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  1. I would like to see the ability to freely change the game mode status (creative and survival) for each individual player (like in Minecraft). My client players don't like to play in creative but I do and like to be the "admin" of the world. Therefore I would like to be able to see myself in creative but keep them in survival.
  2. survival has been a big discussion, with many ideas being kicked around about food, water, and enimies, but I for one am opposed to this idea. i just wanted to start a thread to talk with people about the reasons they want no survival mechanics. i think that the fact that there is no survival aspect in the game is the best part of it, because of how open-ended the game is now. The ability to mess around all day (in game) in astroneer has no negative reprecussions because there is no obligations. In fact, you’ll probably get some laughs in. Try this stunt in Minecraft, ARK, or other “realistic” survival games and you’ll end up as fish meat because there are certain things the game forces you to do. This is what I would hope the game would avoid. thanks for letting me steal a minute from you, Astrofun.
  3. Ok so While I was watching Z1's video I was thinking this would be a really cool survival mode. I really like the idea of being able to chose which planet you start on for survival mode (or possible randomly generated). But something akin to the chair glitch would have to be available. Like a astronomer plane or jet pack. You guys addressed that you would add some replacement for this glitch in the video below. But I thought if no one had mentioned it this type of survival would be interesting. The Z1 video I was referring too
  4. When I started, I lost a few lives as I was so excited to explore that I lost track of my oxygen and didn't make it back to my tethers in time. It'd be nice if there was some type of "alert" system (perhaps you can craft this and mount it in your helmet) - even a series of beeps to job the player's memory.
  5. Just like in the tutorial, a tap feature would be perfect for larger plants. It would allow for easy access to organic without terrain destruction. The smaller fauna throughout the planets, e.g. Terran, could be used as a survival feature. They would be collected into a type of item that would be considered "vegetables" or something of the sort. It could the be put through a blender to be turned into organic. "Vegetables" could then be eaten by the player. This idea could be expanded for more plants; leaves or grass could regenerate creating new resources. This could allow plant beds to be made from medium printers using compound and canisters.
  6. I think it would be really cool if you guys were able to put in enemies to go with the survival part of the game, similar to minecraft with its zombies and creepers (etc.). I believe adding in monsters with different varieties in what they do would be interesting and would have more for you to do, instead of lazily going around mining and saying "I'll just do this and this and this and the only thing that'll stop me is boredom from how long it takes" This is something a person would say in a game about survival, like with the horror game, the Forest, a game where you wander around a forest, surviving and finding clues about what's going on the island you're on. It's all accompanied by cannibal savages, sharks, and deer to keep you on the move. However, I cannot give you any ideas! Mostly because some of the ideas I do have, block my thinking when I think, Who are they advertising this to? children? adults? I would think adults, with some of the elements of the game that may be harder for kids, with the building of machines and stuff. But I don't know, because the game throws me off with a vibe of spore, a "survival" game meant for anyone. So please get back to me on this!
