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Found 3 results

  1. The triggers on Xbox controllers are not simple on/off buttons, they send a range of data depending on how far in they are depressed. It would be great if this was used to vary the intensity of the terrain modification tool. Press it in halfway, take away/add half as quickly.
  2. Allright, this is my first bug report, lets hope I dont screw it up. Mouse/Keyboard player - Steam, on Multiplayer: This happens when I'm a client on MP: Everytime I'm collecting resources with a full backpack, when the terrain gun "plops" the resource on the ground, I can pick it up (click). For example: I have a backpack full of oxygen and energy. Find a compound deposit. Mine it. The terrain gun "plops" the compound nuggets on the ground. I "Q" to open my backpack, and throw some oxygen and energy nuggets away. But when I click on the compound nugget, i can hold it in my "hands". I CAN pick up the oxy and energy back, just not the things the gun "plopped out". However, if a friend (host for example) is around, he can interact with all nuggets. AFTER he just "picked up" and placed the thing back, I can pick it up normally. Take note that the mouse cursor DOES change to the " blue circle" thing, like I could pick stuff up, but clicking makes nothing. I hope someone else can reproduce this, and even more: devs fix it. And I'm not sure if attaching any images would be helpful. Start a new thread in the Bugs sub-forum. Make sure the title is straight to the point. E.g., "Organic resource won't connect to the Generator" Give us as much information about the bug as possible: Mouse/keyboard? Controller? Steam? Xbox? What were you doing leading up to this bug? Any steps that we can take to reproduce the bug on our end is appreciated. Include any media you want. Feel free to attach images, videos, and so on to your post.
  3. Here's my roof with a hole for the trade lander Here's the shot from inside In the back left is the doorway to the launch pad The launchpad and main power line are just out back Here's the power run next to the back driveway And finally the front diagonal wall with two vehicle-sized openings I love how this blue stuff sparkles at night. I just wish getting good corners didn't take 6+ trips onto the roof feathering the terrain tool hoping not to deform the adjacent angle. (see the flyaway polygon in the last shot...)