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Found 10 results

  1. Anyone have a hankering for a space-age industrial revolution? I do! So, I've compiled a big list of items to help bring Astroneer to the next level of infrastructure. Enjoy! 1. Rocket Drone The Rocket Drone is an interplanetary ship that can deliver Materials and other items between planets. When launched, they will fly to in-range vehicle bays or enter planetary orbit. When in orbit, they can be told by the nearest Controller Platform on the planet they are orbiting to fly elsewhere, as long as it has fuel. It has the capability to release Orbital Satellites. 2. Orbital
  2. Lost crystals + Ancient aliens hidden places + colorful puzzles. Need some kind of "First contact" feeling. Walls with Ancient graphical instructions. (no text needed) High / Alien tech rewards (floating parts, teleportation becon, ...)
  3. I was wondering if a thread about this was made or not so ill make one i guesh Sandstorms~ Sand storms can cause a variety of damage and issues to the modules. Say for instance a rock or two hits your habitat then there should be visible damage which you have to repair otherwise your habitat will be unusable. so building a thing like a repair tool or welder could repair the habitat and make repair other modules like broken solar panels or modules. also a sandstorm would disrupt a solar panel by leaving sand on the solar panel that you have to go and wipe off. Snow and Sno
  4. Hello fellow astroneers! So my idea is to make more important research itens (Shuttle, Trading Station, Drill, etc) need more than one pod to complete. Like researching pieces of it, as an example: 1º research = You found Shuttle piece (1/3) or name it to Shuttle landers 2º research = You found Shuttle piece (2/3) or name it to Shuttle fuel tank 3º research = You found Shuttle piece (3/3) or name it to Shuttle engine And then a message "Shuttle unlocked" That way we will be more motivated to explore the planet and it will be more rewarding
  5. So for whatever reason... this game makes me want to be able to upgrade my buildings (make them bigger/cooler looking) kind of like Starcraft. And maybe have options on upgrades that allow you to build one thing or another based on your upgrade/tech decision. I'd also love xp/tech tree so that we can "level up" our Astroneer. Things like last longer without oxygen. Burn less energy. Jump higher. Walk/Run faster. Scouting/Tracking. Etc
  6. What is this? What is it used for? It appears I can tether it to things but I dont see what pupose it serves. It isn't a winch, and if it is I don't know how to make it retract. Anyone know what this is?
  7. I believe that if you are a person who plays alone on games like this one, as I am, then you should be able to design or create robotic friends and workers who can help you scavenge the world more quickly and efficiently. Thus creating a new feel for industrialization of the planets you explore. There should also be a narrating computer voice to make the announcements of specific icons that pop up at times to warn you and tell you when something is completed or nonfunctional. This would also be a great implementation to the co-op as well. All-in-all this game is great so far and I cannot wait
  8. On the starting planet the trade platform has some balance issues, particularity in conjunction with the fuel condenser, that the most recent patch did address. On the outer planets however the trade platform can be the difference between tedium and fun, and on most planets getting energy isn't as easy as on the first so the fuel condenser becomes less OP. My suggestion is that certain technologies not be researchable on the starting planet: Trade platform Fuel condenser Space Ship Basically under the idea that you need to regain space before you can mast
  9. Hi there, i have some ideas for the game: Printer Change: CHANGE for existing printer usage of 4-6 input rescources make it possible to use the input slots like this: 2 slot items + other 2 slots with the storage addon flat on the table to use 2slot items + 8x 1slot rescources add possibility to use the 2 slots infront as additional input slots or make printer use up to 4 items and show 2slot items in the front 2 slots for building the following items building and placeing of 3slot items Conduit Change: Cha
  10. Hi there. 1. Idea - Drones I visited every planet and build bases on every planet. The first stage in investing a planet is that u are rare on ressources or move between planets to get more stuff on it. In the beginning especially when the planet is not that nice to you... you are not able to move alot arround without dying. I would love the idea to stack a drone on a spaceship. (like a battery or store or something). The Drone is drivable but without seat. its only to get an overview of the terrain where u are. Sure it also needs energy. So if its empty u have to wait for the sun or