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  1. Hello, When 'terraforming' a new base, I noticed that, regardless of how many canisters I have on my backpack/terrain tool, they all empty simultaneously, at the same rate they would if I had just 1 full canister. In effect, this bug leaves me with having the same 'volume' of soil in 9 canisters (see attached screenshot) as I would have with 1. I'm using keyboard and mouse on steam; I drove a large rover to a new location to build a base on a Gateway on Sylva. Upon filling a number of small canisters to allow me to flatten a large area for a new 'flat' base, I noticed the issue. I've tried many scenarios (different locations, different mods/no mods attached, printed a whole new set of small canisters, etc.) and nothing fixed this. In the attached screenshot, all of the canisters I'm wearing were full when I started to flatten off the lighter 'default' grey portion of my base. As you can see, they're all emptying at the same time, and VERY quickly. Please let me know if this is a confusing bug report, or you need further information. Kind Regards, Martin
  2. Hello all, A friend and I have had an issue with the game for quite some time now. Being the laid back (lazy) person that I am, I figured that I would wait for a fix to come without my intervention, because surely, more motivated people must have reported this issue by now. We've run into a syncing issue between PC and Xbox. I'm hosting the game on PC, and a friend is joining through Xbox. While digging down through any planet, eventually, a place will come that I can terraform (remove) material, but the material reappears for the person on the Xbox. I experimented by opening a save that I created on the PC, with the issue, on an Xbox, and I found that the areas with the issue were now full of material. I removed the material on the Xbox, saved, and reopened on my pc, and the areas that I "fixed" on the Xbox were full of material. I'm not sure what the issue is, but it appears to have something to do with how the Xbox and PC version of the game interpret data. If this issue has already been reported, forgive me, It's late, and this has been on the to-do list for a while.
  3. info: pc, windows 10, 3440x1440 monitor. bug trigger: unknown still, i'll try and keep and eye out for what exactly causes this, if anything, and i'll reply to this thread with more info if i find it. the terraform gun sometimes sits downwards below the player and clips through the floor when put away (if the astronaut is standing on the ground and not on a wheel as in the attached image), and it stays like this when not in use until the game is restarted. gun still appears normal when active and in use; this only happens when it's put away. i've attached an image to show the problem more clearly. the people that i play online with can't see this, it only appears abnormal on my end. likewise i can't see anything abnormal for them if they are experiencing this bug (which they have)
  4. I think it would be interesting to create a new modular device that if installed at several points around the planet would begin the process of creating a breathable atmosphere. This wouldn't necessarily create a huge leap for developers as the only real modification to normal game-play would be the removal of the necessity for the tethered airline all over the planet. The devices could be as intricate as the developers wanted to make them, requiring a lot of resources at each location, and it would force the player to explore larger regions of each planet that they wanted to terraform. This could also introduce weather features to some planets that might not have any right now, as well as plant-life, etc. I currently have about 130 hours in on the game, and absolutely love it! But I am finding that once a pattern of development is established at each new location, the "thrill" of the exploration isn't as high as at the beginning. Creating new challenges for advanced users might be a way to combat "drop-outs".
  5. Hello SES, Great game. Really enjoying it! I play exclusively on Xbox One and have found using the terraforming tool a challenge. I certainly don't expect the level of fine detailed control you have when using a keyboard/mouse but it for sure requires a learning curve to use it well with the sticks. One of the more challenging aspects is getting the center dot of the targeting cursor on the right starting ploygon when attempting to flatten terrain. I think it would be very helpful if the center dot of the cursor was a different color other than green. Initially it could be red, or yellow, or white, etc. In the future, perhaps make the color of that center dot a selectable option in settings. Thanks!
  6. Would be nice to have a way to change the size of the deform tool brush to edit smaller surfaces.
  7. Well done team System Era for creating this amazing platform. I can't wait for the next update, the possibilities are endless!
