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  1. [Tether] (place) command duplicates on [Context Left] key.
  2. I feel like I recall a time when you could connect tethers to the rover so you could drive somewhere, hop out and explore. Is it just me, or was that feature removed for some reason? The rover supplies both power and air, and so it would make perfect sense for it to be a point you can tether off of to explore. It seems odd to not be able to do so. If this feature could be added... or restored... to the game, it would be very useful, even if the rover required an oxigenator like the shuttle does for it to work.
  3. I want to address this frustating bug that has been happening with me (and my friends and pretty much any youtuber). When using more than 5 bundles of tethers in a new game they will stop functioning properly, the light of the new tethers i've used wont work anymore; however when i start a new save game it will work again until i use more than 5 bundles of tethers again. This bug can be reproduced, and i have searched a lot about it but i couldnt find any fix or clue about it, all i see is people saying it has been around for years and its really frustating because it seems like the developers dont mind about it at all... I've searched for many videos of youtubers playing astroneer just to make sure it was happening with more people, and all of them are having the same issue but they dont notice it, makes me think thats why it has not been fixed yet, because not everyone mind too much about it Its very noticeable the difference on dark areas if you start a new game and compare, and dont tell me to use worklight on my inventory because its just not the same thing (and yes i use worklights and floodlights a LOT) and some places are nearly impossible to see anything, turning things harder than it should be making me fall often into holes and die. ~pic related, left side tethers not working properly (no light) and right side fully functional tethers (with light)
  4. So i have been experincing some sort of tether light limit or something, tether to left was placed hour 1, tether to right was placed hour 13. Has anyone else had this problem?
  5. Hello community and hello devs, I've just recently discovered Astroneer, love it and would like to continue doing so. Which is why I took the time to sign-up on this board and actually voice this issue. I'm talking about the framerate drops. I know that the most recent update 1.9.8. (I believe) was supposed to fix this issue on consoles. It did not however. Issue description: The game is unplayable on PS4pro at this point in time. I'm referring exclusively to the online co-op part of it. I've been enjoying some eight (8) hours of gameplay with a friend, building bases, figuring things out and just recently, traveling to the moon. My friend is hosting the game. He gets slight framerate drops in our main base back on earth (calling the starting planet that, as I forgot its name) but can still play. I however get 3-5 frames per 2-5 seconds on earth, which makes it unbearable and unplayable. Now, I've read that too many tethers can cause this, so we started removing a lot of them. Two things about that though: 1. It makes navigation a lot harder and 2. it's not helping the issue. I still can barely move on earth. When I am on the moon everything works fine. The base and tethering is very limited there though as we just landed there. I'm guessing it'll start getting choppy for me there too, once we start exploring and tethering more. Once I return to earth my game is done for. Another two facts: Once my frames dropped, the sound also gets chopped up and noisy and traveling between planets (earth and moon) won't fix the issue. I need to log out and rejoin to get stable framerate again. Question As I found others on reddit voicing this issue continuing after the most recent update I feel like I'm not alone. Is there dev feedback on this? Do devs know the update didn't fix anything? Do devs know what's causing the framerate drop? And Is there a fix you are working on? Thank you for taking the time reading this.
  6. Started up a new game the other day, making excellent progress. At some point, tethers ceased to connect to any platform but the Smelter and my primary shelter. They no longer connect to ground transport vehicles or spaceships or most platforms. My personal tether line will only connect to vehicles, spaceships the main shelter, the smelter platform and to tether lines connected only either to the primary shelter or the smelter platform. As far as I can tell, this began when I placed a tall storage unit with a couple of floodlights on it connected to the smelter platform. I can provide a savegame if it helps.
  7. I think it would be a great idea to have auto-placing tethers. Something you can easily turn on and off in your backpack. They would auto-place right when you get to the max range between tethers. I am suggesting this because when I am exploring and using tethers for oxygen, I have to guess when the perfect moment is to place a tether, WHILE RUNNING. You don't want to wait too long before it won't connect to the previous tether and you don't want to place it too early so that you use more tethers than was necessary. It is annoying when I place a tether out of range and have to turn around to fix it, especially on pc. It would make exploring a lot smoother, saving compound and time.
  8. Okay so my tethers oxygenation is working fine. I have a bright blue line that exists between all of them but a few days ago they stopped lighting up the cave so basically there's no Aura around each individual tether. I tried various ways to try to get them to come back on and so far nothing. help...
