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  1. When terraforming and you let go of the mouse while the tool's circle is half off the screen (tested in full screen mode) the tool continues with last action even when mouse is brought back onto the screen causing runaway build/deformation. Workaround is to click mouse button 1 again but by then the terrain damage is already done. Although this is not a bug affecting playability, it is still however, highly annoying.
  2. Is this normal or is this a bug, also every time i change the print the stuff goes back to their original spot, and when i go to the store or i go to the customization area my terrain tool changes back to its normal self... PLEASE HELP (p.s. i bought the game and uninstalled steam but moved the game file to my desk top and renamed it: "Astroneer Automation" so i count as offline and i dont have achievements which i am OK with, and my name is now "Player" instead of "Wolfy Wolf" just so you know)
  3. Steam - 1.11.62 Keyboard + Mouse Windows 10 I am running multiple saves were all players in the game are affected by this. When carrying multiple canisters they would fill one by one with the basic rate (no problems there). When creating new terrain using the terrain tool with ctrl or alt, material is used from all containers carried at once (not 1 by 1) with the normal rate. It's only creating the terrain worth 1 canister of material but it will have used all your canisters in the process. Resulting in canister terrain tool usage rate multiplying by the amount of canisters the playe
  4. I logged into the game this morning and my digging gun is stuck in the "On" position. Whenever I click on E to equip it, it starts to dig up everything in its path. How do I turn this off? I didn't realize there was an Auto button on this thing, but I want to get rid of it ASAP.
  5. Hi All, I'm really glad to be back playing this awesome game. When I tried to use the terrain tool it would not allow me to raise or smooth out terrain. Just showed me a red "X". Do I need to upgrade the tool now? Thanks
  6. I play on the Steam version for Astroneer (version, and after playing for long periods of time with a friend the game starts to get a little buggy graphically, but it was bearable to say the least. Recently my terrain tool just disappeared. I was replacing the drill mod 1 that I was currently using on my tool with a drill mod 2. I wasn't able to pull out my terrain tool using the hotkey and had to manually move it. When I went to put the drill mod on my tool, it slotted into the spot where my terrain tool should be. Which promptly made it just disappear when I closed and reopened
  7. Can you guys look into hotkeying augments for the terrain tool? I'd like to be able to turn off an augment with the press of a button instead of having to go into the backpack everytime pulling it off and putting back on when finished. I use it a ton with the inhibitor and when running into gas pods in caves I hate having to switch back and forth. Can possibly assign to numbers? Thanks for all you do! Love the game!
  8. I find myself frequently needing to use the Inhibitor Mod and then switch back to power + wide mod when traversing caves or planet surfaces. Rather than taking up precious storage slots, scrap the augmentation mod attachments and just let us upgrade the Terrain Tool directly. Now I can just use a hotkey to quickly toggle between Inhibitor and wide+power modes and avoid the tedious task of fiddling w/ attachment mods and/or forgetting mods back at home base.
  9. Steam - 1.11.62 Keyboard + Mouse Windows 10 I am running multiple saves were all players in the game are affected by this. When carrying multiple canisters they would fill one by one with the basic rate (no problems there). When creating new terrain using the terrain tool with ctrl or alt, material is used from all containers carried at once (not 1 by 1) with the normal rate. It's only creating the terrain worth 1 canister of material but it will have used all your canisters in the process. Resulting in canister terrain tool usage rate multiplying by the amount of canisters the playe
  10. Terrain tool upgrades honestly seem more like a punishment. They take up very valuable inventory locations that you've gotten used to using since the beginning. It would be nice if all the drill mods and terrain modifying mods like terrain analyzer and alignment tool all had a special location when you click on your backpack and then either press E or click on your terrain tool. It would be nice if there were icons next to that where if you owned a tool upgrade they were listed there and you could just turn them on or off without taking up inventory locations. It is really annoying having
  11. Augment - "Laser pointer" There are times when some resources are stacked together and I want to pick one but not another so I've been thinking about a new Augment for the Terrain Tool, how about a resource targeted Augment? The functionality is simple: - take the Augment out of your terrain tool and attach it to a resource the same way Packager interacts with objects, green light when it is available to use. - or, the Augment could have an F key to interact with it, just like the beacon, and it cycles through all the materials, once that material is set it will only mine
  12. So many times I am trying to make a smooth road that connects to a slope and since the angle and slope of roads are not always aligned it takes forever and causes a lot of frustrating going back over and over. Also when trying to make square corners on interior or exterior walls it is almost impossible. Option One - two new tools: 1. When holding down the control to flatten, add a mod to the tool that only adds and will not take away. Currently, if I have a wall and floor that I want to connect, if I flatten the floor to the edge of the wall it starts digging into the
  13. 'ello there, During a multiplayer session as a client, I had lost my Terrain tool (Not the mods the tool itself) Around the 26th of Sept. I couldn't open it or manipulate stuff so not just invisible. I re-logged back then and all the normal things, I have as of today returned to the same friends' file and the tool is still missing, and I was wondering if others have had this issue and apart from restarting her file over again is there a fix for it?, e.g. Somehow resetting that I had even been there?.
