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Found 1 result

  1. The Touch of Grey Gamer

    Today's Challenge

    Construct 9 Large Platform C's Construct 9 Smelters Construct 27 Large Storages Construct 216 Medium Storage Silos Place on large platform C; one smelter, 3 large storage & 12 medium storage silos Fill all medium storage silos (288) with the same resource. There are nine smeltables. You can add five more (293) if you manually load the smelter Then when you feel you have the power, the consistent constant power, fire up all nine @ the same time and begin smelting 2,637! Provide the FPS numbers if you can before/during smelting Can you post the time it took to smelt all of them? This might just be possible by PC players only? I'm not sure consoles would have the power! The power of........... Ok Astroneers, or wannabes. Welcome to your weekend challenge! Take some pics or better a video! And for the professionals among you, complete this task with a single power source. One power cable into the 9 smelters. One. It can be multiple generators that power the Gang of Nine. It can be dozens of wind turbines and solar panels, it can be whatever power source you want however only one power cable to power the Gang of Nine. The 9 should be connected to each other. It is up to you to have enough power for the quantity and duration that the Gang of Nine will require to smelt 2,637 resources uninterrupted. Good Luck Astroneers!