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Found 16 results

  1. There is a bug where the first thruster you print during the tutorial does not have the function available to open it. This means there's no "hold F to open" option on the box. While this issue is solved by just crafting another thruster, it still needs to be fixed. I, for one, speedrun this area of the game, Tutorial%. I would love to see this get fixed! Also, if this is fixable, please let me know!
  2. There is a bug where the first thruster you print during the tutorial does not have the function available to open it. This means there's no "hold F to open" option on the box. While this issue is solved by just crafting another thruster, it still needs to be fixed. I, for one, speedrun this area of the game, Tutorial%. I would love to see this get fixed! Also, if this is fixable, please let me know!
  3. To "System Era" I just read you are implementing jet packs. Here's my thoughts on the dynamics. This should be a combination of two elements, a thruster engine (a vertical only "Jumper") and an oxygen based control thruster (directional). The Oxygen based thruster would provide the ability to hover and a directionally controlled fall. This should just be a nozzle add-on, but would consume oxygen at a rate not advisable without tanks. This could be available early on in the game. The "Verical Jump Engine" would provide brief vertical lift in two versions. The early version would have a set number of charges with only a digital control (On/OFF). Say 5 or 10 bursts that will only take you so far, depending on gravity. The later version would have an analog control (speed controlled assent) that would deplete like an oxygen tank and would have a time limit for temperature reasons. Maybe even exploding if it gets too hot. Little animated dangers like this make it more fun. How far can you push it may depend on the planet's ambient temperature. The later version would also save on oxygen because you could use it to control descent , although not directionally. Thank you for your time
  4. I am already towards the end of the game, and I still only use solid fuel thrusters over hydrazine thrusters because ammonium is hard to find and make with the soil centrifuge. I would probably start using hydrazine thrusters to if Ammonium was either easier to find or hydrazine costs one ammonium. Tell me what you think!
  5. It is known that the hydrazine thruster is supposed to be a upgrade to the solid fuel thruster but according to the current stats it is actually worse Currently a hydrazine canister has 2 points both landing and launching from/to orbit count as one point and traveling to another planet uses 2 points so a flight to any planet in 1.0 and back costs 3 canisters of hydrazine in other words costs 6 ammonium and 3 hydrogen, this is a problem. i believe at minimum one canister should hold 3 points meaning one full thruster can allow you to land on a planet then return to the original twice
  6. I think I found a bug, and it may happen to more objects, but it just happened to me where I loaded into the base, with the black, flattened, un-diggable area around it, and a cave that happened to spawn next to me, I had decided to bring the thruster inside back to my base, and it fell right through that un-diggable area as soon as I dropped it. I play keyboard, Steam on PC IDK, it almost looked like it kinda gave me the option to let it fall through the ground the way the blue image of it was showing as I was moving around. One last thing, I already had a different thruster set down on this area, and that one didn't fall through the ground.
  7. I want to be able to blast myself into space without the help of friends. Being able to connect the two peg of the seat to the two peg thruster would be very helpful in my adventures into bad ideas. Also it'd allow me to challenge myself to survive in a random hostile area and try to make it home for my own entertainment/survival training for rookies.
  8. I was messing around with the thruster and decided to place a seat on top to see how physics would do (trying to build elevator system), I ended up with this: I could easily build up to retrieve it, but it would be annoying if accidentally done. (I presume you could do this for medium storage containers as well)
  9. Summary: - Steam - Thruster Generating Thrust When No-one in Truck Description: According to the article here a Thruster will only generate thrust if; Hydrazine is attached bottom slots, and a driver is seated in the vehicle. "If no driver is seated, the thruster will not move the vehicle." However when tested this out on a Large Truck with a 1-seat and a fully loaded Medium storage my Truck was pushed off into the distance regardless whether I was in it or not. This occurred with only one container, and I dear not try more. Platform: Steam / XBox One / Windows 10 Store Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: HP Pavilion 13 13 x360 PC CPU: AMD A6-6310 GPU: AMD Radeon R4 Graphics 1.80 GHz RAM: [unknowen] Drive: [unnkowen]
  10. The thruster has 4 spots that you can put a small item on each one of those spots for storage (I'm assuming). It would be nice if when you attach say: a battery, small solar panel, small wind turbine to those spots and attach it to the back of your larger vehicle (and possibly anything else the thruster may attach to, I'm not that far in the game I don't know if it does yet) that it would charge your car from where it sits on the thruster. The design of this game is so intelligent that when I did it I assumed it would work and was surprised that is didn't. So I just thought It'd be nice to see it as a functional feature. I just think it would speak for the already intelligent design of the game. Also I hate that I cant just put single Items anywhere I want on the the open ports on the back of the ship. It autofills you from the seat on back.
  11. i was building a nice looking spaceship, and then i realized that i could not place the thruster on the backside of the ship. i was pretty upset and would like that to be possible. maybe for decorations, maybe to (if the thruster is fully fueled) make you have access to more planets at the same time. (make the ring bigger) and also, i would like to have a custom inside of the spaceship editor, if it looks like mine (i made a spaceship with a 3-seat on it, and a big storage with four medium storages on top.) it could have some new reseachables, and you could go there for like 20 sec. if you fly to the furthest planet. (assuming the thruster is in action) and if you do not like tat idea, you could make a bigger spaceship with a new module that does have that in it. you can just put one in the game, don't think you have to put everything in, just one is fine too. thanks for reading this far, i'm gonna go now. bye! PS: replying is welcome!
  12. Xbox one Patch: 197 3 rover train rover -rover-large rover found thruster not made just attached to side of large storage. (no hydrazine on storage) First the game crashed while getting in rover for the millionth time. Then at login when I exited rover it immediately flew away/clipped out. It however left the 3rd rover the only large in the 3 rover train.
  13. So this thruster, actually works, but not really usable that I can figure. Plugging a hydrozine into it sends it shooting up into the air before it eventually falls back down. I guess I could attach at chair to it and shoot people up? lol
  14. i find a thruster in cave discovery after new 119 patch.
  15. So I was exploring a cave the other day and I found a Thruster. I could attach the Thruster to any double gap area. So I attached it to the back of my Truck. I then found out that if you place Hydrazine on the Thruster it will activate. Well IT WORKS. Though it does not have much extra push and does not seem to go that much faster, but it is really cool anyway. I was wondering if anyone else has found a Thruster and done this because I have not found any other Threads or Videos on it. Thanks
  16. When you place a thruster on a crane and get in the seat of the crane. The game crashes, I do not have a crash log but it has happened during multiplayer on PC