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Found 13 results

  1. Mouse and keyboard, Steam Just fly to another planet with medium battery inside the shuttle Reloading the save file fixes the problem
  2. Title says pretty much all of it. I found a giant mushroom in the underground area of Sylvia - or whatever the Terran planet's called now, - which has the "no material" texture the Unreal engine has. Either that's a problem in the game itself, or a problem with loading/memory on my end, I don't know which just yet
  3. The current colors and textures i find to not be very appealing. the resin looks like mac and cheese. i don't know why but i was a little grossed out. I liked the color pallet and textures a little bit ago the almost matte look and i lover the purple resin. My suggestion would be to have an options menu for a scheme of colors and textures. Edit: found out this may be a bug but still i think a colors and textures menu would be awesome.
  4. Hello. I play this game on pc. Today i started play to game I started to game in capsule When i got out to the capsule my astronaut is started to swim in the ground But when i jump my man was go to the deeper I love this game and this funny bugs Keep Going
  5. This started with the update which added more basebuilding platforms. I've tried changing the graphics settings, nothing works. Reinstalled, didn't help either. Anyone know how to fix this? This is on windows store version btw
  6. I was playing in Astroneer and I saw the Tundra planet's texture messed up. Please fix this problem. Thank You!
  7. I had 3 small solar panels on my backpack, and I decided to run off to barren for a while. I came back to Terran, and I found that the 3rd solar panel on my backpack was glitched. Stil worked properly, and it only glitched either on the ground or on the backpack.
  8. Summary: 131 - Steam - Texture hole terrain Description: There was a hole in the ground, you could see through and my truck dropped. Platform: Steam / Windows 10 Version / Build Number: 131 Specifications: OS: W10 - 65 BIT CPU: Intel Core I5 CPU 760 GPU: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 970 RAM: 8GB Drive: SSD Samsung
  9. As the title says the tree texture disappears when I return a saved game. Not only that the trees stick around forever and are really annoying. An option to destroy them or replant them or despawn them would be great.
  10. I have found on loading the game, or returning to an area from space not all the textures reload. grape plants show grey, surfaces render but have only the base color, no additional items render(vegetation rocks and such). Game play is fine frame rate same. Reloading a couple times will fix it. CPU: AMD 9650 Quad core Mem: 7GB Res 1920x1080 Gpu: Twin GT 640"s Running Win. Vista On steam
  11. I have been mining some resources at the surface, when suddenly fell under texture and began to surf it. Thanks to a cave helping me to get out.
  12. Game version: Steam, (Keyboard/Mouse for control) Game is installed in "D:\Steam\steamapps\common\ASTRONEER Early Access" so there's no Windows permission issues. - Planet Exotic. Plants are white when they should be colored. (planet might not matter) - Initially they were colored, but after restarting the game they became white. Not all of them are white, I think freshly generated plants are colored. Not 100% sure of this. Steam screenshot link of the issue: How they normally look: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ PC specifications: Windows 10 64bit: Motherboard: Asus H81M-K CPU: i5 4440 3.1ghz (Haswell architecture) RAM: 12GB GPU: Nvidia GTX960 2GB (driver version 376.33) HDD: 1TB 7200rpm, no SSD. Always running background applications: MSI Afterburner + RivaTuner StatisticsServer (this is always FPS capping games to 60FPS; there's also a GPU temp limit to 70C) Windows Defender (no other antivirus softwares, just this)
  13. I accidentally landed on the platform on which stood a transport and as a result it turned out that the texture and the shuttle crane superimposed. I would like to see on the area, where there are already some vehicles it was impossible to land.