  14. Hey there Astroneers, I was wondering if it would be a good idea if there would be a Terrain Tool mod addet to make perfect 90 Degree walls to the floor or the roof. I could just stand on a wall trying to get it like that and that really freaks me out. Would be great if it gets addet
  15. Summary: The terrain tool turned into the material: organic Description: The terrain tool (or the thing that sucks up the land) has turned into organic the material... I don't know what to make of this but it's quite funny. I was just smelting material into aluminum (forgot what it was called) while my friend was getting ammonium and he comes back with the biggest piece of organic I have ever seen. Not game-breaking, but it's still a bug. --- Gif Link --- Platform: Steam / XBox One / Windows 10 St
  16. SpaceX24

    Bug Report

    I'm keeping this short. I use Steam on my PC to play Astroneer, and several bugs have been happening and not yet patched. Terrain Tool bug. When I click E on my keyboard to get the terrain tool out (or put it back), it does nothing. I have to manually click on my backpack and click the terrain tool and then click elsewhere and it comes out. I cannot put it back unless i click on a module, object, resource, etc. Backpack Bug. When clicking Q, my backpack does not come out. Catalog Bug. My Catalog does not come out when pressing TAB. Exit Bug. When exiting the game, I fin
  17. Hi, I love Astroneer and have been playing it non-stop Really fun with friends and relaxing. However, I lost my Terrain Tool and can't get it back! HELP!!! Police report: I was on planet Vesania going down into a cave with a tractor (with medium storage connected at front) with 2 connected trailers ( each with their own medium storage), I went to collect a bunch or resources dumped in a little hole i had made. When the tractor trailer was all filled up, I headed back to the top. When i arrived, I noticed that I had a Lithium resource stuck in the slot where my Terrain Tool sho
  18. Quite often in multiplayer my companion (I am the host) will see me having a large resource stuck to the side of my body. When I pull out my terrain tool the resource becomes truly massive as pictured here. This happens even when I don't have any resources on the tool.
  19. MODS...AUGMENTS...the things that go on the terrain tool...I WANT MORE! I will list my...along with some others' ideas here: Repair Mod Capability: When the terrain tool is moved over Debris, (I hope that such Debris can be created from use or storms in the future.) it can be transformed into it's fully functional condition (by means of repair) using, possibly, Scrap or about half the resource cost. Research Cost: 1000 Recipe: I'm thinking 1 Iron Go here for more information: Smoothing Mod Research Cost: 500 Recip
  20. I'd like to make a suggestion for a new terrain tool modifier. I would place this modifier as a late game item, but it might be able to be implemented at different game stages if it were balanced correctly. The function of this modifier is similar to that of the shredder modules which are already in the game. These take wrecked modules and platforms, among other items, and shred them into the Scrap resource, which can be used in the trade station. Equipping the Shred Modifier would allow the player to convert wrecks that they find in the world, which they would then 'dig up',
  21. Summary: Random Crash on Novus Description: My game randomly crashes on Novus while I'm clearing away soil for my base. Video: Shows I'm not doing anything special, just a random crash. ASTRONEER 3_24_2019 4_44_14 PM (3).mp4 Platform: Steam Version/Build Number:
  22. Playing Astroneer, I can't stop thinking about ZBrush as using the Terrain Tool often feels a lot like 3D sculpting. So I end up hoping to have a few more possibilities. One of them : an equivalent to ZBrush's smooth brush : when one arrives on Calidor or Vesania for example, one can enjoy the beauty of soft dunes eroded by the winds... until you break it all up with your tool. At best you can smooth a flat space for a base. But you can't smooth all those triangles to create a nice curved surface. The terrain Tool should enable us to smooth/relax the polygons of an area we just terrafor
  23. Can we get glue canisters to put in the terrain tool for things like salvaged solar arrays so they dont move after you place them where you wanted? some people say you need to save and reload the game to freeze the solar array but doing so never worked for me and using the standard soil to secure it can cause it to jitter even if the soil isnt physically touching the array. a specially designed soil variant designed as glue would be great for keeping objects static. I would suggest that the way this be crafted is in the chemistry station using a full canister of soil, and resin.
  24. You guys should really add a reaching augment to the terrain gun
  25. Hey everyone, not sure if it's just my laptop that's having the issue due to it frankly being a baked potato at times or if anyone else has had the issue as well. Basically, I go to use my terrain tool to dig up any part of the terrain and the gun doesn't run as smooth as it used to. It keeps starting and stopping and frequently my Astroneer character will start hopping around where he's standing. The gun will only dig in very short, fraction of a second spurts and it's pretty annoying, also that while the gun moves smoothly when placing down some terrain, my character will stop jump around