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Found 1 result

  1. The Touch of Grey Gamer

    New Boots

    Have I made this request in the past? What time is it? 😄🤙✌️🖖😄 Tundra Boot Manufactured by the Galaco Boot Company White outside lined with fur on the inside and around the top of the boot When the soles are activated* it prevents sliding Cost 12 Astronium sent via trade Atro Boot Manufactured by the Radiated Shoe Company Yellow w/red modern style flames on outside When the boots are activated* speed increases by 50 or 100% Cost 12 Astronium sent via trade Exovus Boot Manufactured by the EXO & Vuslus Tire company's Multi-colored boot with thick black heels When boots are activated* you can jump 50 or 100% further/higher Cost 12 Astronium sent via trade Exotic Boots/Shoes Manufactured by the Exotic Toxic Fashion House Boots have flat soles while the shoes have high heels When the boots/shoes are activated* the soles light up, each step with a different color Cost 12 Astronium sent via trade Caleidor Boots Manufactured by the Sylvia Company Boots are a silver/gold metallic in color When activated* the boots that are made with photovoltaics which produce power in sunlight Cost 12 Astronium sent via trade Desolo Boots Manufactured by the Kaleidoscope Company Boots are player choice of color When activated* each step, with each different angle of light, the boots change color/design like a kaleidoscope Cost 12 Astronium sent via trade Terran Boots Manufactured by the EXO Dynamics Corporation Boots are your choice of color When activated* they are infused with medical technology which allows you to survive larger/longer falls Cost 12 Astronium sent via trade Don't like one? How about substitute it with one in which it says "Party City" on the side? Or with each step the bottom of the soles light up to read "Party City" This is what I say. What say you?