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  1. Hello all, today I wanted to play Astroneer on my save that i activated sylva, desolo, calidor, and vesania but when i went to load the game, it loaded to the system era screen, then the unreal engine screen, the got stuck on the spinning circles loading screen. Im on the Microsoft Store build of Astroneer and I've already tried uninstalling and reinstalling astroneer and the deleting movies things for the steam build doesnt work because I cannot find the movies folder. The current version of my game is the latest version as of June 7th, 2021. I've attached a video of me attempting to launch Astroneer. It usually stays on that screen for about 3 seconds. My computers specs are Ryzen 3600, Gtx 1650, 16gb ram, its a Hp Pavilion Gaming Pc with an added 8 gb ram stick. Thank you to all reading and supporting! 2021-06-07 23-56-38.mp4
  2. So I bought astroneer on the playstation store and the purchase went through but I can’t download it from my library or the playstation store.
  3. I run a few game server for some online friends and have a domain I use for all of them so that I'm not just handing out my public ip. for some reason when I try and type my domain into the game it doesn't show up. how can I get my domain to work with an Astroneer dedicated server? (no other servers are running at the same time)
  4. So my friend and I have the game both installed via the Microsoft store on our windows PC's. Now, when we go to join each other using the Xbox Companion App (we both have tried btw) it comes with an error, "Session not found" I have tried the following to fix the issues: Turn off any firewall | Restart PC | Re-install the game | Change time zone settings | Restarting IP helper in widows services | and disable smart cast from windows security. I am kinda getting frustrated because I really don't want to buy the game on steam while I already have it on xbox just to play with him. because he would have to buy the game too.
  5. tried uninstalling it, wouldn't work. deleted some of the files, couldn't reinstall, got error; '0x80073CF9 ', and now i think there's still some files left on my system. where can you find all the files of the game so i can delete them and reinstall it cleanly? im on windows10.
  6. Hi guys, i wanted play astroneer with some friends, but when i join a session and i invite my friends, they get an error "Session not found". (xbox app) Can anyone help me? Thanks
  7. [Microsoft Store] So I opened the game and it said I was playing offline. Since I wanted to play with my friend, I alt + f4 the game (still on the menu) and opened it again. A cutscene played and the offline message was replaced with one talking about the new patch, but both of my saves disappeared. Anyone else has had that happened to you? What do I do now?
  8. dxy5

    FPS cap?

    If my settings are lowered, the fps seems to be capped at 100, if my settings are maxed out, my fps is capped at 50. How can i disable this? i have a high refresh monitor and 50 fps wont do it for me. This game is beautiful, so i want to play it on max settings. I definitely have the hardware to push it. I tried going into the note pad and editing the max fps, however when i launch it, it rewrites the line. I am on windows version, not steam. Is this on purpose? If so that is pretty unacceptable in 2020 to have capped fps on pc
  9. I came back to this game earlier in the week to check out the new content. The last time I played before then was in June. I'm really enjoying the new content but the performance has degraded quite a bit since then. I've got really choppy frame rates when driving, launching into space, or any quick traversing really. There also seems to be some issues with terrain pop-in and bits of floating terrain hanging around when they should have disappeared. I brought down my settings all to medium, standard for cloud quality, and it doesn't seem to help much. Previously I was playing with much higher settings with less issues. System: AMD FX 6300 GTX 750ti 16GB ram
  10. Hi, my name is Luis Fernando, and I need help with the Astroneer game. I recently purchased the Xbox Game Pass And With that, I decided to download astrooner. I installed the game and opened shortly afterwards, a microsoft tab appeared. It was something loading, but it does not leave the 0%, and was at 0% for about 15 minutes, decided to cancel, and confirmed the cancellation. And it was black screen. I closed the game, and opened it again. But the game opens, and is black screen, and the menu does not appear or anything, just a black screen. I tried to uninstall and install the game again, but the same thing happened. If you want I put a video for you to understand better, but it's not a big deal. I just click start, a game screen pops up, then it's full screen, and it's black, and it doesn't come out of it. What I have to do?
