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Found 5 results

  1. I always translate through GOOGLE translator. Developers create a tab on which you can see how many people went into the game and the nickname of the players. Was kick from the game.
  2. I was going through the settings to optimize my game, so I changed the key to enter the home-cabin/vehicle/ from "tab" to "q"(personal preference). But now it still says Tab if you're near it. I can only enter with q(which should happen), when I press tab, nothing happens.(which should also happen) I'm using a keyboard on steam. This might be fixable by having some system check which key is bounded to entering the vehicle/home-cabin
  3. I realized I could use the TAB key to put stuff that was selected directly into my backpack instead of dragging them to backpack. But if I use the tab key with my tethers they simply vanish. Instead I have to drag them manually with my mouse to the backpack. it's no biggie but I lost a lot of tethers before realizing this issue.
  4. when i'm carring storage half full, it rotate to me one side.. pressing "tab" it should rotate other side...
  5. Hey, Im stuck in a hab that i made extra and havnt used yet on PC. Cant get out or anything.Its making me just sit here and watch everything(i can grab stuff still) i dont have a tether on me so i cant kill my character either. The hab is on its side which i think is the reason this is happening my Gf in the match cant make it roll over or sit up and i cant Tab out of it. If someone from system era could come kill me or somthing I rather do that then have to restart my save.