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Found 11 results

  1. I've been playing with my friends on a dedicated server I host for the past few weeks, and since the new update came we decided to create a new world on the same server (maybe this cause the issue, I don't know). But now that we built a base and wanted to add some color, we found out that after logging out or restarting the server the Terrain Analyzer "lose" the color, but it's not reusable since it turns white. This is a quite annoying bug since it happens every time, the ones in the picture were 2 different shades of green before we logged out, I save and close the server, next time we login they're white.
  2. - Steam Every time I log into the game, all my terrain analyzers lose their color and return to the default light gray. I have not found any solution, these analyzers are junk now. Similarly, the viewing ports on the side of medium canisters lose their color, however, taking one item out and putting it back in seems to update the canister and the color of the item returns.
  3. I think there should be a station similar to the Soil Centrifuge where you would put in two colors from a terrain analyzer (e.g. blue and purple) and you would be able to manipulate those colors in certain ways. For example, you could combine the two colors to make a blue-violet color that you could use. You would also be able to add patterns with those two colors. Ideas that I have in mind include half blue half purple, diagonal streaks, polka dots, bricks, and a gradient between the two colors. This station would only require power to use other than the two terrain analyzers needed to combine colors and make patterns, because it is simply a cosmetic change and it would be unnecessary to require other resources.
  4. I have found a glitch in the Terrain Tech Test. Platform: XBOX ONE Version: 0.10.5 Description: In the Terrain Tech Test, Terrain Analyzers created by the Resource Plinth do not collect color, even with no canisters on the astroneer.
  5. Summary: 0.10.5 - Steam - Terrain Analyzer from Resource Plinth not working Description: If you take a terrain analyzer from the resource plinth, it does not pick up colours, while still using power. If you make one using zinc, then you can use it properly. Please look into this issue. Even other people faced this problem. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 0.10.5 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro for Workstations x64 CPU: i3-7100 GPU: MSI GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB (only factory overclocked) RAM: 8 GB ~2600 MHz (can't remember exactly how many Hz; this is approximate) Drive: Seagate 1 TB Cardiac Blue SATA HDD
  6. Platform: XBOX ONE Description: I have heard that the Inhibitor Mod and Terrain Analyzer can be paired on the Terrain Tool in order to "paint" terrain. However, this does not work for me. Note that I am using the Concrete color in my Terrain Analyzer.
  7. I've never used the terrain analyzer before. I wanted to flatten my base on Terran and paint everything black like the starting unalterable terrain. So I made a terrain analyzer and loaded it up with black from the starting ground underneath the Terran base. After painting with it (in concert with the Alignment mod), I discovered that I couldn't manipulate terrain that was painted this way despite it not being a part of the small circle of starting terrain that can't be altered. Painting it another color (such as by adding terrain with no analyzer equipped) will allow you to dig again, but I feel like this is unintended behavior potentially. This happened on Steam, playing with mouse & keyboard.
  8. Hi there, the new update is great however, the terrain analyzer is experiencing some issues. If I fill it with the same color as the base (dark grey/black), I can place it down, however I can't get rid of it. I've tried everything and it will not allow me to. I accidentally made a huge mound on my base trying to use it and now I can't get rid of it haha
  9. Hi Team, Love v.7, thank you!!! New content, new bugs! My report is on the Terrain Analyzer bugs. I'm playing solo end-game and trying to be creative to extend the life of playing. After building a very big base I'm trying to paint it with the following problems: The issue lies on creating an analyzer tool, leaving game, loading game and then trying to use the tool (old or new tool, it doesn't matter): Reloading game leads to the device(s) colour identity going black (see picture. All these devices should be either yellow, red or blue). A big problem if you need to leave the planet to get the colour again or simply are looking for the colour of choice. Another issue is the 'painting' style used with Analyzers. It the picture you can see some grey on the floor. The analyzers miss a lot of rock when painting making the device almost useless. The only way to use them properly at the moment is to get your colour first, then build from scratch. After building my very big base, this is a problem for me. I have also found sometimes the analyzer tool will lose its colour, going back to default and unable to be re-coloured. These become rubbish and the colour has to be created again with a new analyzer tool. This is a random issue. Keep up the great work team! Mark.
  10. So I started using the terrain tool and acquired my first two colors (Yay^^). But when I loaded my save the next day both of my analyzer looked like they were empty. So I tested them. They still work with the color I originally filled them with. But it will obviously get very hard to tell which one has which color in it or which ones are filled already and which are not.
  11. Summary: - Steam on Windows 10 Pro x64 - Terrain analyzer loses saved color on world load Description: Just loaded a saved world and found that my two terrain analyzer aguments (magenta, blue) had lost their display colors. It should be noted that they still function as if they had those colors, they just no longer display the color saved into them. They were not on my player character when I quit/saved out of the game, they were on a Large Platform D. When I came back to the game just today and loaded my world, the augments were black as if they contained no color - after testing however, they retained their correct functionality.