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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I was exploring a new cave I found that lead nowhere, decided to dig further to see what happens. I somehow dug a hole that allows me to see whe world from the inside out and it makes you fall through the world (it happened in early acces once, but I didn't dig the hole myself back then, it just appeared at some point). No crash report or anything, game still works fine, there's just a hole through the world. Not sure what other info I can give you. hole in the world.mp4
  2. The terrain is still having your character fall through the surface and bounce through the ground till you jump out of it
  3. I've got a total of 6 hours on the game, and this has already happened 3 times! I go to dig a ramp, so that I (or more recently, my truck) can get out of a hole... and what do you think happens? While attempting to form the floors and walls around me, I somehow slip through them and wind up in a cave, far enough down that I instantly die on impact! I've never been able to recover the items, and I suspect it's primarily caused by the horrifically low frame-rate my game is forced to play with (seems like about 10-20 a second, most of the time, and nearly 5 when there's a storm) PS here's a snapshot of the most recent glitch I had, while trying to get my truck out of a Hydrazine pit, where I apparently went so far down that I thought I was entering the center of the planet (and then I "bounced" back up and landed in one of the caves I passed on the way, dead)
  4. I decided not to go out with the winch on my truck, so I removed it from the vehicle and set it in the floor in my garage. It wiggled and jiggled and slipped into the ground. I dug down with my extractor and could not find the winch anywhere. That was last night. Today, I decided to go caving and what better place to go in than the new hole in my garage? After tethering and digging a few sloping tunnels, I came out into a cavern system. I hopped over to where I estimated my garage to be and: Walla! There sat my winch. So, moral of the story seems to be that if an item falls through the world in you, dig down to the caves, below and see if it popped out there.
  5. Since the update Pre-Alpha.v0.2.108.0 was launcher, sometimes the astronaut fall through the floor like the images. When this happen the character die and the recovery the itens it's almost imposible. ASTRONEER (Game Preview) 21-Dec-16 2_03_04 PM.mp4