  7. I'll just get right to the point. This is a list of ideas for improving the game, why I think they should be implemented, and ways they could be implemented into the game Survival Limited Oxygen Production I understand that this is a common thought, but in my eyes even long term space travel would have some difficulty producing O2 out on other planets without some source to draw power or resources from, even in a high-level space age civilization. Therefore it might be more interesting to implement limits on oxygen production from the player's facilities, making things like O2 sources and the like even more valuable. Some examples: Oxygen won't recharge without power. Your levels will be maintained (or perhaps drain very slowly) but they won't increase until power is restored. This will encourage players to keep up some form of power and/or oxygen supply around at all times, as well as be more careful with air supply Filters protecting your O2 supply from dangerous gases and/or contamination. Kind of speaks for itself but the added threat of contaminated air would make filters much more important instead of something that seems a bit throwaway. Developing an O2 harvester. A consistent source of oxygen would be important on far away planets, and the larger the build the more important it would be to keep the whole thing full of oxygen. Thermal Conditions/Other Environmental Dangers Something that may be a bit extreme or unnecessary but the idea of adding in thermal conditions for high and/or low elevations would be interesting and force players to plan more carefully before collecting from those areas. That bit of titanium will seem a lot more foreboding atop a frigid cliff or on an island in the middle of a nearly volcanic cave. Other weather conditions affecting your site(s) would be interesting as well. Thunderstorms on Terran or Exotic planets shorting out power generators and such. Blizzards on Tundra planets creating sudden massive drops in temperature. Tornadoes on Arid planets that will pick up any resources not inside a building of some sort. Maintenance Probably either aesthetic or for difficulty, but the (possibly optional) requirement to use resources to keep equipment in tip-top shape seems like a bit of a no-brainer, as things like sandstorms would deal SOME kind of damage to your base while passing through. This also provides an excellent resource sink once you have things like the Fuel Generator and Trade Platform. Wear over time would be interesting and add a sort of life-expectancy to most anything the player uses. With the exception of the Habitat and/or Tethers probably. Damage from environmental and/or other sources would also add interesting challenge to the game, and force the player to adapt. Certain fragile pieces, like Solar Panels, Wind Vanes, and so on should at least need replacing from time to time after use. The need to upkeep a base would provide a minor personal attachment to bases on different planets. Research Difficulty/Choice/Evolution Again probably something redundant but it might provide more challenge, making certain research take more attempts or a more powerful research station to achieve. And attaching paths to different kinds of artifacts would encourage players to seek them all out. Certain things like the Habitat or the Winch might take more than one kind of artifact to suss out of the machine. A bigger research platform might allow for more powerful or larger research projects. Rappels Honestly this is slightly surprising it hasn't already been included. A rappel would make exploring cliffs or other structures more feasible. A rappel could be used like a Tether, but without giving you any O2. Rappels could be attached to the mouths of caves to make them easier to navigate, or to build bases on top of high cliffs. It would make it possible to modify crafts in space Construction Module Upgrades Being able to build bigger Printers, Solar Panels, Trade Platforms, and so on would be invaluable, especially if that allowed access to new features you couldn't get before. Upgraded Habitats could house additional players, gain slots, or even become full indoor buildings. Upgraded Research could take unwanted materials and convert them into something else, like an Artifact (at a very slow rate mind you), or allow higher level Research like other upgraded structures Upgraded Printers could build new attachments like Radars, Building Components, larger Batteries, O2 harvesters, and so on. Upgraded Smelters could smelt more at once, or synthesize low-level materials like Compound from unwanted items. Upgraded Vehicle Bays could build bigger ships and attachments. Upgraded Fuel Condensers could generate multiple tanks of fuel at once Upgraded Trade Platforms could allow you to send resources to other bases that have Radar. Internal Structures Probably not going to happen, but internal structures like full rooms and such would be a neat and welcome addition to the game, providing a nice end-game sink and offering something to give the player a way to really make a home out on those distant planets. Housing could allow players to pass time and do something end-game. Greenhouses could allow players to grow sources of Resin, O2, Organic, and so on. Landing Pads could provide a proper home for Shuttles and larger spacecraft. Labs could be evolved from Research modules for synthesizing new materials from old ones, or managing robotics of some kind. Foundries could be built from Smelters for creating compound materials like Steel Reactors could be used for the end-game heavy power and/or O2 consumption of internal structures. Radar/Beacon changes A radar would be an interesting way to allow players to pick up on the beacons of other players, and give access to Beacon signal changes Beacons could be altered to give different signals, letting you mark different points of interest (like a source of Compound or an unexplored cave and so on) Radar could allow you to modify the signal of your base Radar could also allow you to communicate and command robotics Holographic Molds A form of mold for your Deform Tool would be really helpful when building things like ramps or other specific structures It could help control how much and what you fill in or take out You could look at certain builds before you fill them in Complex formations would be much easier Spacecraft Something that would be very welcome and a rather nice heavy sink for resources is being able to build/launch objects in(to) space like Stations or other large craft. Bigger stations mean more resources but could be put into orbit around planets and let you do something in an empty environment. It could even provide a neat way to create a goal the player can pursue as well as a reason to collect O2 or build O2 generators. Best part? It would offer them a genuine challenge as the entire thing would require them to use copious amounts of fuel, planning, patience, and investment to obtain a livable area orbiting the planet. - Oh, and as a side note, mod support. Because this game would really benefit from mod support. A lot.