  11. It has been a month since I played the game and have put in hours of play into. I can not get the game to save after any saving attempt I try. I would like to continue playing the game, cause I love it so much, but this issue really is putting a stop to it. I play it through PC on the Microsoft Store. If there is any fix please help.
  12. I have a very big problem i can't play with my friends because the game start offline but steam is online so i don't see who is the problem. Can you help me to solve it ? Orcadia
  13. Hello fellow astronauts! I am posting this because: A; Almost all 'could not find session' articles are for steam or from 2016, those that are recent are complex and the ones I've tried don't work. B; Not sure what NAT type I need. Both our NAT types are moderate, no multiplayer services are not down, I am obviously win10 and my buddy XB1. Invites/join game from Console Companion do not work at all, no error message or anything. Screenshot included. What can I do to ensure that we can play together every time we want to? All help/redirection is appreciated! -Robert
  14. I wanted to post my email to SES for public viewing. Maybe if enough emails are sent, the devs will finally start paying attention here. Comments are welcome and I'm hoping I will get a response from them eventually. Any response would be better than nothing. ----------------------------------------------------------- Hello System Era, I am writing this message in the hopes that you will read it and reply, or at least take it into consideration. To start, I very much enjoy Astroneer. The concept is awesome and it has great potential for expansion into something greater. The ability to sculpt the planets however I want is something that has kept me playing. Also, space is one of my favorite subjects and was what got me interested in your game in the first place. Having said that, I have been met with many disappointments. The greatest of these is the fact that you, the developer and creator of the System Era forum, have no real presence in said forum. There are a multitude of posts on bugs and crashing issues (mine included) that have gone ignored. In your latest update, 1.1.2, a number of members have complained of crashing within the first 30 minutes of play which is generous to say the least. This was originally an issue in the 1.1.0 EFT 'beta' you held on steam that carried over to 1.1.2. Other members also posted this game breaking bug, who also went unheard. The latest semi-stable version is 1.0.15, which I have been able to play for several hours before crashing which would usually freeze the entire system requiring a hard reset. I purchased the game after reading reviews on Steam, YouTube, and various other sites. After watching several YouTube game play videos and seeing the smoothness of the frame rate I decided that I would pay the $30 to get the game. I started playing version 1.0.7 which also had crashing and whole-system freezing issues. From that moment, I thought that this couldn't be the full release version of the game. I was wrong. Thus the second major disappointment. Astroneer went from alpha straight to a 1.0 'full release' without having a beta test to work out the bugs of the release version. From what I have read on the forum, the game was more stable in alpha than it was after 1.0. I have played many games over the years and very rarely have I seen a game that had more issues post-release than pre-release. The third disappointment was that I was excited for a well-made game with a wealth of future updates from what seemed like a group, however small, of experienced developers. I have played many of the games that some of your developers had a hand in creating. The fact that quantity over quality seems to be the name of the game when it comes to Astroneer was very unexpected. For example in the latest update, we were given access to the extra large scrapper. A number of us were unable to use this because of the crashing issue that carried over from EFT. I couldn't get past the first two to five minutes after loading my save before crashing to even be able to craft it. Content updates are all well and good as long as the game is playable. Which at this point it is not. Many games that are worth-while and satisfying aren't pretty but they are more than functional. I am not saying the game is not worth-while but it has become less than satisfying. I have enjoyed the game enough to the point that I went through the frustrating process of downgrading to a previous version so I could play a semi-stable version of the game. Which brings up an important point. If you are going to update the game and ignore the bug reports, at least give us the courtesy of including the previous version under the beta tab in Steam. Other games have done this simply because some players enjoy certain versions over newer updates. In this case it would give us, the players, something to fall back on in the event an update goes haywire. Recently, a fellow member came up with some great ideas on how to improve communication with your player base. mystikro, a member of the forum had this to say, addressed to SES_joe: "Choose a team of free QA testers/players that get early access to builds (daily, or as soon as you have one ready). I think steam can help you with this, they have beta codes and stuff where you can enter that and gain access to it. The community can enroll and log bugs for you guys (JIRA or anything open source). You get free QA, the