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  1. Hi, System ERA Team Yesterday (03/21/2019) we noticed that we started having major desync in the world between Host and extra CO-OP player, when under ground the extra player will eliminate parts of the ground to dig or collect then after about a second or part of the ground will respawn all deformed like. This is making the game almost unplayable for a cooperative extra player, for the Host it appears to be fine, the extra player can even watch the host destroy the ground then after about two seconds it all respawns all distorted like for the second play, we have 5-6 hours on the world play through. They then can destroy the part that has respawned then after a second or two it will respawn, from hosts view they are digging past what they see on their screen and on what they should be seeing. Attaching screenshot from Host and Client to show a representation, from what we have seen it is only happening underground, not sure of how to provide a description of how deep, it is moderately deep into the planet but in theory still not that far down. We have a 15MegabytePS internet connection (Real Test Speeds), we are running on the same Modem so technically LAN but is running through the games join system, restarted modem, restarted STEAM, not sure if this is using LAN or WAN connection. Was using the ASTRONEER Early Access game files but decided to uninstall and install new copies from Steam registering the game files as ASTRONEER Please reach out to me if you need more info, let me know if uploading my Save game would help in any form. Thanks, Emperor Dalek