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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, First, i got 243 hours playing astroneer. Second, my profession is software tester; i work on financial banking product not on game testing but still, i consider that it counts. Having said that, i strongly believe that terrain 2.0 should have been released in beta test before February 6th. Really, the way terrain and caves before Terrain 2.0 (aka T2) looked a lot better and easy to navigate, especially on starter planet. Some planets (like exotic with those damn hollow hills crap) when you reached the mountain areas were indeed dificult to drive but still. On starter
  2. As someone who does CAD for a living, the alignment tool (and flatten terrain function) is one of my favorite things to get in the interest of making a base I can be proud of. That said, there are a couple of adjustments that really should be made that could transfer it from being a helpful tool to being the quintessential base-taming device. 1. Allow the tool to work on ceilings -I'm getting really tired of constantly adjusting a base ceiling angle so that any lights I put up there can actually light the place up. 2. Either allow us to set a desired angle for a slope, or c
  3. A post in this section made me think. Why do we need canisters to store sediment? I understand the need for storing (liquid) hydrazine but why sediment? Why not having sediment nuggets/stacks like we have for energy and oxygen? Why not use sediment nuggets directly off the backpack to level/add terrain? The same way we use energy or oxygen nuggets to replenish the backpack battery and oxygen tank. Planets are pretty much huge balls of sediment with a thin sprinkling of resources here and there. Why use canisters to artificially restrict sediment collection when it is, by far, th