  9. A lot of us miss the coloured tethers, as they were a big help to prevent us getting lost and good for indicating the direction of POI. If you could please bring them back permanently in the December Update, that would be awesome. Thanks!!!
  10. Last evening (9/22/19) I was playing and suddenly my Astroneer began asphyxiating. I had set up my tractor and some tethers and was harvesting resources. NONE of my tethers will attach to a tractor now. Not on ANY other saved games OR in a new one. The line appears as I'm placing it but doesn't connect when dropped.
  11. So, from what i understand, the more tethers you have, the laggier the game gets which tells me that that each individual tether is doing something. If it's calculating whether a player is within it's range, it shouldn't. The player should be doing that calculation and "telling" the teher once they are. If they are checking whether all the previous tethers are connected to an oxygen supply, they shouldn't. At the moment they are placed, they should do that once for the one previous tether and then stop. If they are picked up again, THEN they should "inform" all the tethers after them to stop supplying oxygen. The only tether that should be checking anything every frame is the first one connected to the platform to check if there is an oxygen supply or not. If you are already doing these things or I am just saying something dumb and not efficient then please tell me.
  12. The new Tall Storage seems a bit lacking. Comparatively, the Tall Platform does the same job but better. I get that the Tall Storage is cheaper and can turn a 2 slot platform into a 3 slot platform, which can be useful early game. What would be great is some added functionality to the object. For example, maybe an interaction with the storage itself to turn off or on. What i would really like is for the single horizontal slot to work slightly different in that i could put an actual tether in the slot, allowing me to have a tether network suspended in the air, kind of like telephone poles. Right now if i attempt this, the tether converts to the bundle. I don't need the tether to supply power in anyway to the storage as that is what the base is for.
  13. This may be a bit of an odd suggestion, but I thought that placing a single tether on your backpack should allow you to work as a 'mobile tether' This seems useless at first, but it could have many uses: 1: Player with many oxygen tanks or filters can save a suffocating astroneer 2: For long expeditions, if two players can tether each other, their oxygen and power will be shared (it would divide power and oxygen equally) 3: Allows a second player to walk slightly further away from a tether line when another player is connected 4: Stops people in a group getting lost so easily in caves, thanks to a big blue line connecting them 5: When mining, someone could act as a 'power generator', one person collecting the reources while the other is full of power modules 6: Small source of light (less than worklight) I don't know if this is a good idea or not, just wanted the idea to be out there.
  14. How about: If I'm running along holding the tether key, as soon as I reach the limit of the nearest tether, drop a new tether...
  15. Summary: Lines Disappeared (Multiplayer) Description: The blue lines connecting the tethers disappeared for both me and the guy I was playing with. They still worked, but it was harder to find them. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro x64 | v.10.0.17134 | Build 17134 CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1500x 3.8GHz GPU: EVGA Nvidia GeForce 1050 Ti SSC 4GB RAM: Ballistix 2x4GB DDR4 2400Hz Drive: Western Digital Blue 1TB Hard Drive
  16. Hey guys, firstly. Great job on the game. I have had astroneers since it basically came out in early early access on Xbox one and it has been absolutely amazing watching the game grow! You guys have invented a purely beautiful work of art and I have enjoyed countless hours of really entertaining and thoughtful fun. Couple of of things that have really really pissed me off. Tethers causing an immense amount of lag as the game has to account for every single tether in the gAme. While the re-breather is as good solution to this, 8000 bytes and nanocarbon alloy mean that it is only accessible to late game development. This means that to then mitigate the lag one has to then remove by hand all tethers which no one is going to do. The lagging is not too bad on single player and is manageable (still fucking annoying) but when we go to play online with each other, the HOST will lag so badly that the actual speed at which the host moves is reduced to about a quarter of that of the other members in the server . To the point the game is unplayable. The second point that that I am struggling with right now is this: i used the large rover with a drill bit 3 on t to dig to the core of the planet I am on. Super enjoyable digging down to the core, however, once I got to the galaxy engine the rover was affected by the central gravity of galaxy engine. I was was able to use the pink energy pathways in order to navigate to the very edge of the gravity affected area but when I arrived to the edge of the path, a giant pyramid shaped part of the gateway is the last part of the gravity area. I drove at speed Ed trying to clear the gravity and instead got hooked onto the very top of the pyramid! Now the rover over I have spent a good day building is completely stuck and there is nothing I can do to move it! I now have to abandon my rover, RTG and all accompanying items, let myself die and start again! Super frustrating. Please make ale it easier to escape the core with heavy machinery. As I understand the need to unlock all the galaxy gates, however digging straight to t is just so fucking satisfying! Please I beg you! Make it easier! I absolutely adore fore this game and I intend on playing it for years to come. If you fix these lag issues particularly with the tethers the game will run so much smoother. Maybe adding an an option or a function to remove all tethers once the oxygenated has been unlocked? That could be a quick fix. Thanks for for your hard work and your diligence in respecting your fan base and trying your best to make the game as enjoyable as possible! You ou guys are legends! Keeps it up!
