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  1. Obligatory "I searched, but couldn't find this in this forum." If I missed it, my apologies, I am sure I am not the first with this issue. When I am walking past structures, and that blue line that provides you with oxygen and power switches, it briefly freezes. I am not sure if it is a latency thing or a frame rate drop or what exactly, but it is a noticeable pause every time that blue line switches where it is connecting me to. The only solution I found on other/Steam forums was to remove all tethers, which I painstakingly did across the four planets I have 'bases' on, which did not resolve the problem. I am not surprised by this as it does not appear to be limited to tethers per se, it's that blue line connection in general. I can run freely over the horizon and back, but the moment I link up to a vehicle or building I get that pause that is slowly making me crazy. It isn't as bad, though still noticeable on new games. It is the worst on my longest running save, which makes me think it is linked to the size either of the empire or the save file. The long running save started on Steam, and then to be able to play multiplayer with Xbox/Win10 friends I had to repurchase on Win10, so I found a way to move my save file from Steam to the Win10 (a story for another time, not challenging, just takes some trial and error). It has colonies on Terran, Tundra, two on Exotic, and Barren is very developed with 3 bases and a network of modules/nodes that loop the planetoid and span out to connect other things. I have made every change I can think of to adjust graphics quality, including some of the modifications to Engine.ini in an attempt to prevent this little pause, without any success. Any ideas to try to keep my gameplay smooth are greatly appreciated, love the game, just need that sweet smoothness Thanks in advance!