  8. Astroneer is a great game as it is but it is in it's alpha stage meaning there is lots for to add. One of my ideas is that Astroneer should contain more survival like essentials. Here are two of my ideas: 1. Food - I believe food should be an item in this game to make it more challenging but before creating a server there would be a difficulty option which change the amount of food you would need daily to survive. Food could be obtained from destroyed ships, killing plants, and from organics. On the hardest difficulty you would need five units of food each day. On medium you would need three each day. On easy you would only need to eat one. 2. Drinking Water- Just like food, water would add a more survival like aspect to the game. Changeing difficulty would also change the amount needed. Water could be abtained by filling a canister with soil then extracting a material, using the material extractor, leaving behind a canister with some fresh ground water. On a hard difficulty you would need to drink five units a day. On medium, three, and on easy you would need one.
  9. Add a various amount of different creatures to the game from which you can harvest food and resources from adding new survival elements to the game by needing to eat and drink also add farming to the mix giving that same outcome but to also grow certain resources so they never will run out maybe having some seeds only obtainable on some planets maybe some creature will attack your base so you'll need to add defensive weapons to protect the player and there base.
  10. @SES_joe I have some questions about the futur of this game about the survival features : will we have some kinda of food/water/oxygen to survive ? Because this is a survival game, and the first thing we need to survive is oxygen/food and water... Btw great game, continue the good work, I bought it day1 and I love how you are making this game. 5*
  11. How about a food update, Growing our own food. A new Green Meter right above oxygen (or elsewhere) showing hunger. Grow them in dome like pods that take up as much space as a Small Storage or maybe a bigger dome that takes up as much space as the Big Storage. And maybe a new food processing machine and a machine to create water out of certain materials for the plants. the domes can have small slots to put on water canisters. And readied food can be carried around in a container of some sort taking up one backpack slot or a bigger storage for trucks (maybe as big as the huge battery) .
  12. So I've been starting new games looking for a decent spawn zone i like and every now and then i get a power or o2 vein next to my base. Or nearby. Early game they are very valuable to have around. But ive found once i start getting materials and building things. I dont use them anymore. Basically my idea would be some sort of adapter that could be attached to em in which you could then place tethers to tap its supply. Or maybe a rover if they ever took unlimited o2 from them. My other idea would to be the same sort of adapter on the vein, with a kind of output tap(either a new vehicle or a base bulding) that would take the avaliable resources from the vein/s and put it on its storage sections avaliable. Much like how the smelter works but for vein mining. I think this would work wonders for additional emergency power needs when you cant generate power. Or when you want some extra o2 going out on an expedition. And at least for the power aspect. It's automated!!..but you could put a power button and requirment to use it if that would make players happy. ✌ It would also bring some life back to these veins that I..personally..dont find much use for in the mid/late game..unless of course im desperate and i happen to come across it on a walk about. Thoughts??
  13. I've put in about 30 hours of this early access since its first release, I've recently threw in about 6 hours to see the new updates. I've seen a handful of VLOGs and read through the trello road map, and I'm pretty excited about whats to come. My main question is, what exactly is the challenge when it comes to the game? There are some survival aspects but, its pretty easy to survive as of now, and there is little to no penalty for dying in game. If there game is based off puzzle and exploration, then we're in a pretty solid state with research and easter egg items. Which in this case just means exploring the planet as much as possible and checking every corner of every cave. Maybe winching some bigger space parts together unlocking more content. I understand that it may be both about Puzzles and Survival but what is the priority down the road for Astroneer?
