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  1. To be frank I've loved all entire stuff in the game... So I have 3 ideias to make the game more fun First: Thermal problems, add a HUD/UI in backpack to show the body temperature of Astroneer and we have another thing to take care... "What we can do with it ??" We will need to heat places to live if the planet is so much cold or to cool down places in planets too hots new objects, new tools new problems to solve. for each printer: small: backpack widgets heater or cooler (to carrier with us) medium: stationary heater or cooler (ground or vehicles) larger: Thermal stabilizer (for space ship or base) Second: agressive catastrophic biomes event "What do you mean ??" Some stuffs like blizzard, storn with (or without) rain or lightning bolts and overheat. we will need prevent against this phenomena or anomaly revesting the base; If not, this anomalies can unplug modules and cabes, make then stop working or even destroy it. We have more things to take care at same time, and of course, Ourselves by hiding inside base while everything happen. Third: Wild life form "We've said weapons aren't allowed!!" yep, but some defense system can be created! some animals, insects or "hostiles locals" to dificult our progress on planets, so we will need avoid contact with they or obstruct their passage, barricade our base or use some gas like repelent or traps to push they back. In mines or caves we can obstruct their passage using terrain tool to lock they in holes or walls (not killing they but only make then stop chasing us) Of course each one of this topics can or not exist on some planet, so the biome in this planet will rule if they can or not happen