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Found 3 results

  1. Summary: 1.0.7- Steam - Full System hang / crash after 2 to 20 minutes with no error messages Description: After playing for a few minutes sometimes the game will hang for 5 to 10 seconds... usually after a few of these the game crashes my computer. Unable to end process, use mouse, force close or anything else. Requires full reboot. Have tried low graphics settings and windowed mode with same result. Newest nvidia driver as of 2/21/19. EGPU stable with all other games... Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 107 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64
  2. Xbox one / Controller (Bug) 1) Name change? Or item change? The oxygen tank when empty, will change and say tether. When you have the backpack menu open and a tether picked up and you hit the quick pick button (X) to send the tether to the back pack. It only has affected empty tanks, if all my tanks are full it doesn't do it. Solution: was to load prior save and it corrected itself every time. 2) Xbox One / Controller (System Crashing) The storm on Terran (Green) is lagging the game, especially when the storm passes over head while I'm underground, and in the same loa
  3. Hello all, I have just experienced my game freezing, where the screen froze with a continuous buzzing background noise but I was still able to access my Xbox's dashboard and navigate without a problem. After I tested that out the game automatically closed itself out and sent me back to the dashboard. I hit the start button on Astroneer and closed it. I waited a minute or two and tried to open it back up. The title picture of Astroneer would stay and up then it would crash out, automatically bringing me back to the dashboard and gave me an error code (which unfortunately I did not write do