  14. 1: Tranquillisers (for when hostile lifeforms arrive) When hostile plants and animals arrives it'd be nice to be able to develop some defence against it, however it'd be a shame if the game suddenly fell into the depths of a violent bloodbath, the goal after all is to explore the cosmos and discover new life, not end it... What I think would be a nice solution therefore, would be able to use some sort of tranquilliser or stun device similar to perhaps what a modern day park ranger may use to stop an animal causing any harm. It could however take any number of forms, it could be some sort of device reminiscent of a gun or some form of gas which is emitted to temporarily put the animal to sleep. 2: Hydroponics System (for when hunger is added...) Hydroponics is a rather efficient way to produce food, and it'd be quite a nice module for farming to use. I'd love to drive along the cucumber delivery truck across the surface of Kepler 68B. It's perhaps the most simple of the suggestions. It'd be quite nice to be able to gather vegetation from the surface of the planet to be able to grow in hydroponics as well, it'd add the interesting challenge of finding the most nutritious vegetable on the planet and make vegetation a bit more then just decoration. It might also add a bit more motivation to actually explore 3: Genetics Related Stuff Astroneer is set a bit in the future, so it seems pretty reasonable to assume science in the field of genetics would've improved. It'd be nice to be able to see which family each species of plant or animal ends up in if a wide array of them are added. Tied in with suggestion 2, it'd be quite nice to be able to use a lab module or such to cross breed plants to create ones which are better at producing food, or perhaps achieving the same in an incredibly simplified genetic modification interface... 4: Natural Resources Related Stuff Essentially, a bit more development with natural resources. This could be in quite a few forms, it could be the ability to discover deep oil reserves in the planet via a scanner to be able to use for producing some things out of plastic. Alternatively it could be a very basic little wind system, so that wind turbines are better in some places which would experience wind. I'd then feel motivation to really think about where I setup my additional bases. 5: Mapping System This has undoubtedly been suggested numerous times on this forum in varying ways, but I felt like bringing my view on it to this post too. It'd be nice to have a very basic mapping system, perhaps via a little attachment to your backpack / vehicle which scans the surrounding area. You could open it up, and via colouring would show you the height of the terrain, it'd show your base camp if you have it via a little graphic. You could put on a few various styles of marker onto the map, and it'd show where you are and which way your facing (as well as perhaps where your teammates are?). Then, via some buttons you could turn on/off a few different extra features like a modern GIS map would use. You could then display any discovered energy or oxygen resource fields which haven't been depleted and any recharging oxygen or energy points. The map then may end up looking something a bit like the image below... 6: Water/Liquids This is the general suggestion, and simply put, I'd love to be able to see oceans and rivers across the planets, be it methane ones or our precious dihydrogen monoxide. It'd be lovely to watch the winged pluto cows grazing next to a rushing stream. It'd just add a bit more of an interesting atmosphere.
  15. I feel that Astroneer is a wonderful way to chart completely unexplored terrains and worlds. Not only because of it's settings but because of the atmosphere and stylistic qualities of the game. For instance, aside from the remotely human form of the Astroneer and the need for Oxygen to survive, there is nothing else indicating that they are fully human, or at least as we are. You could play around with materials giving your Astroneer physical properties (Higher run speed, lower/no reliance on oxygen) or distinct personalized characteristics. Astroneer's terrain offers a tremendous amount of potential in terms of flora you encounter and weather climates, so have that impact how your Astroneer adapts to the environment. There are obvious suggestions in the way of upgrading your Astroneers armor to withstand longer times without oxygen, have greater physical properties, etc. however I feel Astroneer as a game has greater potential for more unique features and takes on the survival/exploration genre. Possibly, by testing more extreme effects of gravity on planets, regrowing flora after tree structures are cut down (as is the seeds on the barren planets). Terrains like quicksand, ice or swamps are also examples of existing settings which could at least influence possible settings for future planet types.
  16. Can you guys imagine how cool it would be to have fluid dynamics inside the game??? we could shape the planets as we please, making waterways, lakes and all kinds of crazy things just by making cannals and holes so the water could follow! Also, it would be a great start for living things to be implemented to the game... exotic planets would be full of underground rivers and water reserrves so the green ecosystem above could grow. And we would have a great survival item, making it one of the priorities when exploring.