  17. Summary: Placement Causes Lag Description: When connecting tethers to an oxygen source, the game freezes for about .5 seconds. The problem only happens when connecting tethers to an oxygen source, not when placing tethers alone. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro x64 | v.10.0.17134 | Build 17134 CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1500x 3.8GHz GPU: EVGA Nvidia GeForce 1050 Ti SSC 4GB RAM: Ballistix 2x4GB DDR4 2400Hz Drive: Western Digital Blue 1TB Hard Drive
  18. Summary: - Steam - was able to glitch tether to be active with no connection Description: when replacing a tether if done fast enough, you can glitch it out of range and it will still provide o2 (forgot to check for power). Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Build 1809 CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600X Six-Core Processor 3.60 GHz GPU: Radeon RX 550 Series RAM: x2 8GB DDR4 Ram 2400 MHz (Some Chinese Brand) Drive: Seagate 1TB HHD
  19. If you place a tether while walking forward using the terrain flatten tool, the tether lands on the height of the back of the terrain gun and floats there until some random time later they decide to fall and disconnect
  20. Im running around the main planet and I used alot of tethers. At a point it starts taking longer and longer to put them out. When it starts slowing down it goes fast for the game to almost be unplayable. I can take up to 3-5 sec for a tether to come out and the game freezes until the tether is "done". If I run back and disconnect the whole line of tethers it gets better and I can start over. But it starts all over again if I place to many. Im playing on the PC.
  21. I'm playing on the newest release of the steam version, but it's been happening for about two or three weeks now. After I get past like 50 tethers on a line, they no longer connect. After landing on Sylva, I went straight to the core by hand, and it was fun but after I got a certain distance away from home base, the tethers no longer connected to eachother as I was placing them down (even the little blue hologram previews weren't connecting). They still work, but my character's oxygen line will only connect to the tether's themselves, not the space inbetween . The bug fixes itself if I replace a couple of the early tethers, but When I add more, the line breaks again.
  22. When placing tethers, the preview indicates I can attach the tether to the vehicle, but it doesn't form said connection when placed. I tried adding an oxygenator to the vehicle, no change.
  23. While it does make sense that you can't pump breathable air through a tether line with no oxygenator, it makes less sense that you can't push power through it. So I submit that tethers should still attach to platforms without an oxygenator in their network, just that they shouldn't replenish oxygen. Power, however, should still run through them. Possibly this could be restricted to platform networks with a battery, and should only draw from the battery. I.e. the small or medium battery, not an internal rover battery. Specifically, the first tether length/step in the non-Oxygenator network should still be blue, but steps past the first will be black as per normal for disconnected tether lengths. The yellow striped line would run through it to replenish depleted suit battery/backpack power. It's also unreasonable to force me into wasting a T2 socket on bringing an oxygenator just so my tether lines will attach, tether lines which, because I bring a small tank in my backpack, I only need to replenish power. Possibly you could add this as a feature in a tether-focused bugfix + improvement push.
  24. Tethers are broken. On my base on Sylva, I would get extreme lag whenever I would do anything with tethers. I assume this lag is caused by the game checking if a tether is powered, and to do that it needs to check all the tethers until there are no more tethers to check. I have to have oxygenators spread throughout my tether lines so I can actually explore. I have always wanted to cover an entire planet with tethers, but that would make my computer explode. pls fix
  25. so basically after you reach a certain amount of tethers in the game every time you pick on up or place one the game just freezes for a few seconds then comes back as normal except the avg fps seems to lower and lower the more you place, i would put in my system specs but this happens on both my laptops, and both my desktops.