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Found 1 result

  1. Understanding that this game is unique and that the core concept is to survive against the environment. I have been thinking about how one could increase the threat level of survivability without adding 'combat' per se. In that let me explain. Concept: You land on a planet, once you have landed a 'Area of effect' meter is established. This meter expands when you expand your base (or area of effect/footprint on the planet). Once your bases AOE hits a certain threshold the local life starts to become more aggressive. This could range from the spawn rate/location of spawn increasing over time and closer to your base to new types of lifeforms spawning over time that do different things. Perhaps a deadly fungus/mold that spreads across the surface, making areas impassible or something. (many non-combat ideas exist) The 'AOE' meter or 'footprint on the planet' would continue to expand as your base did, and the threat would continue to increase accordingly and in turn your response to the threat needs to increase. Input: Looking for a good constructive conversation on this idea. And will edit/credit accordingly.