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Found 4 results

  1. bug #1: As we know, this game will become laggy after a while. then the terrain on Barren(moon) go crazy, cannot drive truck properly, half truck stuck into the ground and keep shaking. camera view keep being dragged down to the ground when get off the truck. it turn to normal after restart the game. Bug #2: the beacons layout i placed on Terran(earth) floating in the space like a model. Bug #3: when landing the spaceship on vehicle bay on the moon, my truck floating in the space, if land on original landing spot, its alright. bug #4: tethers gone dark on earth sometimes at
  2. Currently I'm getting a consistent error when playing the game. If I remove the main tether from my Base the frame rate immediately slows to a crawl and eventually crashes. Same happened when returning I a buggy. As soon as the tether made a connection with the vehicle the game became unplayable and crashed. 20-12-2016_21-30-22.mp4
  3. Some tethers and bases (not all of them) did not heal me. The blue line that connects the player and the tether (and the bases) DID NOT show up on the screen and DID NOT heal me. I had to restart the game to fix this bug. I'm sorry that I'm not sure what led to this bug. I was playing this on Steam. Please fix:)
  4. Controller Xbox What were you doing leading up to this bug: When I place my tethers down, my party members (non-host players) are unable to connect his/her tether with mine. I can pick theirs up and connect with mine. Basically, they cant connect with my tether (hosts tether) 4. Any steps that we can take to reproduce the bug on our end is appreciated. Have host place tether down, and see if non-host player can connect their personal tether to the host's P.S. Willing to upload a brief video of the bug.