players feel like they are part of the development." He continues further down with: "And all you need is one QA manager. Someone to supervise the QA process. Someone that is active and interacts with the QA and the forum. You took refuge in the Discord server and don't really care for the users on Steam or on the forum. I think that is a bad approach. Get one community manager to have daily contact with the users so that the forum doesn't feel like an empty echo." None of this is unreasonable. In fact, this would be extremely beneficial to System Era. It would increase your player base which would in turn increase positive feed back and word-of-mouth advertising which is highly cost effective thus increasing profits. Currently, as I'm sure you're aware, Astroneer is $30 on Steam which in my personal opinion is at least double what is should be considering the state the game has been in for some time now. Another point I would like to make is about your Discord page. Wyvyrias posted: July 19, 2017 "To make sure everyone is aware that we have a Discord server for the whole community! The developers (and Joe) are around as well and sometimes chat with us, too. We'll also try to keep you up-to-date about important events about Astroneer. Feel free to join if you haven't already (and don't forget to read #information)..." After becoming frustrated with the lack of communication from SES on the forum, I decided to join your Discord server and try to contact someone there. I became extremely confused when I read through your rules, specifically rule 10 and #5 under additional notes: 10. | Do not ping the developers. Face it, SES is busy and can't take care of the individual messages of thousands of people. Use the forums or talk to the community. (5) Do not DM or ping anybody (especially not the staff/moderators) without a good reason (for example, you are free to DM a mod if someone is breaking the rules). This is somewhat misleading regarding what was posted on the Discord announcement post on the forum. It seems to tie our hands behind our backs seen as any kind of System Era presence is non-existent on the forums, almost as if the community is expected to fix issues with the game or given a single choice and that is to live with said issues. That's like me saying to you, "Buy this overpriced car, with warranty, and if it breaks give me a call. Oh, wait. I forgot to tell you the warranty is void and I've turned off my phone. But here's the number of a plumber who I've never met." I don't want a refund, I want a working game. That's all. I don't think this is too much to ask especially when I paid my own hard-earned money for it, along with many others. I believe Astroneer holds great promise for the future and even with all of the major issues it currently has, it is still a beautiful game. When it isn't crashing. I hope someone from System Era will respond to this email and the issues within resolved. I don't expect it to happen overnight. I understand that such things take time, energy, and of course money. At least take the time to read this as I have also spent my time and energy trying to get Astroneer to work, as well as money spent purchasing your game. -Thank You, GeneralMayonaise Active System Era Forum Member -----------------------------------------------------------
  15. LowLevelFatalError [File:C:\Depot\AstroRTX\EngMain\Engine\Source\Runtime\Windows\D3D11RHI\Private\D3D11Util.cpp] [Line: 182] Unreal Engine is exiting due to D3D device being lost. (Error: 0x887A0006 - 'HUNG') After about 1 min my game freezes and then continues to crash. Does Astronomer have any issues regarding RTX technology, im currently running a 2070 graphics card? Im wondering since it says "AstroRTX" in the error message. I have removed the loading movies such as "Seslogo". pls help
  16. Dear System Era, I just joined after searching your forums for an answer to why the game is unplayable. After searching for several hours on multiple occasions, I haven't found a single question on this forum you have answered. As of today, I have stopped playing Astroneer four times for extended periods because of game breaking bugs and crashes. I've also gotten tired of causing damage to my hardware from several hard resets nearly every time I try to play. Honestly, I'm not completely sure as to why I'm even bothering to post this. Is there a single dev in your company that even bothers to check the forums other than to post update news? From what I have seen, many players can't even play the game or are tired of having to start from scratch. The purpose of a forum is for the players to discuss the game, propose ideas to improve the game, and when necessary post bug and crash info so devs can at least attempt to fix the issues that have occurred. The only posts I have seen from you are update and award announcements. Along with many others, I love your game. It was a great idea, has promise, and for the most part I enjoyed the times I was able to play. The biggest issue that upsets me is that I paid for a game that was supposedly past beta and supposedly had the major bugs worked out. Instead, I paid for a game that was seemingly rushed, as if putting 1.0 on something that wasn't ready for it magically makes the game work. That being said, I really hope your game improves from the state it's in now. The only way I see that happening is for you to start paying attention to your community. Otherwise, you might not have one left if you continue to ignore it.
