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Found 1 result

  1. As has been said many times, the game needs a technology tree to make researching more satisfying. So I made a simple example of it. Each blueprint can be unlocked when all its roots have been discovered. In addition, the chance of each discovery depends on its position on the tree (the more to the right, the less chance - more valuable blueprints). Each research event (RE) randomly select one of currently available blueprints. Let's see an example. At the begining you've got 100% chances to discover tethers (game should make one artifact accessible for the player, near the landing site - it would also work as a really basic tutorial). Once you unlocked tethers (RE-1), five new blueprints became accessible. Each of them has a weight of 1/2, so they are equally likely to be unlocked in the next RE (RE-2). Let's assume that you get power cells and next, RE-3 takes place... sample results: I do not know if the weights of successive levels are well balanced, but I think this concept makes sense. What do you Guys think about it?