  8. It was actually pretty hard to get a good screenshot with short rendering distance. (It's at max.) Aaaand hard to get a nice angle, but.. Lol. If I get even more bored, I'll make it a bit more accurate, but.. we'll see~
  9. I think I'd be cool if there was a building that you can make to help make an o2 atmosphere, which could be like a goal to the game to make planets habitable you would need to build a certain amount of them for diffrent planet sizes and they would require titanium or some other rare resource that could be added like say 50-100 of them around the globe not in the same radius tho then you can explore the planet without an oxygen tank unless you go deep underground where there's poisonous gasses sorry I forgot to add idea as a tag and I couldn't delete the old one
  10. I think I'd be cool if there was a building that you can make to help make an o2 atmosphere, which could be like a goal to the game to make planets habitable you would need to build a certain amount of them for diffrent planet sizes and they would require titanium or some other rare resource that could be added like say 50-100 of them around the globe not in the same radius tho then you can explore the planet without an oxygen tank unless you go deep underground where there's poisonous gasses
  11. Playing on a gaming PC, using keyboard and mouse i've noticed if you are using the smooth function (ctrl) and move the cursor over the astroneer it raises the target terrain above the rest around it. So if i was flattening an area in front of me it would leave a small mound where the cursor was targeting the ground through the astroneer, i'm guessing it is warped by a transform on the player model or starts using a poly in the model as its base line. I've not teamed up with anyone so not sure if it happens when terraforming through another player
  12. I'm seeing a lot of requests for the ability to build your own buildings with interiors to them. I'm thinking about using the same terraforming mechanics to create geodesic-dome style buildings (pictured below). example: The structures could be added on top of the existing terrain and be enlarged to encompass existing structures, providing protection from storms while allowing transparency for solar power. Thoughts?
  13. hey, The mining tool have stopped to work after 4-5 hours of game. I tried to clean the files then re-install Astroneer but the problem is still here. I can't dig, I can't elevate the ground level and I can't flatten it. Its important to say that the game runs perfectly well, few lags when moving the camera fast but it haven't crashed one single time. The game isn't lagged now but I can't use the mining tool, after few seconds using the tool (let's say 10) the ground remains unchanged, but if I come back later the ground have disappeared and the ressources that i have tried to mine floats in the air. CONFIG : -Gtx 660 -Intel Pentium G2020 (2.90GHz) -Windows 7 x64 -4go RAM This game is very promising and the design is just wonderful, I hope it will become more stable.
  14. On the planets and moons Terraform a planet Can terraform a planet and put trees flora and fauna, create an atmosphere with oxygen, to take off your space suit, and terrestrial flora and fauna, And whether the ecosystem created is sustainable or destroys itself, and see how it evolves. Create an ecosystem that is self-regulating and does not end up destroying itself. Once terraformed to be able to build a girl and have children. Then the children lose and must go to rescue them. A genetic incubator that can accelerate the growth of another astronaut of another sex, to have children and populate the planet once this terraformed Things to print or research Sound alarm the storm is gone or comes. To be able to print or research a sound alarm that warns before and after the storm of cubes Flora or fauna that devours concrete materials left by the base. And some shields or barriers or safe deposits so that they are not eaten. That there are storms of cubes or of other forms that damage the constructions and have to construct domes or protective dome like shields A key to soften, flatten the terrain, not only add or subtract Move the planets, change the orbits To be able to modify the orbit of a planet or moon, with a structure of rockets or solar propellers. And if you move the planet to an unstable orbit, it can collide with the sun, or go with the motorized planet to another galaxy. To be able to modify the orbits so that the climate is better, and the terraforming is less expensive Or change the orbit of the planet to avoid colliding with an asteroid once it passes, put it back in the same orbit. Create satellites that tell you where there are resources. And to be able to clean up the space debris and broken satellites that orbit for the new satellites to last more. To avoid that a functional satellite collides with space trash that this orbiting An orderly stock of resources To be able to print or to investigate an ordered store of resources, if, in the truck can be put some panels with holes, but something bigger, with many more holes and that are ordered by product, element. For not leaving on the floor piles of holes with equal elements in each hole. A tree of resources and research, to know that you need to build such a thing Teleport between bases of different planets. That once you have a base on planet and another, you can teleport. To go with the spacecraft is very slow.