuppyO

    New Ideas

    First of all I really love this game i play it every day but It would be cool if there was different minerals on different planets so that it would make it more fun and more encouraging to explore different planets There should be thrusters that you can build out of aluminium and lithium so that you could easily get out of holes and you can have a fueling station of some sort so that you can use coal of hydozene to fuel up your thrusters
  3. Llamatamer

    6 Build Ideas

    Just thought I would contribute a few ideas I had for the game. Will add more as they come to me and edit this post accordingly~
  4. While exploring a huge cave, a friend and I found two paths that led to dead ends and a thruster at each. We were able to dock these on our truck and carry them back to base. However, the question is, what exactly are they used for? They can't be researched, and they're not needed for a spaceship/shuttle because that comes with thrusters when printed. Any ideas? Thanks.