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Found 5 results

  1. Ben Durcholz


    When exploring caverns and laying down teathers, i end up getting lost in a maxe tryig to get out. It would be such a time saver if the teathers showed you which way the air was coming from. This could be a blue arrow at the top pointing along the line towards the next. That way when there’s a fork in the road, you can be absolutely certain which way is out. attached is a super quick iphone rendition of it.
  2. crsunlimited

    Tether Suggestion

    Instead of making tethers more of a permanent build lifeline, can you make them where they are a temporary refill? That way you carry so many with you like a stim pack that gives you full oxygen, and/or power. They would be a one time use, and may help with memory clutter that the lifeline system seems to be experiencing.
  3. sparker3d

    Game Breaking Oxygen bug

    My teathers have gone black and only the first one works. please fix fast, i really want to contue playing! (Yes, i'm addictied)
  4. Placing a long chain of tethers with the XboxOne is very tedious and detracts from the gameplay. It would be really great if the tethers snapped to a circle around the nearest tether where the radius is the longest possible connection. This would make explorer much easier and smoother.
  5. TruMoo_

    New Features

    Hey Era, It would be awesome if you can make it so that anyone can connect to any teathers in the world. Me and my friend have a world and he cant connect to my teathers. Thanks