  17. Hey all. I mapped out a possible progression as part of a few other ideas. I'm in the middle of a game using this progression chart. I have to say, it has been really challenging, and really a blast. The hardest part currently has been the fact that you don't start with filters -- I've been following all the Terran rules so far, and just unlocked Filters, so I should be in much better shape. So far, the gameplay has been vastly changed, and for the better, IMO. On one hand, I got extremely lucky to have a cave system filled with research nodes, laterite and malachite right below my base, but very unlucky that there was very little Resin near me. Rushing in and out of caves before my oxygen runs out is a real thrill, but I'm sure if I had Filters from the start, I would put an even greater premium on Compound. I cheesed out just a tiny bit, in that I glanced through a bugged gap in the terrain and saw Resin right near me, below the surface. I still had to dig a hole and figure out logistically how I could get down and get things up without falling to my death, trapping myself without power, and suffocating. I've died quite a few times. But the triumph of scavenging the resources to build a generator, or finally build my Smelter was epic! I'm going to keep going on this "hard mode" for a while to see how I do with only building certain things once I've researched a few times on a specific planet. In another post, I will lay out a much more broad and detailed progression idea, but for now I though people might like to try this out as well.
  18. It is a nice addition that the backpack will regenerate slowly but i think it would be better if the backpack does not do that, or that there will be an option to set it off. This will give more value to having a solar panel on your backpack or keeping a generator with you at all time to generate energy when needed. Whenever you are in a cave and run out of energy the lights will also go off, this will make it a bit harder to stay out for long without a decent supply of energy and give more purpose to those small utilities you can add to your backpack. Also would it be nice to be able to upgrade the backpack with a few slots or upgrade the battery/Oxygen without consuming bag space. If they implement food/drink desires i would also suggest that they make somesort of belt or piece of equipment to store some food/drink for on the go so the backpack will be for resources and stuff. Its just an idea/suggestion. Not sure if it is a good idea though.
  19. I am really liking the game so far, and a ton of good suggestions and ideas are in this forum. I, however, would really like to see an option toggle for thirst and hunger if they're implemented. The reason that I ask this is because it has been really awesome being able to explore the planets I've been on without having to worry about having to harvest food and water, especially when we already have to run back to home base to drop of resources. I know people are going to say, "It's a survival game, it's supposed to have that!", and I'm not saying don't include the hunger and thirst mechanics, I'm simply asking that it could be a toggle option somewhere, during setup or something.
  20. [To desolate in advance of my vocabulary in English] Hello,Game creator and Player I introduce myself kiralefaucheur and I would like to propose to you an idea that trots me in the head! For me the game Astroneer this situates in a future close to the genre 2030 maximum (with the March mission that prepares it, if you have not heard speak) So I would like this game to evolve to the maximum being a games sandbox and survival open world in space. I would like to propose an idea to be able to build his house,But not just copy the building creation system like Rust or the ARK game. But more on a biodome system, like Strategy, Management and Survival, I'm talking about PlaneteBase! Obviously for all that is creation of vehicle, solar panels, wind and all the exterior type construction would not be in a biodome. On the other hand the Biodomes could have the different size according to the materials, and that the energy conducts when each biome and connect! And why not also created compared to that an oxigene generator for a little more survival (I speak that if have created biodome) And even later power creates thermal energy for a more stable consumption but can be less profitable to avoid ease, has to see again! Roughly my idea, I'm still full, and especially for more details do not hesitate to ask me. I hope that my project pleases you and that the developer of the game, can integrate it! Thank you in advance for taking the time to read and be interested in this project and my idea even if little else had it before me!
