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Found 6 results

  1. Brandon Keene

    Tethering system

    Sorry if this has been mentioned somewhere. I looked some to make sure. I like the added feature of the salvage and the shredder. With so much salvage around could there be a tethering system for the salvage? That way you can haul more than one piece of junk back to base. I guess this tethering system would also work with research items but of course there would have to be a limit on how much you could tether together. Larger items, for example: platforms, broke down modules etc, would be single carry where as the smaller items such as debris could be tethered together. Maybe even tether things to the vehicles. Love the game. It's super addictive. Thank you for all the hard work put into this game.
  2. Permetheus

    Upgrade tether length

    Hi again. It would be great if I could research tech to let me make longer tethering lines.
  3. Permetheus

    Tethering Mode

    As with every ideas section; apologies if this has been suggested before. Could we please have a tethering mode? Pressing 't' over and over is going to drive me nuts Simple idea: Toggle t-mode, now when you drop one, a new one is already active. Thanks.
  4. I just started this game and it would appear that priority 1 is getting compound and creating tethers. What should priorities 4-5 be? Day 1: Tethering Just started a series for Astroneer so I'm pretty green at this and could use any noob tips you guys have got. Top 5 New Game priorities: 1) Tether up 2)? 3)? 4)? 5)?
  5. So in 2-player multiplayer on the Xbox one. Found a few things, and we recreated it with multiple new loads. This is with new game files, I deleted my old saves, my friend uninstalled/re-downloded the game, and safe to say we have fresh builds... So for bugs... When a player dies he shows as laying down after respawn (only to the player that died, others see him normally) Tethers still not showing black (when disconnected), but now both users can place and use tethers, when before the 2nd player's tethers were not usable by anyone. standard clipping through floors overall though it is much more stable than before! Looking forward to more updates and content!
  6. Daroguetoaster

    Rover/Truck Flying/Lag

    I'm running this on Windows 10. If you place a large battery pack, a large wind turbine, or a blue rock research node onto a truck or rover in multiplayer, the vehicle starts to swirl around and begin to fly in the air until the object is removed. Another issue I've noticed, that in multiplayer mode, if you tether 3 or more rovers/trucks together fully loaded with cranes, storage, it starts lagging the game horribly. Once untethered, the lag immediately stops.