  17. I’d really like to see keyboard and mouse become a feature in astroneer, is this something system era would be able to incorporate, I know a lot of people would find this useful and considering the type of game it is it would have no impact on other player but greatly increase the amount of enjoyment to be had out of the game
  18. Anyone knows? Steam Forums directs users to join this forum for help but AFAIC this forum doesn't supply the remedy I require. I feel that my issue is being ignored. I've sent a mail to which was ignored. Is there any way to open a support ticket or apply for Dev\Professional Tech Support? System Era - What is going on?
  19. Hi, just looking for a bit of support with getting better framerates while in game. Currently averaging around 30-40fps which is fine for solo but when a friend wants to join frames on my end drop significantly to highs of 10 or 12. Had a few system lock-ups. Tried some of the YouTube tutorials on changing settings in files but didn't help, tried changing graphics adapter options in my NVidia control panel, no help. Is it possible to run a dedicated Peer-to-Peer server from another machine (without opening ports) in the mean time, or without buying the game on an alt and running it from another PC. Rig: - AMD FX-4300 3.8GHz (4-Core, 4-Threads) - GTX 1070Ti 8GB - 16GB DDR3 1066MHz - Astroneer running from a SATA HDD. - 2560x1440 Resolution. Many Thanks to anyone who see's this!
  20. Summary: Game crashed roughly within 5~10 minutes of play. It will crash to desktop. crash windows, and on 2 occasions just lock up my computer requiring a hard reset. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 1.0.6 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home x64 CPU: Intel Core i7 8700K GPU: Nvidia GTX 1080 RAM: 16 GB Drive:: Western Digital Green 240 GB Sata SSD DxDiag.txt
  21. While playing the game with my friend we have encountered a few bugs, a stressful one I have encountered: I was on the Glacio (Tundra Planet) collecting some resources (iron and research samples) filling every possible slot. I proceeded to press F on the Small Shuttle and it took control without me pressing launch/given the option to and took me to space. The screen began appearing from an unknown angle and flashing white rapidly. I knew I was in the menu because I could hear some traveling sounds when I tried to click v or c and I heard an oxygen tank running out, but I decided to quit and rejoin the session thinking it would bring me back to the location without the flashing screen - It did not and restarted my character on a new adventure. I returned to the location and the shuttle remains there, no sign of anything I was holding though.
  22. When I enter a friend's game my fps go to between 50 and 60, when I host a game my fps are regularly 30 - 40, when a friend joins my game I host between 20 and 30 fps and when there are 3 friends or more and I'm the host I play with 15 - 10 fps or less... some times I play between 5 to 1 fps . Is there any way to fix that?
  23. Hey guys, Today I played some Astroneer and I was very excited about the new update and the full release. But I had to notice that the multiplayer function is very bad. If I play with my friend on his world, I have big performance problems. I have a good internet connection and my friend too. I play on a Xbox one X. If you can help me, please let me know it. I like this game but with this bad performance it is unplayable. Thanks :)
  24. Hey folks! So we picked up a few members from the last post and it has been great being able to chat directly with folks who are working on the same things as you and sharing anything we figure out along the way. There is a lot left to finish and a few things left to figure out but it sure speeds it up when you can get answers live. A lot of folks like to run astro solo, as i do unless someone needs direct help, but one of my favourite things is sharing pics and clips of what i am up to in game and seeing other folks stuff. We use an app called BAND to chat outside of the game, it has a lot of useful tools and tabs for posting and chatting. Its free and doesnt require a phone number, and runs on all mobiles and on pc browser. Just throw on the app and follow the link below to check it out! Hey, join our 'EASY clan - Astroneer' group on BAND - The app for groups and communities!