  21. You take a pod to Barren (the small moon around Terran). The pod has no functionality once on the ground. No terrain tool. No compound and resin in scavenger mode. Tethers do not help either since there is no infinite oxygen supply. Find titanium, copper, lithium and oxygen to survive (Already packaged) from crash sites of past Astroneers. Build tanks, batteries and generators. Organic packs, small solar panels, beacons, filters and hydrazine tanks can also be found at crash sites. One old rover can be found and recharged (No infinite oxygen with the rover, but you can store oxygen packs that you find on the back.) Storms and lack of oxygen can kill you (so find shelter at old crash sites or caves). Once dead, you have to restart and launch the pod again to Barren. Goal is to completely fill up an old shuttle (which needs to be found) with fuel and make it back home (to Terran). I think this game mode can be accomplished with the code that is in place (except for the rover, pod and shuttle not having infinite oxygen along with the absence of the terrain tool). Thank you
  22. Feature Request: It would be great if I could level up my character through activities and spend the earned experience points. RPG like elements of this nature would increase the penalty of death and would incentivize me keep playing over a longer period of time by unlocking new abilities / objects using in game experience. Often times I find that I tend to stop playing a game if I can no longer level up or can't level up at all.
  23. turning on/off filter at will i liked the ability to put the filter on the shoulder slot to disable it and use only when my tank is starting to be dengerously low instead of allway using it it seem to last longer if i can turn it off when im around the base like going out of the tether supply line for a sec and i already used too much while it could keep it for when i realy need it like i did after a truck flying away leaving me alone bug
  24. Hi, this is my first post. It probably won't be the best, but I won't let that stop me from trying. Let's take a look at the role of food in games, then see how it applies in a game like Astroneer. In your traditional combat oriented games, food is a health restore, either instantly returning a portion of the health bar or providing a temporary regeneration effect. Its function is keeping the player alive by using a limited resource in time of need. In MMO type games, usually, the food either provides the aforementioned effects, or it provides a temporary boon of another nature, ranging from increased damage to improved maximum health to damage mitigation or any number of other effects. Then there are survival games. Most survival games, like Minecraft, use a meter to gauge hunger, which provides a boon to the player when it is full, but a debuff of constant health drain when it is empty. By having this feature, Minecraft requires the player to hunt or farm any number of sources, hold space in the inventory specifically for food, or suffer the consequences of not remaining nourished. What I wonder is how food would fit into this game. There isn't enough backpack space to constantly carry around food, and having to look for food all the time on desolate planets would be more of a chore than would be fun in most cases. For the Energy and Oxygen resources, we already have to watch our usage, meaning if we are just starting the game, the player has to act quickly when moving away from the lander in order to get the first resources so they don't suffocate. Later in the game, after the base has been set up, the player can sacrifice a good chunk of their backpack space with batteries, tanks, solar panels, etc. in order to extend their independence from the station. Both resources refill for free; oxygen at the base, energy over time and with the help of generators/solar panels/etc. Food, in the case of having to locate/grow/harvest a resource to keep a meter filled or face death, doesn't really fit in line with the quick treks into the unknown, as it pushes the player to either never wander too far from a food source OR to constantly be looking for another food source. The latter is dangerous, as Astroneers has already reinforced the idea that wandering too far from the base is dangerous without the right tools. In my opinion, food in a game like this is just an unnecessary meter to constantly have to keep topped off. I enjoy the measured care I have to take with my energy and oxygen. They are just short enough meters to make venturing out a calculated risk. The reason Oxygen is mechanically interesting as it is happens because there isn't a need to constantly find more oxygen to fill up the ship. It is a free resource that is quickly topped off whenever one returns to the ship. Air actually behaves more like an expedition timer than a true resource to be gathered. Alternatively, Energy is only consumed when a player uses it, but slowly regenerates when they don't. We can amplify our energy output by adding on a solar panel or wind turbine to the backpack, or tethering up to a base or vehicle that has them equipped. Food cannot provide the sorts of time-restricted meaningful decisions that oxygen and energy currently do. Either food burns so fast that it takes too many inventory spaces to stay alive, or it burns too slow and doesn't have any real impact in the game other than being that one resource that has to be filled up every so often.