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Found 4 results

  1. I can't post a screenshot (I'm on Xbox) but I encountered a strange bug. I was playing creative driving my buggy around on Sylva when I found one of the nodes, floating high up in the air. I was only able to get up to it because I was playing creative. If you want to see it, I uploaded the clip to my Xbox profile. (TeenTroller23) While this bug didn't inhibit my experience, I thought I should report it anyway.
  2. Steps to reproduce: - make a tractor and somes trailers ( may also need a small solar panel and a small wind turbine putting in the front of the tractor ) - try to drive them to a gateway chamber but not arrived in fact Expected result: - nothing happened Actual result: - My tractor and me fell down to the gateway engine of Sylva which I haven`t activated after my computer started to freeze. My tractor disappeared after I ran randomly for minutes. So that there was myself only in the gateway engine that there is no need Oxygen. I didn`t want to die cause my backpack contained somes small objects and tried to call others to save me but I died inexplicably before they could activated a gateway chamber on the surface of Sylva. I'm using the Steam version of Astroneer on Window 10. Let me know if you need more information Here is the screenshot after only myself remained staying in the gateway engine.
  3. Any feedback is highly appreciated.
  4. Hello; I could not find an specific thread for my issue but. While exploring Sylva I find myself lacking of some elemental resources (namely Wolframite and Hematite) which are necessary for, at least, the Chemistry Lab and the Trading Platform, as well as the shredders. Which in turn will allow us to access further technologies and tools. How do you work around this? in the Wiki it explicitly states that you might be able to find working Medium Generators while exploring underground but, is there a realistic and tangible possibility of finding wolframite, hematite, or working modules (such as the shredders or the trading platforms)to overcome the natural lack of availability of certain resources in this planet? At least on your own experience during gameplay if you could find ways to work around this. Thank you.